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Tudgays descended from Edwin Charles Tudgay (1842-1909) of Talywain, Gwent (formerly Monmouthshire)

Last male descendant bearing Tudgay name is George (1870-1949)
Alan Davies Tudgay, b 1943, is son of Sidney Davies Tudgay, adopted son of George.

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1775-1800 William Tudgee
b Leigh upon Mendip
m. Sarah George
on 17 Aug 1800
backward link to Leigh on Mendip
1825-1850 Isaac Tudgay
m. Eliza Smith (1820-1890)
on 19 Mar 1838
backward link to Talywain/Abersychan
eldest of 12 or 14 children
coal miner in 1881
coal miner in 1901
Edwin Charles Tudgay
b ca Apr 1842
at Mells, Somerset
no BMD birth
d 18 Apr 1909
BMD d 2Q 1909, age 66, Pontypool
at 24 Commercial Road, Talywain, Gwent
[then Monmouthshire)
buried Varteg Methodist Church
04 Dec 1864
at St Cadoc's, Trevethin, Gwent
in BMD m $q 1864, Pontypool
Elizabeth Wasley
Elizabeth Ann Wasley
b 28 Nov 1844
BMD b 4Q 1844, Newport M.
at Craig, Newport, Gwent
d 01 Mar 1924
at Waterloo Road, Abersychan, Gwent
(ECT0 spouse)
BMD d 1Q 1924, age 79, Pontypool
8 children
William James Tudgay
Elizabeth Ann Tudgay
Dora Matilda Tudgay
Edwin Charles Tudgay
Lena Ada Tudgay
Sarah Anne Millicent Tudgay
Mabel Mary Tudgay
ca Dec 1865 (1866 in 1881 Census, when a coal miner)
at Talywain
m 1. ca 1887
m 2. after 1890
d 04 Oct 1927
(see below)
2Q 1868 Pontypool
d after 1933
? BMD d 4Q 1953, age 68, Pontypool
m 1Q 1890 Pontypool
Charles Valentine Williams

1 daughter, 4 sons
18 Dec 1870
at Talywain
m 1st quarter 1900
to Margaretta Daniel
one adopted son
Sidney Davies Tudgay
(see below)
15 May 1873
at Talywain
BMD b 2Q 1873 Pontypool
01 May 1953
at Talywain
BMD d 2Q 1953, age 80, Pontypool
m 2Q 1892 Pontypool
George Edward Smith
d 4Q 1948, age 78, Pontypool
7 children
at least initially lived at 123 Manor Road, Abersychan
02 May 1875 at Talywain
(no BMD birth?)
10 Mar 1954
at Helvellyn, WR, Abersychan
BMD d 1Q 1954, age 78, Pontypool

? unmarried
Coal Miner Hewer in 1901 Census
also in 1911 Census
at Talywain
BMD b 4Q 1879 Pontypool
24 June 1969
at Pontypool Hospital
24 Jun 1902
BMD m 1Q 1902  Pontypool
George Frederick Tuckwell
(b 1Q 1877 Pontypool
d 1Q 1965, age 88, Pontypool)

1 daughter, 3 sons

Keith Berry
BMD Sarah Anne M Tudgay
b 2Q 1884 Pontypool
at Talywain
d Millicent S A Gibbon
2Q 1939, age 55, Pontypool
04 May 1939
at 1 CT, Waterloo Road, Talywain
m 2Q 1906 Pontypool
Ernest Henry Gibbon

3 daughters
BMD b 3Q 1887 Pontypool
at Talywain
after Jul. 1969
2Q 1937 Pontypool
to Alfred J Allen
in Pontypool

BMD mother Tudgay
Edwin A Tuckwell
b 1Q 1915
no further BMD

BMD mother Tudgay
Evelyn M Gibbon
b 3Q 1912 Pontypool
m 4Q 1943, Pontypool
John O Harvey
Jennie I Gibbon
b 4Q 1920 Pontypool
m 4Q 1951 Pontypool
Sidney G Perry

William F Berry
mother Tuckwell
b 2Q 1930 Pontypool

Keith J Berry
mother Simmonds
b 2Q 1967 Pontypool

1891 Census: 24 Commercial Road, Talywain
Edwin Tudgay, age 49, head, coal miner
Elizabeth Tudgay, age 46, wife
George Tudgay, son, age 20, coal miner
Dora M Tudgay, daughter, age 18
Edwin C Tudgay, son, age 15, coal miner
Lena A Tudgay, daughter, age 11, scholar
Millicent, daughter, age 7, scholar
Mabel, daughter, age 3

Elizabeth Ann Tudgay 1911 census1911 Census resident at "Helvellyn", Waterloo Road, Abersychan
Elizabeth Ann Tudgay
, age 66, Head, Widow
Edwin Charles Tudgay
, son, age 35, single, Coal Miner (Hewer)
Mabel Mary Tudgay
, dau, age 23, single (no employment recorded)

ECT1. Family of William James Tudgay (1865-1927)

William James Tudgay
William James Tudgee
b 4Q 1865, Pontypool
d 4Q 1927, age 61, Pontypool
1. ca March 1887
BMD m 1Q 1887 Pontypool
Georgina Jefferies
Pontypool District
2. 3Q 1895 Newport M
1. Georgina Jeffries
b 10 Jul 1868
Georgina Jefferies
BMD b 3Q 1868 Pontypool
d 28 Feb 1893
BMD d age 24, Pontypool
2. Miriam Jeffries b ca 1874 at Llanhilleth
(BMD b 3Q 1871 Pontypool
in 1901 Census
d aft Oct 1927
BMD marriage

Maud Elizabeth J Tudgay
b 05 Feb 1888
at Llanilleth
BMD b 1Q 1888 Pontypool
m 4Q 1906 Bedwellty
John Edward Rogers
Maud Elizabeth Rogers
d 3Q 1973, dob 3 Feb 1888, Hereford

Annie Matilda Tudgay
b 4Q 1889 Pontypool
Matilda Tudgay

b 29 Aug 1899
at Llanilleth
poss Annie Tudgay
m 4Q 1940 Bedwellty
Sidney C Swithin
[Sidney D Swithin
mother Winstone
b 2Q 1914 Bedwellty
d 3Q 1979, dob 24 Apr 1914 Blaenua Gw]
Bertie Tudgay
b May 1892
d 09 Sep 1892
BMD b  2Q 1891 Pontypool
d 4Q 1891 Pontypool
Gladys Tudgay
b ca Dec 1895
at Llanilleth
d aft Oct 1927
BMD b 4Q 1895 Pontypool
m 2Q 1915 Newport M
Christopher G Rogers
William Tudgay
b 11 Mar 1897
at Llanilleth
BMD b 2Q 1897 Pontypool
m 3Q 1919
Newport M
Sarah J Jones
d 1979
at Merthyr Tydfil
Miriam Tudgay
BMD b3Q 1898 Pontypool
d 4Q 1898 Pontypool
Miriam Tudgay
BMD 43Q 1899 Pontypool
at Llanilleth
d aft Oct 1927
no BMD marriage or death?

Ethel Tudgay
b ca Mar 1901
BMD b 1Q 1903 Pontypool
d aft Oct 1927
no BMD marriage or death?
George Tudgay
b 11 Nov 1902
BMD b 1Q 1903 Pontypool
m 2Q 1925 Pontypool
Lillian Stephens
d Jan 1989
mother Tudgay
Elsie I Rogers
b 2Q 1912 Pontypool
John W Rogers
b 1Q 1920 Pontypool
Milly E Rogers
b 1Q 1924 Pontypool
see also Gladys Tudgay children >>
mother Tudgay
b Bedwellty
Jeanette Swithin
b 1Q 1942
[m 1Q 1963 Bedwellty
Raymond Cox]
Irene A Swithin
b 3Q 1950
[m 4Q 1972 Bedwellty
Robert E Wall]

mother Tudgay
Christopher Rogers
b 3Q 1916 Newport M
Eunice Rogers
b 1Q 1919 Newport M
Lewin E Rogers
b 4Q 1920 Newport M
no children

Georgina Jeffries was the eldest daughter of William Jeffries, b ca 1848, wife Jane, of Trevethin, Monmouthshire. Miriam Jeffries was the youngest of 8 children. Georgina and Bertie are buried in the same grave at Noddfa Chapel, Abersychan.

1891 Census: Hillside Cottages. William Tudgay, Head, age 25, coal miner; Georgina Tudgay, wife, age 22; Maud, daughter, age 2; Annie, daughter, age 1; Edith May Grove, age 12, domestic servant.

1901 Census: 8 Maesycnew Terrace [Maes-Y-Cnew Terrace], Llanilleth,  Abertillery; William Tudgay, Head, m, age 35, Colliery Overman, underground; Miriam, wife, age 26; Maud, dau. age 13; Matilda, dau. age 11; Gladys, dau. age 5; William, son, age 4; Miriam, dau. age 1; Ben Jeffries, brother, age 18, coal miner hewer, underground.

In 1918 William Tudgay was Under-Manager of the Navigation Pit at Crumlin - link

George Tudgay
b 11 Nov 1902
Pontypool, Monmouthshire
d Jan 1989
b 11 Nov 1902
BMD b 1Q 1903 Pontypool
m 2Q 1925 Pontypool
Lillian Stephens
d Jan 1989

Lilian Stephens
b 3 Nov 1907
d Jan 1994
Newport, Monmouthsire

mother Srephens

William Tudgay
b 4Q 1925 Pontypool

Ralph Tudgay
b 3Q 1930 Pontypool

Betty Tudgay
b 3Q 1935 Newport M
4Q 1951 Paddington
Christina M O'Sullivan

m 1Q 1952 Bedwellty
Mary Gwendolyn Harris
b 28 Jan 1931
d Dec 1989
Newport, Monmouthsire

m 4Q 1955 Caerleon
Cyril T Strange
Linda C Tudgay
mother O'Sullivan
b 4Q 1952 Hackney

David G Tudgay
mother O'Sullivan
b 1Q 1954 Hackney

Marilyn J Tudgay
mother Harris
b 3Q 1953 Pontypool
Michael S Tudgay
mother Harris
b 4Q 1957 Bedwellty
Marcia A Tudgay
mother Harris
b 1Q 1964 Pontypool
mother Tudgay
Georgina G Strange
b 1Q 1957 Caerleon
Gareth L Strange
b 1Q 1961 Caerleon
m 3Q 1978 Newport
Lyndon R Williams
m 3Q 1978 Pontypool
Annette Allaway

Daniel Patrick Tudgay
b Dec 1985
Pontypool, Monmoutshire
Elliot Jack Tudgay
b Feb 1991

ECT3. Family of George Tudgay (1870-1949) - not in 1901 Census

In 1911 Census for Bedwellty District, Res ?? Ivy Tree, ????
George Tudgay
, m, age 40, b Talywain
Margaretta Tudgay
, age 35, m 11 years, b Edwinstowe, Monmouthshire

George Tudgay
b 1Q 1871 Pontypool
d 1Q 1949, age 78, Bedwellty
m 1Q 1900 Abergavenny Margaretta Daniel
d 1Q 1942, age 67, Bedwellty

Sidney Davies-Tudgay
b ca 1909
BMD Sidney Davies b 4Q 1909 Bedwellty
d 3Q 1966, age 57, Newport
adopted son

BMD m Sidney H Tudgay
4Q 1941 Bedwellty
Ruth E Williams
b ca 1905

Alan Davies-Tudgay
mother Williams
b 4Q 1942 Caerleon
no BMD marriage
Edwyna D Tudgay
mother Williams
b 3Q 1946 Caerleon
no BMD marriage

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