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Descendants of Jeremiah Tudgay, b 1806 at Leigh on Mendip

William Tudgee or Tudgdy 1777-1824
b Leigh upon Mendip [appears to have been christened at Maiden Bradley, 27 Jul 1776]
m. Sarah George on 17 Aug 1800

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Jeremiah Tudgdy
b bef 25 May 1806
Leigh on Mendip
d bef Jun 1881
BMD Jeremiah Tudgee
d 2Q 1881 Bath
m Mary Ann Dodd
08 Jun 1827
at St Michael's, Bath
? moved to Frome?

Mary Ann Dodd
b ca 1807
Bradford, Wiltshire
d bef Jun 1892
BMD d 2Q 1892 Bath

William Tudgay
b/chr 08 Apr 1832
at Bath Abbey
BMD d 3Q 1852 Bath
Frederick Tudgay
b 27 Sep 1835
at Bath Abbey
no BMD records

Charles Tudgay/Tudgee
b 07 May 1837
at Bath Abbey

Harriet Tudgee
b ca 1840
BMD d 1Q 1845 Bath
Albert Tudgee
b ca 1844
in Bath
alive in 1901
BMD b 3Q 1843 Bath
m 1Q 1870 Bath
Mary Ann Board
b 1Q 1847 Newton Abbott
Mary A Tudgee
d 1Q 1903, age 83, Bath
Henry Tudgee
b bef Sep 1848
d bef Dec 1907
BMD b 3Q 1848 Bath
m 2Q 1877 Bath
Sarah Helps
b 4Q 1845, Bath
Sarah Tudgee, d 1Q 1928, age 83
Thomas Tudgee
BMD d 3Q 1852 Bath

Ellen Amelia Tudgee
b 2Q 1870 Bath
d 1Q 1871 Bath

{Jeremiah Tudgee Cenus 1841}The 1841 Census had only one Tudgay living in Bath web link to source, so it first seemed the family had left Bath for Lyncombe & Widcombe, Somerset (see 1881 Census below) after the birth of Charles but now (2007-8) my brother Martin was found the census entry (extract right) showing them as "Tudgee" or "Tudger"

1. William Tudgee, chr 08 Apr 1832, at Abbey of St Peter & St Paul, Bath. Martin found a death record for a William Tudgee in Bath in 1852. Prior to that it seemed possible that he was the William Tudgey who m Maria Clements, 1850, in St Peter's Church of England, Melbourne, Victoria - contact Peter Davis ( {short description of image} below.

2. Frederic Tudgee, chr 27 Jul 1835, at Abbey of St Peter & St Paul, Bath

There is no Frederick Tudgay in the 1881 Census but there is a record of a Frederick Tudgay, Private 1st Battalion 8th Foot (The King's) Monmouthshire Regt., on the medal roll for the Indian Mutiny 1857-1859 web link to source; another link has Pte Frederick Tudgay - killed 10 October 1857, 1st Bn 8th FOOT (King's Liverpool Regiment)

3. Charles Tudgee

Family information from Jane Tudgee, August 2003. Added BMD records (2017)

Charles Tudgee
b 1836, Bath
chr 07 May1837
at Abbey of St Peter & St Paul, Bath
d before 1901
William Charles Tudgee
BMD d 3Q 1885, age 48, Bath

m St Anne's, Bath
25 Dec 1860
Charles Tudgee
BMD m 4Q 1860 Bath
Ellen Mendum

m Ellen Mendum
b 1837
in Bath
alive in 1901
(CTudgee spouse)
d 4Q 1917, age 78, Bath

lived in Bath, Somerset
Mary Jane Tudgee
b 15/10/1861
BMD b 4Q 1861 Bath
m 4Q 1894 Bath
Frank Charles Wallace
Charles William Tudgee
b 02 Feb 1864
in 1881 census as born 1865 at Bath
Gas Fitter
BMD b William Charles Tudgee 3Q 1863 Bath
m 1Q 1891 Bedminster
Anna Harding
Ellen Amelia Tudgee
b bef Jun 1870
Walter Thomas Tudgee
b 12 May 1872
in 1881 census as Thomas, b 1872 at Bath
Mineral water Bottler
BMD b 2Q 1872 Bath
d 4Q 1935, age 63, Bath
? John Tudgee
BMD d 3Q 1893, age 23, Bath
Henry George Tudgay
b 06 Jul 1874
In 1881 census as born in Bath
BMD b 3Q 1874 Bath
m 3Q 1908 Bath
? Rose Annie Dredge
William Tudgay
b 08 Oct 1877
BMD b 4Q 1876 Bath
d 1Q 1927. age 51, Bath
not in 1881 Census
not in 1901 Census

in 1901 Census
as Walter b 1872 Bath

in 1901 Census
Postman in 1916 PO Directory
of 9 Caroline Buildings, Bath
in Bath
in 1901 Census
Bottle Packer
no issue Anna Tudgee
d 2Q 1939, age 75, Trowbridge
William C Tudgee
d 1Q 1949, age 85, Trowbridge


Henry G Tudgee
d 1Q 1942, age 67, Bath
Rose Annie Tudgee
d 3Q 1963, age 89, Bath
? Rose Annie Dredge
b 1Q 1877 Frome
never married and stayed at home

m 05/02/1898
Sarah Ann Gant
b 4Q 1868 Bath
d 4Q 1907 Bath
Sarah A Tudgee
d 3Q 1948, age 81, Bath

Ellen Blanche Tudgee
b Dec 1899
d 22 Feb 1902
b 4Q 1898 Bath
d 1Q 1902 Bath
Walter Stanley Tudgee
b 02 Aug 1900
BMD b 3Q 1900 Bath
m 2Q 1928, Bath
Doris W A Jones
Wilfred George Tudgee
b 21 Apr 1903
(see Bob Tudgee's email below)
BMD b 2Q 1903 Bath
m 1Q 1932 Bristol
Gwendoline E M Clarke

mother Jones
b Southampton
Anita J Tudgee b 1Q 1931
Pamela A Tudgee b 4Q 1932
Sylvia S Tudgee b 4Q 1932
mother Clarke
Peter K Tudgee b 4Q 1933 Bath
Robert T Tudgee b 2Q 1939 Devises

Anita J Tudgee
m 3Q 1956, Southampton
Barry L Frankish
Pamela A Tudgee
m 3Q 1963
Edward J W Paine
Sylvia S Tudgee
m 1Q 1961
John S Hanslip

Peter K Tudgee
m 4Q 1958 Winchester
Stephanie A Robinson
? Robert Thomas Tudgee
no BMD
m Malsom
see link

mother Tudgee
Jacqueline A Frankish
b 2Q 1958, Southampton
Sally Ann Frankish
b 3Q 1966

mother Tudgee
b Romsey
Gillian E Hanslip
b 4Q 1963
Sandra Clare Hanslip
b 2Q 1968
Adrian Stanley Tudgee Hanslip
b 3Q 1970

mother Robinson
b Southampton
Adrian P Tudgee
b 3Q 1963
Jane Elizabeth Tudgee
b 1Q 1966

mother Malsom
Maria Tudgee
b 3Q 1966 New Forest
Sarah Lyn Tudgee
b 3Q 1970

The 1881 Census of Somerset

2 Arrow Place, Lyncombe & Widcombe, Somerset
Jeremiah Tudgee, b 1806, Coleford, Wiltshire, Head, Journeyman Butcher, living at - now this area is a central suburb of Bath
Mary Tudgee, b 1812, Bradford, Wiltshire, wife

3 Farmers Terrace, Lyncombe & Widcombe, Somerset
Charles Tudgee, b 1836, Bath, Somerset, Head, Journeyman Butcher
Ellen Tudgee, b 1837, Bath, Somerset, wife
Charles Tudgee, b 1865, Bath, son
Thomas Tudgee, b 1872, Bath, son
Henry Tudgee, b 1875, Bath, son
William Tudgee, b 1877, Bath, son

The 1901 Census has the following all born and living in Bath
Ellen Tudgee, age 63
Sons - Walter Tudgee, age 29
Henry Tudgee, age 27
William Tudgee, age 26
Also - Sarah Tudgee, age 34, the wife of Walter Thomas
Nellie Tudgee, age 2
Walter Tudgee, age 8 months


Walter Stanley Tudgee married Doris Jones, b 09 June 1928.

Wilfred George Tudgee married Gwendoline Clark, b 02 Feb 1906, m 16 Jan 1932
They had two sons, Peter Kenneth Tudgee and Robert Tudgee
Peter (of Southampton, on the Map of UK Tudgay family members in 2001 AD),  d 28 Nov 2005, m Stephanie, had a daughter, Jane Tudgee and a son, Adrian Tudgee - the latter has a son, Harry Tudgee.
Robert has two daughters see below.

Hilary & Bob Tudgee emailed me on 27 June 2007 -
Dear Brian,
We have recently received your wonderful account and family history of the Tudgee's/Tudgdy/Tudgey/Tudgay's
My name is Robert Thomas Tudgee, younger son of Wilfred George Tudgee (b 21 Apr 1903 Died 23 Apr 1997 aged 94) I married Hilary Joy Malsom, We have two daughters:- Maria Louise Tudgee (b 11 July 1966) unmarried, Sarah Lynne Bell (b 18 Aug 1970) married with two sons.
My father, Wilfred George Tudgee married Gwendoline Edith Clark (b 19 Aug 1906) on 16 Jan 1932. She died in 1993 aged 87.
I distinctly remember my father talking about his uncle, Charles William Tudgee (b 02 Feb 1864) with fond memories. Uncle Charles always lived in Melksham.
We are extremely impressed with all the research you have carried out, we are also widely travelled and wherever we have been we have endeavoured to find past relatives.
If there is anything with which we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are at present living in Wells Somerset, having lived in many other areas of the country.
Our eldest daughter Maria and her sister Sarah live in Cheddar Som.
Hilary & Bob Tudgee

4. Albert Tudgee, age 57, born in Bath, living ??, Butcher & Journeyman (no other records than 1901 Census, but see BMD above)

Melbourne, Australia - too early for BMD

Origins not certain but we thought a strong candidate was William Tudgee, b 1832, the third son of Jeremiah Tudgee of Leigh on Mendip. However, 2010, we have an 1852 death record in Bath that appears to be this William.  {short description of image}

William Tudgey, m Maria Clements, 1850, in St Peter's Church of England, Melbourne, Victoria - contact Peter Davis (

More information may be in "Early Families of Shepparton" Book 1 (source); in the Goulburn Valley, Victoria, Australia.


  1. Has No Children Richard TUDGEY b: 1852 in Boroondara, Vic
  2. Has No Children Charles William TUDGEY b: 1855 in Boroondara, Vic, died 1856 in Victoria
  3. Has No Children William TUDGEY b: 1857 in Boroondara, Vic, died 1861 in Victoria
  4. Has No Children Emma TUDGEY b: 1862 in Boroondara, Vic
  5. Has Children Elizabeth TUDGEY b: 1863 in Boroondara, Vic m 1890, to David Cavanagh, d 1951.
  6. Has No Children Emma TUDGEY b: 1865 in Boroondara, Vic
  7. Has No Children Anna TUDGEY b: 1868 in Boroondara, Vic
  8. Has No Children Henry TUDGEY b: 1870 in Hawthorn, Vic.
  9. Has No Children Charles TUDGEY b: 1872 in Hawthorn, Vic.
  10. Has No Children Benjamin Stephen TUDGEY b: 1873 in Boroondara, Vic
  11. Has No Children Maria Rosanna TUDGEY b: 1876 in Victoria

A Richard TUDGEY, married Sarah Harriet Henderson (1851-1903) in 1881 source
Sarah's father, Edward Henry George Henderson, was born 8 March 1812 in London, UK, married 1838, died 15 February 1899; and his wife, Sarah Georgianna Watson, was born in 1824 in Calcutta, India, died 1907 at Victor Harbour, Australia. Her sister, Anne Maria Henderson, married Jonas Watson, on 7 October 1873, at Victor Harbour.

Beverley Ann Tudgey m William Donald Sims, ca 1950?, in Gunneda, New South Wales web link to source

Modern Tudgey family is of Werris Creek, New South Wales [see school website].

There is a Tudgey Street in Wangaratta, Victoria [web link to source].

Put here as I have no other information is a report in the "Sydney Morning Herald", dated 20 May 1911, of a "Sister Tudgay" who was leaving the St Margaret's Hospital, after 10 years in charge of the Cleveland Street branch. Sister Tudgay intended to set up a private hospital at Canowindra, New South Wales. Link

2002, 2003, 2008, 2010, 2017 - Brian Taylor BTech PhD CBiol FRSB FRES
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