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Tudgays descended from Edwin Charles Tudgay (1842-1909) of Talywain, Gwent (formerly Monmouthshire)

Last male descendant bearing Tudgay name is George (1870-1949)
Alan Davies Tudgay, b 1943, is son of Sidney Davies Tudgay, adopted son of George.

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1775-1800 William Tudgee
b Leigh upon Mendip
m. Sarah George
on 17 Aug 1800
backward link to Leigh on Mendip
1825-1850 Isaac Tudgay
m. Eliza Smith (1820-1890)
on 19 Mar 1838
backward link to Talywain/Abersychan
eldest of 12 or 14 children
coal miner in 1881
coal miner in 1901
Edwin Charles Tudgay
b ca Apr 1842
at Mells, Somerset
no BMD birth
d 18 Apr 1909
BMD d 2Q 1909, age 66, Pontypool
at 24 Commercial Road, Talywain, Gwent
[then Monmouthshire)
buried Varteg Methodist Church
04 Dec 1864
at St Cadoc's, Trevethin, Gwent
in BMD m $q 1864, Pontypool
Elizabeth Wasley
Elizabeth Ann Wasley
b 28 Nov 1844
BMD b 4Q 1844, Newport M.
at Craig, Newport, Gwent
d 01 Mar 1924
at Waterloo Road, Abersychan, Gwent
(ECT0 spouse)
BMD d 1Q 1924, age 79, Pontypool
9 children *
William James Tudgay
Elizabeth Ann Tudgay
Dora Matilda Tudgay
Edwin Charles Tudgay
Isaac Augustus Tudgay
Lena Ada Tudgay
Sarah Anne Millicent Tudgay
Mabel Mary Tudgay
b 25 November 1866
(1866 in 1881 Census, when a coal miner)
at Talywain
m 1. ca 1887
m 2. after 1890
d 04 Oct 1927
(see below)
b 19 May 1868
2Q 1868 Pontypool
d after 1933
? BMD d 4Q 1953, age 68, Pontypool
m 1Q 1890 Pontypool
Charles Valentine Williams

1 daughter, 4 sons
b 18 Dec 1870
at Talywain
m 1st quarter 1900
to Margaretta Daniel
one adopted son
Sidney Davies Tudgay
(see below)
b 15 May 1873
at Talywain
BMD b 2Q 1873 Pontypool
01 May 1953
at Talywain
BMD d 2Q 1953, age 80, Pontypool
m 2Q 1892 Pontypool
George Edward Smith
d 4Q 1948, age 78, Pontypool
7 children
at least initially lived at 123 Manor Road, Abersychan
b 02 May 1875
at Talywain
(no BMD birth?)
10 Mar 1954
at Helvellyn, WR, Abersychan
BMD d 1Q 1954, age 78, Pontypool

? unmarried
Coal Miner Hewer in 1901 Census
also in 1911 Census
b 28 Apr 1887
BMD b 2Q 1877 Pontypool
d 1Q 1878, age 0, Pontypool
b 18 Sep 1879
at Talywain
BMD b 4Q 1879 Pontypool
24 June 1969
at Pontypool Hospital
24 Jun 1902
BMD m 1Q 1902  Pontypool
George Frederick Tuckwell
(b 1Q 1877 Pontypool
d 1Q 1965, age 88, Pontypool)

1 daughter, 3 sons

Keith Berry
b 7 May 1884
BMD Sarah Anne M Tudgay
b 2Q 1884 Pontypool
at Talywain
d Millicent S A Gibbon
2Q 1939, age 55, Pontypool
04 May 1939
at 1 CT, Waterloo Road, Talywain
m 2Q 1906 Pontypool
Ernest Henry Gibbon

3 daughters
b 19 May 1887
BMD b 3Q 1887 Pontypool
at Talywain
after Jul. 1969
2Q 1937 Pontypool
to Alfred J Allen
in Pontypool

BMD mother Tudgay
Edwin A Tuckwell
b 1Q 1915
no further BMD
BMD mother Tudgay

Evelyn M Gibbon
b 3Q 1912 Pontypool
m 4Q 1943, Pontypool
John O Harvey

Jennie I Gibbon
b 4Q 1920 Pontypool
m 4Q 1951 Pontypool
Sidney G Perry

William F Berry
mother Tuckwell
b 2Q 1930 Pontypool Keith J Berry
mother Simmonds
b 2Q 1967 Pontypool

* details from a list of baptisms sent to me 19 Sep 2018 by Loretta Cashin (researching Jennie Perry, above)

1891 Census: 24 Commercial Road, Talywain
Edwin Tudgay, age 49, head, coal miner
Elizabeth Tudgay, age 46, wife
George Tudgay, son, age 20, coal miner
Dora M Tudgay, daughter, age 18
Edwin C Tudgay, son, age 15, coal miner
Lena A Tudgay, daughter, age 11, scholar
Millicent, daughter, age 7, scholar
Mabel, daughter, age 3

Elizabeth Ann Tudgay 1911 census1911 Census resident at "Helvellyn", Waterloo Road, Abersychan
Elizabeth Ann Tudgay
, age 66, Head, Widow
Edwin Charles Tudgay
, son, age 35, single, Coal Miner (Hewer)
Mabel Mary Tudgay
, dau, age 23, single (no employment recorded)

ECT1. Family of William James Tudgay (1865-1927)

William James Tudgay
William James Tudgee
b 4Q 1865, Pontypool
d 4Q 1927, age 61, Pontypool
1. ca March 1887
BMD m 1Q 1887 Pontypool
Georgina Jefferies
Pontypool District
2. 3Q 1895 Newport M
1. Georgina Jeffries
b 10 Jul 1868
Georgina Jefferies
BMD b 3Q 1868 Pontypool
d 28 Feb 1893
BMD d age 24, Pontypool
2. Miriam Jeffries b ca 1874 at Llanhilleth
(BMD b 3Q 1871 Pontypool
in 1901 Census
d aft Oct 1927
BMD marriage

Maud Elizabeth J Tudgay
b 05 Feb 1888
at Llanilleth
BMD b 1Q 1888 Pontypool
m 4Q 1906 Bedwellty
John Edward Rogers
Maud Elizabeth Rogers
d 3Q 1973, dob 3 Feb 1888, Hereford

Annie Matilda Tudgay
b 4Q 1889 Pontypool
Matilda Tudgay

b 29 Aug 1899
at Llanilleth
poss Annie Tudgay
m 4Q 1940 Bedwellty
Sidney C Swithin
[Sidney D Swithin
mother Winstone
b 2Q 1914 Bedwellty
d 3Q 1979, dob 24 Apr 1914 Blaenua Gw]
Bertie Tudgay
b May 1892
d 09 Sep 1892
BMD b  2Q 1891 Pontypool
d 4Q 1891 Pontypool
Gladys Tudgay
b ca Dec 1895
at Llanilleth
d aft Oct 1927
BMD b 4Q 1895 Pontypool
m 2Q 1915 Newport M
Christopher G Rogers
William Tudgay
b 11 Mar 1897
at Llanilleth
BMD b 2Q 1897 Pontypool
m 3Q 1919
Newport M
Sarah J Jones
d 1979
at Merthyr Tydfil
Miriam Tudgay
BMD b3Q 1898 Pontypool
d 4Q 1898 Pontypool
Miriam Tudgay
BMD 43Q 1899 Pontypool
at Llanilleth
d aft Oct 1927
no BMD marriage or death?

Ethel Tudgay
b ca Mar 1901
BMD b 1Q 1903 Pontypool
d aft Oct 1927
no BMD marriage or death?
George Tudgay
b 11 Nov 1902
BMD b 1Q 1903 Pontypool
m 2Q 1925 Pontypool
Lillian Stephens
d Jan 1989
mother Tudgay
Elsie I Rogers
b 2Q 1912 Pontypool
John W Rogers
b 1Q 1920 Pontypool
Milly E Rogers
b 1Q 1924 Pontypool
see also Gladys Tudgay children >>
mother Tudgay
b Bedwellty
Jeanette Swithin
b 1Q 1942
[m 1Q 1963 Bedwellty
Raymond Cox]
Irene A Swithin
b 3Q 1950
[m 4Q 1972 Bedwellty
Robert E Wall]

mother Tudgay
Christopher Rogers
b 3Q 1916 Newport M
Eunice Rogers
b 1Q 1919 Newport M
Lewin E Rogers
b 4Q 1920 Newport M
no children

Georgina Jeffries was the eldest daughter of William Jeffries, b ca 1848, wife Jane, of Trevethin, Monmouthshire. Miriam Jeffries was the youngest of 8 children. Georgina and Bertie are buried in the same grave at Noddfa Chapel, Abersychan.

1891 Census: Hillside Cottages. William Tudgay, Head, age 25, coal miner; Georgina Tudgay, wife, age 22; Maud, daughter, age 2; Annie, daughter, age 1; Edith May Grove, age 12, domestic servant.

1901 Census: 8 Maesycnew Terrace [Maes-Y-Cnew Terrace], Llanilleth,  Abertillery; William Tudgay, Head, m, age 35, Colliery Overman, underground; Miriam, wife, age 26; Maud, dau. age 13; Matilda, dau. age 11; Gladys, dau. age 5; William, son, age 4; Miriam, dau. age 1; Ben Jeffries, brother, age 18, coal miner hewer, underground.

In 1918 William Tudgay was Under-Manager of the Navigation Pit at Crumlin - link

George Tudgay
b 11 Nov 1902
Pontypool, Monmouthshire
d Jan 1989
b 11 Nov 1902
BMD b 1Q 1903 Pontypool
m 2Q 1925 Pontypool
Lillian Stephens
d Jan 1989
Lilian Stephens
b 3 Nov 1907
d Jan 1994
Newport, Monmouthsire

mother Stephens

William Tudgay
b 4Q 1925 Pontypool

Ralph Tudgay
b 3Q 1930 Pontypool

Betty Tudgay
b 3Q 1935 Newport M
4Q 1951 Paddington
Christina M O'Sullivan

m 1Q 1952 Bedwellty
Mary Gwendolyn Harris
b 28 Jan 1931
d Dec 1989
Newport, Monmouthsire

m 4Q 1955 Caerleon
Cyril T Strange
Linda C Tudgay
mother O'Sullivan
b 4Q 1952 Hackney

David G Tudgay
mother O'Sullivan
b 1Q 1954 Hackney
Marilyn J Tudgay
mother Harris
b 3Q 1953 Pontypool
Michael S Tudgay
mother Harris
b 4Q 1957 Bedwellty
Marcia A Tudgay
mother Harris
b 1Q 1964 Pontypool
mother Tudgay
Georgina G Strange
b 1Q 1957 Caerleon
Gareth L Strange
b 1Q 1961 Caerleon
m 3Q 1978 Newport
Lyndon R Williams
m 3Q 1978 Pontypool
Annette Allaway

Daniel Patrick Tudgay
b Dec 1985
Pontypool, Monmoutshire
Elliot Jack Tudgay
b Feb 1991

ECT3. Family of George Tudgay (1870-1949) - not in 1901 Census

In 1911 Census for Bedwellty District, Res ?? Ivy Tree, ????
George Tudgay
, m, age 40, b Talywain
Margaretta Tudgay
, age 35, m 11 years, b Edwinstowe, Monmouthshire

George Tudgay
b 1Q 1871 Pontypool
d 1Q 1949, age 78, Bedwellty
m 1Q 1900 Abergavenny Margaretta Daniel
d 1Q 1942, age 67, Bedwellty

Sidney Davies-Tudgay
b ca 1909
BMD Sidney Davies b 4Q 1909 Bedwellty
d 3Q 1966, age 57, Newport
adopted son

BMD m Sidney H Tudgay
4Q 1941 Bedwellty
Ruth E Williams
b ca 1905

Alan Davies-Tudgay
mother Williams
b 4Q 1942 Caerleon
no BMD marriage
Edwyna D Tudgay
mother Williams
b 3Q 1946 Caerleon
no BMD marriage

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