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Tudgays descended from James Tudgay (1842-1909) of Talywain, Gwent (formerly Monmouthshire)

Several male Tudgays extant

map of Abersychan area

Note - the use of Trevethin in registration records, refers to the whole old parish; the actual births, etc. were in Talywain, where St. Thomas's Church was, etc.

1775-1800 William Tudgee
b Leigh upon Mendip
m. Sarah George
on 17/08/1800
backward link to Leigh on Mendip
1825-1850 Isaac Tudgay
m. Eliza Smith (1820-1890)
on 19/03/1838
backward link to Talywain/Abersychan
fifth of 12 or 14 children
coal miner in 1881
James Smith Tudgay
b ca 1843
at Wells, Somerset
d 06 Feb 1890
in Llanerch Colliery explosion
Talywain, Gwent
[then Monmouthshire)
St Illtyd Church, Llanhilleth
3 Dec 1867
BMD m 4Q 1867
Maria Wasley
Maria Jones
b ca 1848 (year in 1881 Census)
at Caerleon, Gwent
BMD d 3Q 1911, age 61, Pontypool
name not Jones but Wasley
11 children
Joseph William Tudgay James Isaac Tudgay Daniel Smith
Thomas Tudgay Thurza Ann Tudgay
Maud Elizabeth Tudgay Gertrude Tudgay Levi Tudgay Sidney Tudgay
Isaac Tudgay
BMD b 4Q 1867
06 Feb 1890
in Llanerch Colliery explosion
BMD d 2Q 1890, age 23, Pontypool
BMD b 2Q 1870 Pontypool
d 1Q 1872
17 Jan 1872
b 2Q 1872, Pontypool
d 1Q 1874, age 2, Pontypool
10 Mar 1874
? buried 12 Mar 1874 at St. Cadoc's, Trevethin, aged 2
BMD b 3Q 1875 Pontypool
d 1Q 1881 (age 5)
24 Feb 1881
at Talywain
BMD Thirza Ann b 4Q 1877 Pontypool
after 1933
m 01 Mar 1896
(in BMD)
Mamhilad Church, Pontypool
Thomas Saunders
2 daughters & one son
no obvious BMD death
BMD b 2Q 1880 Pontypool
(29/02/1880 Talywain)
d 3Q 1881, age 1
(July 1881,
in Census)
BMD b 2Q 1882 Pontypool
m  3Q 1896 Pontypool
(19 Mar 1896
Mamhilad Church, Pontypool)
Reuben Gould

Gertrude d 4Q 1951, age 70, Pontypool
1 daughters & 5 sons
one deceased child
b 1Q 1884 Pontypool
04 Mar 1884
at Talywain
06 Aug 1887
at Talywain
after August 1963
St Thomas', Talywain
Elizabeth Ann Hill
(see below)
06 Mar 1888
11 Sep 1972
Bridgehouse, F, P, Gwent

Violet May Pritchard
(see below)

Reuben Gould
b 1877 (census record)
d 4Q 1954 Pontypool
(1911 census names all Pontypool)
Joseph James Gould
b 4Q 1899
Reuben James Gould
b 4Q 1901
Sidney Gould
b 1Q 1904
d 1Q 1931, age 27
Harold Gould
b 2Q 1906
Isaac Daniel
b 2Q 1906
Olive J Gould
b 1 Q 1911
post-1911 BMD
mother Tudgay
b Pontypool
Arthur Gould
b 4Q 1913
Frederick Gould
b 3Q 1916
Lorraine Gould
b 3 Q 1916
d 2Q 1918, age 1
Percy Gould
b 4Q 1919
d 1Q 1921, age 1

Reuben Gould signature 1911 census1911 Census living at Graig View, Talywain (a six room dwelling)
Reuben Gould, Head, age 33, Colliery Rodaman, underground, b Talywain
Gertrude Gould, Wife, age 29, married 13 years, 1 child died, b Talywain
Joseph Gould, son, age 11, acholar, b Talywain
Reuben Gould, son, age 9, b Talywain
Sydney Gould, son, age 7, b Talywain
Harold Gould, son, age 5, b Talywain
Isaac Gould, son, age 2, b Talywain
--- Gould, daughter, age ? 17 weeks, b Talywain
Maria Tudgay, mother and widow, age 63, b Caerleon
Maria Tudgay, age 23, single, Colliery surface worker, b Talywain

JasT9. Family of Sidney Tudgay (1887-post 1963)

Sidney Tudgay
BMD has b 2Q 1885, Pontypool
d 4Q 1971, b 26 Ap 1885, Wells
As Sydney Tudgay, coal hewer in 1901 Census
BMD m 3Q 1909, Pontypool
St Thomas', Talywain
Elizabeth Ann Hill
BMD b 4Q 1886
d 1Q 1952, age 65, Weston

Violet Tudgay
BMD b 2Q 1910
(20 Mar 1910)
Lasgarn View, Talywain
m 3Q 1931, Bristol
Alfred H Gazzard
no BMD death
d 16 Oct. 2000
James George Tudgay
BMD mother Hill
b 4Q 1911
(Stony Road, Garndiffaith)
m 3Q 1938 Pontypool
Mary W Edwards
ca 1995
Margaret Tudgay
BMD mother Hill
b 1Q 1913 Pontypool
d 1Q 1913, age 0, Pontypool
Arthur Tudgay
BMD mother Hill
b 2Q 1916
(Waterloo Cottage, Talywain)
06 Jun 1981
in road accident on M4
m 2Q 1938 Pontypool
Margaret Goodwin

mother Tudgay
David Gazzard
b 4Q 1931 Bristol
Margaret E Gazzard
b 3Q 1935 Bristol
Janet M Gazzard
b 4Q 1946 Weston
Roger Gazzard
b 2Q 1948 Weston
mother Edwards
John Tudgay
b 1Q 1940 Pontypool
no further BMD
m 2Q 1962 Bromley
Margaret A Hilling

mother Goodwin
Violet S Tudgay
b 3Q 1938 Pontypool
m 1Q 1958 Weston
David F C Corner

mother Hilling
Lynne Tudgay
b 3Q 1966 Brighton
Paul James Tudgay
b 1Q 1968 Lewes

mother Tudgay
b Bristol
Kay J Corner
b 1Q 1960
David S Corner
b 3Q 1961
Clare Corner
b 1Q 1971

Sydney Tudgay signature 1911 census1911 Census resident at Stoney Road, Garndiffaith (4 room dwelling)
Sydney Tudgay, Head, age 25, Coal Miner, Hewer, b Abersychan
Elizabeth Tudgay, Wife, age 24, married 2 years, b Blaenavon
Violet Tudgay, daughter, age 1, b Garndiffaith

Jan Proberts emailed me in April 2007 (nee Gazzard)

JasT9.1 - Sidney Tudgay my Grandfather was born 26 Apr 1885 and died at Wells Hospital 24 Oct 1971 - I remember him well and absolutely adored him.
Elizabeth Ann Tudgay my Grandmother was born 21 Jan 1887 and died at Henbury House, Slade Road, Portishead, Nr Bristol on the 28 Mar 1952 (the same house that I was born in). Their marriage certificate says they married at Abersychan Parish Church but we think that is St Thomas's in Talywain, what do you reckon? [Yes] My grandparents moved to Portishead to live with my mother in August 1945.

JasT9.1.1 - Violet Tudgay (my mother) d. 16 Oct 2000 at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. She married Alfred Henry Gazzard 9 Sep 1931 in Bristol Reg Off, they had 5 children.
David b.19 Nov 1931 (he has 3 children, Penelope, Paula and Nicholas and 7 Grandchildren).
Margaret Elizabeth b. 5 Feb 1933 (she has 4 children, Laurie, Alan, Martin and Mandy, 8 Grandchildren and 1 Great Grand son)
Ian Sidney George b. 22 Jul 1941 (he has 2 children Stephen and Susan and 4 Grandchildren)
Janet Mary (me) b. 17 Dec 1946 (I have 2 Children Tania and James plus 2 Step children and 6 Grandchildren)
Roger b. 18 Jun 1948 (he has 2 children Emily and Mark and 2 Grandchildren).

JasT9.1.2 - James Tudgay (my uncle) was born 12 Nov 1911 and died ca 1995 in Mold, North Wales. Did not realise until now I do not have the exact date will get that. He married Mair Edwards 8 Aug 1938 at Pontypool - Mair was b. 7 May 1911 d. 28 Mar 1986 in Mold in Wales.
They had 1 son John Tudgay b. 3 Mar 1940 Pontypool. John has 2 children. Lyn married twice and divorced twice and Paul Tudgay who is single.

JasT9.1.3 - Arthur Tudgay (my uncle) b. 22 Apr 1916; married Margaret Goodwin on 30 May 1938 in Pontypool. Margaret was b. 7 Mar 1916. Margaret and Arthur are buried together with their daughter Sheila at St Peters Church, Portishead. Sheila their only child was b. 6 Jun 1938 and d. ca 2002. Sheila was married to David Corner (they have 2 children Kay and Steven and 4 Grandchildren).

Note added September 2014.

Baptism records for Abersychan (Talywain) at have:
25 May 1878, William, son of Charles & Gwenillian Tudgay, Talywain, Collier
31 Mar 1880, Maud Elizabeth, dau. of James & Mariah Tudgay, Taylwain, Collier

Baptism records for Abersychan (Talywain) at have:
14 May 1902, Wilfred Frankham, son of William & Mary Ann Tudgay, Woodland Cottages, Talywain, Collier
29 July 1903, Muriel, dau. of William & Mary Ann Tudgay, Woodland Cottages, Talywain, Collier
13 April 1910, Violet, dau. of Sidney & Elizabeth Ann Tudgay, Lasgarn View, Talywain, Collier
6 December 1911, James George, son of Sydney & Elizabeth Ann Tudgay, Stony Road, Talywain, Collier
11 Nov. 1915, Mary, dau. of Charles Edwin & Gwenillian Tudgay, 30 Commercial Road, Talywain, Road man
23 Nov. 1916. Arthur, son of Sydney & Elizabeth Ann Tudgay, Waterloo Cottage, Talywain, Collier

JasT10. Family of Isaac Tudgay (1888-1972) 

Isaac Tudgay
as general labourer in 1901 Census
BMD b 2Q 1888 Pontypool
1Q 1915 Pontypool
Violet Pritchard
Violet May Pritchard
b 2Q 1892
05 Aug 1963
at Bridgehouse, F, P. Gwent
Gwendoline (Tudgay)
true name Pritchard
BMD birth ?
no BMD death

Charles Oswald Tudgay
BMD mother Pritchard
b 2Q 1917 Pontypool
b 28 Apr 1917

m Cliff Dawkins
MD Clifford Dawkins
b 3Q 1921, mother Jones, Pontypool
m 4Q 1949 Pontypool
Gwendoline Pritchard
m 4Q 1939
Florence Ann Roynon
b 24 Nov 1920 at Waterloo, Talywain
d 13 May 1985 at 44 St. Cadoc's Rd, Talywain

mother Pritchard
Marilyn Dawkins
b 1Q 1951 Pontypool
 - (? 3 children)
Laurence Dawkins
b 1Q 1964 Pontypool
boy Dawkins
4 children (see below)

- -

Family of Charles Oswald Tudgay (1917-) all mother Roynon

Paulette A Tudgay
b 3Q 1941 Pontypool
m 3Q 1961 Pontypool
Anthony A West
Susette W Tudgay
b 3Q 1946 Pontypool
m 1Q 1970 Pontypool
John G Jones
Rodney C Tudgay
b 4Q 1947 Pontypool
(mother recorded as Reynon)
m 4Q 1967 Pontypool
Sheila M Mapps

Malcolm Tudgay

not in BMD
(Malcolm J Tudgay
m 1Q 1982, Pontypool
Trudy N Morgan first marr. to Wills (2Q 1978 Pontypool)
(both names in BMD)
Trudy N Morgan
b 1Q 1961, F of Dean (mother Morgan)
mother West
born Pontypool
Jacqueline A West
b 2Q 1964
Darren Anthony West
b 2Q 1967
Christopher West
b1 Q 1969
mother Tudgay
born Pontypool
Nicola Jones
b 1Q 1972
Howard John Jones
b 1Q 1977
mother Mapps
b Pontypool
Wayne Charles Tudgay
b 2Q 1968
- one son, one daughter
Mark Lee Tudgay
b 2Q 1969
m ??
one son Tudgay

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11, Grazingfield, Wilford, Nottingham, NG11 7FN, U.K.

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