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Tudgays descended from John Frederick Tudgay (1837-1894) of Nantyglo, Gwent

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Note - the use of Trevethin in registration records, refers to the whole old parish; the actual births, etc. were in Talywain, where St. Thomas's Church was, etc. Additional information from Norman Tudgay, whose Family Bible uses the spelling Tudgee, until Maria Tudgay, b 6/5/1882.

1775-1800 William Tudgee
b Leigh upon Mendip
m. Sarah George
on 17 Aug 1800

backward link to Leigh on Mendip
1825-1850 Isaac Tudgay
m Eliza Smith (1820-1890)
on 19 March 1838

backward link to Talywain/Abersychan
eldest of 12 or 14 children John Frederick Tudgay
b 09 June 1837
at Frome, Somerset
d 24 Aug 1894
at Nantyglo, Gwent
[then Monmouthshire)
BMD d 3Q 1894, age 57, Bedwellty
BMD m 4Q 1858
3Q 1883
Mary Gambell or Ellen Hewett
(only "John Frederick" in  BMD)
Maria Morgan
b 09 Nov 1839
d 25 Jul 1882
b at Blaenavon ? 18 Nov
b 4 possibles
d 3Q 1911, age 61, Pontypool
1881 Census
neither alive in 1901 Census
b 1839, Frome, Somerset
Living - "Near viaduct, Talywain" Maria
b 1840
at Blaenavon, in Monmouthshire
9 children (note name as Tudgee on several birth certificates)
Frederick Tudgay
John Frederick Tudgay
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Sarah Jane Tudgay
James Tudgay
William James Tudgee
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Elizabeth Tudgay
Albert (Herbert) Tudgay
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Frederick Tudgay
John Tudgay
Joshua Tudgay
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Maria(h) Tudgay

BMD b 3Q 1860
d 4Q 1860
baptised 1860
b 04 Aug 1861
at Trevethin, Mon.
BMD b 3Q 1861
(John Tudgee)
d ca 1918
m 14 Feb 1886 at St Thomas' Church, Talywain Trevethin
BMD m 1Q 1886
Catherine Lewis
see 1. below
b 24 Mar 1864
at Trevethin
BMD b 2Q 1864 Pontypool
d 4Q 1945, age 71, Bedwellty?
in 1881
Census as born 1865
baptised 1864
b 09 June 1866
at Trevethin
BMD 3Q 1866 Pontypool
in 1881 Census as born 1867
in 1901 census
b 21 Aug 1868
at Trevethin
?Elizabeth b 02 Aug 1868
(one transcription has Jane, but 1881 Census is Elizabeth)
b 3Q 1868
m 2Q 1889
? John Charles G Wiltshire
b 4Q 1869 Bedwellty
d 3Q 1924, age 54, Bedwelty

b 02/02/1871
at Trevethin
BMD Herbert b 1Q 1871 Pontypool
m June 1898
in Crickhowell District
d Jan 1929
see 2. below
(not in 1901 census)
b ca 1874
d ca Jul 1874
at Pontnewynydd
b ca 1873
d ca May 1874
b 31/04/1875
at Trevethin
ca June 1894 in Crickhowell District
see 3. below
b 06/05/1882
at Bedwellty, Mon.
d ca 1883
at Bedwellty
BMD has "Mary Tugday"
d 4Q1884, age 0, Bedwellty

The 1901 Census Civil Parish of Residence Aberystruth
This included Nant-y-glo, Garnfach and Blaina.

BLAINA is a large village with a station on the Monmouthshire section of the Great Western railway, 178 miles from London, 4 north from Aberbeeg, and 7 east from Tredegar, and is governed by the Nant-y-glo and Blaina Urban District Council, established under the "Local Government Act, 1894." The church of St. Peter, the parish church of Aberystruth, standing in Blaina is a cruciform structure of stone, rebuilt in 1857, in the Norman style, and consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, transepts, south porch and an eastern tower with spire, containing 8 bells, given by Messrs. Lancaster and Co. Limited: there are 600 sittings. The register of baptisms and burials dates from the Year 1736; marriages, 1737. The living is a rectory, net yearly value 175, in the gift of the Marquess of Abergavenny, K.G. and held since 1900 by the Rev. David Thomas Davies B.A. of St. David's College, Lampeter. Charities, amounting annually to about 2, are given to the poor at Christmas. There are several dissenting chapels. A cemetery of 5 acres was formed in 1886 and is under the control of the Nant-y-glo and Blaina Urban District Council.
Here are the Blaina tinplate works and furnaces, and in the vicinity are many collieries, giving employment to a great number of hands. There is a large hall, which is used for public meetings, and will hold 1,000 persons.
The Marquess of Abergavenny K.G. is lord of the manor. The principal landowners are the Nant-y-glo and Blaina Iron Works Co. Limited, The Ebbw Vale Co. Limited, and Messrs. Webb Brothers, of Abertillery.
The soil of the parish is all mountain land, scarcely any cultivated, but there are a few farms amongst the hills; nearly thewhole country is taken up by iron works, mines and collieries.
The area of Aberystruth civil parish is 11,650 acres of land and 103 of water; rateable value, 50,879; the population in 1881 was 18,668, and in 1891 was 25,913, of which 8,283 are attached to the mother church.
The area of Nant-y-glo and Blaina Urban District is 3,860 acres; rateable value, 41,100; the population in 1891 was 12,410. [].

JFT2. Family of John Frederick Tudgay, 1861-1918 - 1901 Census has born at Talywain, Coal Hewer; family details deduced from 1901 Census

John Frederick Tudgay
b 04 Aug 1861
BMD b 3Q 1861, Pontypool
d at Bedwellty, Monmouthshire
John Tudgay
BMD m 1Q 1886
Catherine Lewis
b ca 1863 at Nantyglo, Monmouthshire
BMD d 1Q 1940, age 77, Bedwellty

William John Tudgay
b 12 Jul 1886
Nantyglo, Monmouthshire
BMD b 3Q 1886 Bedwellty
m 2Q 1909 Crickhowell
Edith Jones
d 2Q 1970 Bedwellty

James Herbert Tudgay
b 1889
m 4Q 1913, Bedwellty
Mary E Dew
d 4Q 1951, age 62, Bedwellty
Bedwellty, Monmouthshire

Edith Jones
b ca 1889
d 3Q 1942, age 53

Mary Elizabeth Dew
d Newport

Children Catherine Elizabeth Tudgay
aged 1 in 1911 Census
BMD b 2Q 1910, Bedwellty
m 2Q 1932
David Oswald Tudgay
b 12 Jan 1912 at Bedwellty
BMD b 1Q 1912, Bedwellty, mother Jones
m 3Q 1938 Bedwellty
d ca 1979 at Blaenau, Gwent

John Emlyn Tudgay
b 20 May 1914
at Bedwellty
BMD mother Dew
b 2Q 1914
m 3Q 1944

d 1981
Arthur Ronald Tudgay
b 25 May 1916
at Bedwellty
BMD mother Dew
b 3Q 1916 Bedwellty
m 2Q 1940, Oldbury

d Apr 1992
at Birmingham, Warwickshire
Ivor (Iva) Tudgay
BMD mother Dew
b 1Q 1919
d 4Q 1951, age 32, Bedwellty
Annie Tudgay
BMD mother Dew
b 2 Q 1921 Bedwellty
m 4Q 1940
Sidney C Swithin
Islwyn Tudgay
b 21 Mar 1924
BMD mother Dew
b 2Q 1924  Bedwellty
m 4Q 1949 Bedwellty
Mary E Prosser
d Jul 1997
Mary E Tudgay
BMD mother Dew
b 1 Q 1927 Bedwellty
m 4Q 1946
Arthur C Bird
Catherine Tudgay
BMD mother Dew
b 2Q Jun 1930
m 3Q 1948
Wilfred Whitby

Spouse George Jelly
b 1Q 1905 Bedwellty
Amy W Rickard
d 4Q 1967, age 74, Pontypool

Lilian Weeks
BMD has names as Flello, Flells and Weeks
Jessie Launchberry
b 18 Sep 1921
d May 1988

Sidney C Swithin
b 2Q 1914
Mary Prosser Arthur C Bird
Wilfred Whitby

mother Tudgay
b Bedwellty
Bryan Jelly b 3Q 1932
(m 3Q 1956 Andover)
Harry J Jelly b 3Q 1934
(m 3Q 1959 Amersham)
John G Jelly b 4Q 1938, d 1Q 1939, age 0
Gareth Jelly b 1Q 1940, d 2Q 1941
Ann M Jelly b 3Q 1942
m 2Q 1964 Newport
mother Rickard
b Bedwellty
Barbara K Tudgay
b 3Q 1940
Elizabeth C Tudgay
b 3Q 1946

mother Weeks
BMD mother Launchbury
b Oldbury
John H Tudgay
b 4Q 1940
Maureen A Tudgay
b 4Q 1942
Arthur R Tudgay
b 4Q 1944
Emlyn J Tudgay
b 3Q 1947
William F Tudgay
 b 2Q 1949
b Smethwick
Ivor R Tudgay
b 4Q 1951
Philip Tudgay
b 2Q 1954
Jeffrey Tudgay
b 3Q 1956
Janet R Tudgay
b 4Q 1957

mother Tudgay
b Bedwellty
Jeanette Swithin
b 3Q 1942
(m 1Q 1963,
Raymond Cox)
Irene A Swithin
b 3Q 1950
(m 4Q 1972,
Robert E
Islwyn R Tudgay
b 4Q 1948
Susan E Tudgay
b 2Q 1950
no further BMD
Margaret M Tudgay
b 2Q 1953
no further BMD
Gaynor L Tudgay
b Mar 1961
no further BMD
mother Tudgay
b Bedwellty
Norman J Bird
b 3Q 1948
Graham C Bird
b 3Q 1958
mother Tudgay
David Whitby
b 1Q 1949
b Bedwellty
Christine E Whitby
b 1Q 1951
Diane Whitby
b 2Q 1952
Carol Whitby
b 1Q 1955
Steven Whitby
b 4Q 1963

Children Barbara K Tudgay
 b ca 1940
m  4Q 1961
David L Chard
mother Tudgay
Peter David Chard, b 4Q 1970, Bedwellty
Frances Amy Chard, b 4Q 1973, Pontypool
Elizabeth C. Tudgay
 b Sep 1946
m 3Q 1967
Terence Cornick
mother Tudgay
Louise Elizabeth S Cornick
b 3 Q 1974, Merthyr Tydfil


Islwyn R Tudgay
m 2Q 1971
Susan M Graham
no BMD children

1911 Census Bedwellty District - Bourneville Road, Blaina (now Bourneville Road, Abertillery, Blaenau Gwent) (3 room dwelling)
JFT2 - JOHN TUDGAY, m, age 49, Coal Miner Hewer, b Pontypool
JFT2 spouse - CATHERINE TUDGAY, f, age 48, b Nantyglo. m 22 years (total 2 children, both alive)
JFT2.2 son - JAMES H TUDGAY, m, age 22, Labourer below ground, b Nantyglo
ERNEST PHILIPPS, m, nephew, age 29, single, coal miner hewer, b ? Brynmawr
JOHN H PHILLIPS, m, age 47, widower, coal miner hewer, b Blaenavon

William John Tudgay signature 1911 census1911 Census Bedwellty District - 4 Glanyrafon Terrace, Blaina, Abertillery (next to Bourneville Road) (2 room dwelling)
JFT2.1 - TUDGAY, WILLIAM JOHN, m, age 24, Coal Miner Hewer, b Monmouthshire
JFT2.1 spouse - TUDGAY, EDITH, f, age 22, b Glamorgan, married 2 years, one child

P. Tudgay has emailed (9 February 2003) to say - "My father Arthur Ronald was born Nantyglo with brothers Emlyn, Isline (I think spelling ok) and sisters Kate, Annie".  In 2002 - A R Tudgay lives in New Inn, Pontypool; Islwyn Tudgay in Brynmawr, b 21 Mar 1924 d July 1997, at Blaenau, Gwent.

A report of the 100th anniversary celebrations of Cwmcelyn Infants School in Gwent Terrace, Blaina, 15 February 2002 included - "Another former pupil, Mrs Winifred Tudgay, aged 90, who went to the school in 1917 and whose granddaughter Louise Cornick is currently teaching the reception class at the school, will also be present" [Source]. I assume Winifred was the widow of one of the Nantyglo family.

Family of Arthur Ronald Tudgay b 25 May 1916 (see BMD births above)

John H Tudgay
b 1940
m 1Q 1960
Maureen Tudgay
b 1942
d 4Q 1966,
age 24, Birmingham
Arthur Ronald Tudgay
b 6 Nov 1944
m 4Q 1964, Birmingham
d Apr 1996
Emlyn James Tudgay
b 12 Jan 1947
d 1Q 1979
William F Tudgay
b 2 Q1949
m 2Q 1968
Warley E
Ivor R Tudgay
b Dec 1951
no further BMD
Philip Tudgay
b 2Q 1954
m 1Q 1972
Jeffrey Tudgay
b 1Q 1956
m 4Q 1976
Janet R Tudgay
b 4Q 1957
no further BMD
Spouse Josephine Stokes
Pauline L Bright Jacqueline M Redfern
BMD m 1Q 1966
husband "Tudgay"
Victoria Chinn
Pauline Oldacre Mary Oldacre Ann Cash
Children David J Tudgay
b 2Q 1961

mother Bright
Jayne Sharon Tudga
b 2Q 1966 Warley E
m Andrew Allen
Angela Elizabeth Tudgay
b 3Q Sep 1968
m Simon Downes
Paul Nicholas Tudgay
b 2Q 1972
Birmingham, Warwickshire
Kelly Tudgay
post BMD
b 1981
mother Redfern
Lisa Maureen Tudgay
b 4Q 1967
Maria Ann Tudgay
b 1Q 1970
Nichola Jayne Tudgay
b 1Q 1972
mother Chinn
Joanne Tudgay
b 4Q 1969
Richard John Tudgay
b 4 1970
Sarah Jane Tudgay
b 1979

Deborah Maria Tudgay
b 1 Q 1972
Dudley, Staffs.
mother Oldcare
b Birmingham
Emlyn Arthur Tudgay
b 3Q 1970
Donna Maria Tudgay
b 2Q 1972
Philip Lee Tudgay
b 3Q 1975
no BMD children

JFT4. Family of James Tudgay, b 1868

James Tudgay
1868-after 1901
b 09 June 1866
at Trevethin
BMD b 3Q 1866 Pontypool
d 1 Q 1930, age 62, Bedwellty
m 1. ca Mar 1890 Eliza Yemm
(Sarah Jane Yemm)
m 2. ca 1891 in Nantyglo
Sarah Jane Yemm
b 1875
d 1945

William John T Tudgay
b 3Q 1886
d 2Q 1970, dob 12 July 1886, Bedwellty
Colliery Lampman in 1901 Census
no marriage in BMD
James H Tudgay
b ca 1888
no BMD records
Sarah A Tudgay
b ca 1894
no BMD birth
m 1Q 1935 Bedwellty
David R Williams
no children
Alfred John Tudgay
b 1Q 1898
Nantyglo (Bedwellty)
d 6 January 1928
drowned in a colliery accident
at Coalbrookvale Colliery
no death in BMD?
Puzzle: Alfred J Tudgay
b 2Q 1911, Bedwellty
d 2Q 1922, age 10, Bedwellty
James Tudgay
b 4Q 1901
d after 1930
(JFT 4.5)
m Annie Bush in USA
William George Tudgay
b 20 Nov 1903
BMD b 1Q 1904
m 2Q 1933 Bedwellty
d 17 Jan 1967 (age 63)
North Bucks
m Margaret Ann Kelson
b 28 Mar 1903
m 01 Apr 1933
 in Methodist Chapel, Abertillery
Joshua Tudgay
b 1906
(4 Dec 1912)
BMD b 2Q 1909
m 3Q 1937 Crickhowell
d 1Q 1964, age 54, Crickhowell
m Miriam Jones
in Brynmawr, Brecknock
no children in BMD
Miriam Tudgay
d 1Q 1979, dob 4 Dec 1912
Blanau Gwent

June Tudgay
b 10/07/1934
m 1. 09/11/1957 North Bucks
David C Penney
(b 16/11/1935)
m. 2. 07/02/1974
Patrick S Griffiths (b 22/12/1922) in Bletchley Registry Office
North Bucks

Debra Penney
b 1Q 1962
North Bucks
m Anthony Munkley

Natalie Claire Penney
b & d 1980
Gareth Dean Munkley
b 1986
Thomas Oliver Munkley
b 1988
Tabitha Charlotte Munkley
b 1990

Additional info from Ann Price, 2005

James Tudgay signature 1911 census1911 Census Bedwellty District - 48 Garn Rd, Nantyglo (4 room dwelling)
JFT4 - TUDGAY, JAMES, m, age 42, Coal Hewer, b Nantyglo
JFT4 spouse (2) TUDGAY, SARAH JANE, f, age 37, b Nantyglo, m 17 years
JFT4.3 dau - TUDGAY, SARAH Ann, f, age 16, b Nantyglo
JFT4.4 son - TUDGAY, ALFRED JOHN, f, age 14, b  Nantyglo
JFT4.5 son - TUDGAY, JAMES, m, age 10, b Nantyglo
JFT4.6 son - WILLIAM GEORGE, m, age 8, b Nantyglo
JFT4.7 son - TUDGAY, JOSHUA, m, age 2, b Nantyglo

Wrong connection:

Alfred Joseph Tudgay
b 2Q 1881 Chipping Sodbury
m 4Q 1934 Newport Pagnell
d 4Q 1965, age 68, Northampton
m Mildred Olive Meadley in Methodist Chapel, Bletchley
Mildred O Tudgay
d 4Q 1935, age 32, North Bucks
no children in BMD

JFT 4.1 Family of William Tudgay, b. 1866, of  Llanilleth (all born in Llanilleth) as at 1901 Census

William Tudgay
b 1866
Colliery overman underground

b 1875
in 1911 Census

Maud Elizabeth J
age 13
BMD 1Q 1888 Pontypool
m 4Q 1906 Bedwellty
John Edward Rogers

Maud Elizabeth Rogers
d 3Q 1973, dob 3 Feb 1888
John Edward Rogers
d 3Q 1974, dob 3 Nov 1885, Hereford

BMD Maud Eliza Tudgay
b 2Q 1880 Pontypool
d 3Q 1881, age 1, Pontypool
age 11
b 1890
no futher record
Annie Matilda Tudgay
b 4Q 1889 Pontypool
m 4Q 1907 Bedwellty
Joseph Henry James
? Annie M James
d 2Q 1930, age 41, Pontypridd
age 5
Gladys Tudgay
b 4Q 1895 Pontypool
m 2Q 1915 Newport M
Christopher G Rogers
William Tudgay
age 4
b 2Q 1897
? m 3Q 1919 Newport M
Sarah J Jones
no children
d 1Q 1979, dob 11 march 1897
Merthyr Tydfil

Miriam Tudgay
age 1
[?BMD b 3Q 1898
d 4Q 1898, age 0]
b 4Q 1899
in 1911 census
m 2Q 1916
Newport M
William J Owens
no children
mother Tudgay
earlier children possible/likely but too many candidates
Elsie I Rogers
b 2Q 1912 Pontypool
John W Rogers
b 1Q 1920 Pontypool
Lewin E Rogers
b 4Q 1920 Pontypool
Milly E Rogers
b 1Q 1924 Pontypool

mother Tudgay
Harold James
b 1Q 1913 Bedwellty
Dilys James
b 3Q 1920 Pontypool
Gwynneth M James
b 3Q 1921 Newport M
Peggy James
b 1Q 1924
Newport M
mother Tudgay
Christopher Rogers
b 3Q 1916 Newport M
Eunice Rogers
b 1Q 1919 Newport M

JFT 6. Family of Herbert Tudgay, b 1871, curiously not found in a search of the 1901 Census, ? in Bedwellty Census District 1911, as Tudgey

Herbert Tudgay
June 1898
in Crickhowell District
b 1871-2

Herbert M Tudgay
b 26/08/1899
BMD b 4Q 1899 Bedwellty
m 1Q 1925 Bedwellty
Florence Brain
d 17/06/1972
2Q 1972 Ystradglynlais
dob 25 Aug 1898 (wrongly transcribed?)
Gladys Tudgay
b 1902
no BMD birth
BMD has "Gladys Tugday" b 1Q 1902, Bedwellty
d Mar 1935
BMD d 1Q 1935, age 33, Bedwellty
at Cardiff Hospital, apparently died in childbirth
Emily Tudgay
b ca 1905
BMD b 1Q 1905
m 3Q 1936 Crickhowell
John H Chilton
d 2Q 1937 Cardiff
Florence Brain (b 18/11/1901)
BMD b 4Q 1901 Merthyr Tydfil
m 3Q 1930 Bedwellty
 Thomas Jones
m Jim Chilton??
died in childbirth ?March 1935
infected by same nurse as sister Gladys
Norman Tudgay
b 21/04/1925
BMD b 2Q 1925 Bedwellty
mother Brain
m 1. 30/12/1953, to Yvonne Davies
BMD m 4Q 1953 Swansea
m 2. 27/11/1961 to Pauline Price
BMD m 4Q 1961 Maidstone
note no Jones with mother Tudgay in BMD
Martin Jones
Colin Jones

mother Davis/Davies
Catherine Shelley Tudgay
b 15/10/1954
b 4Q 1954 Chatham
Deborah Jasmin Tudgay
b 03/08/1958
b 3Q1958 Chatham
mother Price
Lisa Olivia Tudgay
born 7/2/62
b 1Q 1962 Chatham
Brandt Augustus Tudgay
born 11/6/64
b 2Q 1964 Chatham
Michela Jane Tudgay
born 18/7/67
b 3Q 1967 Chatham

Catherine S Tudgay
m 3Q 1972 Swansea
Huw L Salter
Deborah J Tudgay
m 2Q 1978 Chatham
Geoffrey C Hall

Herbert Tudgay signature 19111911 Census Bedwellty District - 5 Garn Cross (?), 6 room dwelling [Enumerator listed name as "Tudgey", Herbert entered name as Tudgay]
JFT6 - TUDGAY, HERBERT, m, age 39, Coal Miner Hewer, b Talywain
JFT6 spouse - TUDGAY, EMILY, f, age 39, married 13 years, b Blaina
JFT6 son - TUDGAY, HERBERT, m, age 11, school, b Nantyglo
JFT6 dau1 - TUDGAY, GLADIES, f, age 9, school, b Nantyglo
JFT6 dau2 - TUDGAY, EMILY, f, age 6, school, b Nantyglo

Gladys & Tom Jones
Gladys nee Tudgay and Herbert Jones

3. JFT7. Family of Joshua Tudgay, b 1875

Joshua Tudgay
b 2Q 1875 Pontypool
d 4Q 1939, age 64, Bedwellty
BMD m 2Q 1894
Hannah Mariah Morris
b 1874
(Annie in 1901 Census)
Maria Jane Tudgay
b 1894
no BMD birth
d 3Q 1949. age 54, Bedwellty
Rhoda May Tudgay
b 2Q 1897
d ?
Annie Tudgay
b 3Q 1900
m 3Q 1920 Bedwellty
Ernest C Lewis
? Annie L Lewis
d 2Q 1968, age 68, Bedwellty
m George Jeremiah Elkins
BMD m 3Q 1916 Crickhowell
George J Elkins
m 4Q 1915 Crickhowell
William H Jefferys
mother Tudgay
Arthur M Lewis
b 1Q 1921 Bedwellty
Cecilia Annie Elkins
b 01/09/1917 Bedwellty
? Cecilia C Elkins m 1Q 1941
Robert J Price
Joshua T Elkins
b 2Q 1922 Bedwellty
m 3Q 1945 Bedwellty
Frances E Young
d 4Q 1980, dob 19 May 1922, Southampton
BMD unclear so questionable
Nancy Jefferies
d 4Q 1966, age 50, Bridgend
Margaret Jefferies
Isabel Jefferies

mother Young
Barry D L Elkins
b 2Q 1945 Bedwellty
Trudy Young
b 2Q 1947 Bedwellty

Joseph Tudgay signature 1911 Census1911 Census Bedwellty District - 103 Queen Street, Nantyglo (4 room dwelling)
JFT7 (Joshua?) TUDGAY, JOSEPH, m, age 36, Coal Miner, Hewer, b Talywain
JFT7 spouse (Hannah?) TUDGAY, ANNIE M, f, age 36, b Blaenavon, married 17 years (1 child deceased)
JFT7.1 - TUDGAY, MARIA J, f, age 16, Draper, b Nantyglo
JFT7.2 - TUDGAY, RHODA M, f, age 13, b Nantyglo
JFT7.3 - TUDGAY, ANNIE, f, b 1901, age 10, scholar, b Nantyglo

2002, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2015, 2017 - Brian Taylor BTech PhD CBiol FRSB FRES
11, Grazingfield, Wilford, Nottingham, NG11 7FN, U.K.

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