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The Tudgay/Tudguy/Tudgdy/Tudgey/Tudgee family - earliest records

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Baptisms at St John the Baptist, Frome

1558-1603: 17 Nov 1566, Elinor Tudguy;  26 Sep 1568, John Tudgie;  05 Sep 1575, Barnabas Tudgie; 23 Nov 1578, Mary Tudgay

1603-1640: 30 Aug 1628, Anne d/o Thomas Tudguy;  09 Aug 1630, Thomas s/o Thomas Tudge; 07 Nov 1631, Constance d/o Thomas Tudge;  30 Dec 1634, Elizabeth d/o Thomas Tudgie; Thomas s/o Thomas & Margaret Tudgie

1640-1671: 25 Feb 1640, Francis d/o Thomas & Margaret Tudgie; 18 Nov 1669, John s/o Thomas & Anne Tudguy; 12 Jan 1670, John s/o Thomas & Anne Tudguy

1671-1687: 12 Apr 1673, Joanna d/o Thomas (?burial); 01 Mar 1675, Elizabeth d/o Thomas Tudguy; 21 Mar 1678, Thomas s/o Thomass & Ann Tudgay; 07 Mar 1682, Joseph s/o Thomas & Ann Tudgey 

1687-1758, 1759-1812: none

Marriages at St John the Baptist, Frome

1561-1652: 01 Nov 1627, Thomas Tudgey to Margaret Hancock; 21 Apr 1650, Richard Pearce to Anne Tudgy

1653-1657, 1658-1686: none

1685-1724: 13 May 1706, John Tudgay to Anne Pane;  27 Oct 1712, William Emblin of Beckington to Jane Tudguy

1725-1744: 25 Apr 1736, Henry Andrews to Elizabeth Tudgey;  26 Dec 1744 Benjamin Tudgay to Elizabeth Wingrove

1744-1765: 10 Apr 1748, Benjamin Tudgay to Betty Barber

1765-1776: 23 Aug 1770, Sarah Tudgay to Edw Walter; 15 Sep 1774, Hester Tudgay to Edw Walter; 26 Oct 1775, Mary Tudgey to Ste Symes

1776-1783:  10 Feb 1783, Joseph Tudgey to Elizabeth Gifford, witnesses Thomas Jones & John Deacon (standard witnesses) 

1792-1812:  17 Feb 1800, Jeremiah Tudguy to Mary Ramson of Whatley;  17 Aug 1803, licence, Joseph Mays to Ann Tudgay

1813-1821:  17 May 1813, banns, William Baber to Prudence Tudgay, both of this parish;  05 Sep 1814, banns, James Tudgay to Hannah Hambleton, both of this parish; 05 Sep 1814, banns, James Tudgay to Mary Down, both of this parish (James is given as Bch in both).

Burials at St John the Baptist, Frome

1558-1616: 04 May 1559, William Tudgye;  21 Nov 1560, Margaret Tudgye; 19 Dec 1577, Helen Tudgay; 08 Jan 1577, Barnabas Tudgay; 21 Jun 1581, Mary Tudgye

1616-1663: 10 Aug 1630 Thomas Tudge s/o Thomas; 13 Jul 1640, Alice Tudgie;  27 Feb 1648, Elizabeth Tudgay, d/o Thomas & Margaret 

1751-1774: 13 Aug 1762, Anne Tudgay w/o John; 11 May 1763, Thomas Tudgay; 20 Oct 1763, Anne Tudgay d/o Benjamin; 11 Mar 1764, Benjamin Tudgay; 16 Mar 1768, Mary Tudgay; 07 Apr 1771, John Tudgay

1774-1795: 16 Dec 1777, Jane Tudgay;  25 Oct 1786, Joseph Tudgay; 26 Jan 1794, Hannah Tudguy

1795-1812: 30 Aug 1798, Betty Tudguy;  22 dec 1800, Samuel Tudguy;  08 May 1801, John Tudgay; 09 Jun 1801, Ann Tudgay d/o John; 30 Jun 1801, Sarah Tudgay; 11 Mar 1812, Ann Tudgay

Note: the survey of Marston Bigot, 20 Mar 1683/4 has no Tudgays

Frome Parish Rates 1715: had "Mr Hippy Senr for pt of Whatcombe Farm at Innoxhill, ditto for Tudgays, 3d"; also Widow Tudgy or occr (Tho Tudge) 6d

Frome Churchweardens accounts: Sep 1715 to John Tudge (Tudgey) being ill, one shilling, shortly after 9 shillings and ten pence

Frome Parish Rates for 1727-1734: "Mr Hippy for Tudgees (property), 3 d"

Frome West Woodlands Rates, 1727-34: Thomas Tudgee or Occupr, 6d.

Land Tax for Frome, 1766: William Chapman for late Tudgay's 3 houses, 7 sh.

In the will of Elizabeth Hippie, 1752, is mention of " a pice of land which is leasehold and lies in or near Tudgays' close within the parish of Frome

Heads of Household, Frome 1785: Betty Tudgay, Widow of Broad Street; John Tudgay, shoemaker of Broad Street

10-15 Bath Street, Frome: 15 Bath street - 1654, Longleat lease, "for 99 years to Thomas Tudgay, baker, on the lives of his wife Margaret and their Children Constance and Thomas, rent 4 s p.a."; 1680 Longleat lease,  to "Timothy Chapman, clothworker, for the lives of himself, Constance his wife (perhaps the daughter of Thomas Tudgay) and their son Thomas" {short description of image}
Nunney Parish register - Joseph Tudgey, of Kingston Deverill, m 14 Oct 1819 to Elizabeth Valles otp; Joseph Tudgey, d 4Q 1853, Mere

Longleat Records have a reference to "Tudgay's Mill" or Friggle Street Mill (Heather's Mill, Rippon Place) - 5 April 1809, letter from A. CROCKER to T[homas] DAVIS (Longleat steward) enclosing a memorandum stating that the Marquess of Bath owes the Revd. M. ROGERS 1 9s. for diverting a water course at SCAMMELLS to TUDGAY's Mill, from Michaelmas 1794 to Lady Day 1809. [Friggle Street is on the main road leading SE out of Frome towards Corsley. The stream runs from the Longleat Estate. Scammells were another Frome area family]

Other Early records

Lullingford, Somerset - name not on modern maps - may be Lullington, Somerset, to the north of Frome.
Information from a search of, William Tudgy, born about 1579, at Lullingford, Somerset; buried 28 Sep 1639 at Lullingford. Marriage about 1596, name of spouse not given, but born about 1575.
Katherine Tudgy, christened 02 Jul 1598, at Lullingford, daughter of William and Mrs William Tudgy.

Milton Clevedon, Somerset - Robert Tudgey, christened 1607, and Edith Tudgey married 20 Jan 1623

Kilmersdon, Somerset - I have no positive information to link them, but there is a record of a Tudgey in ca 1650 (Mormon records).

BMD records:

Marriages in Frome: 4Q 1839, Thomas Tudgey (no later BMD); Phabe Tudgey. Possible spouses - Louesa Allwood, Silvia Batt, Mary Mitchell (no obvious BMD later other than Mary). William Crease, Robert Mitchell, Aaron Sly (BMD a Phoebe Crease, d 4Q 1942, Calne; a William Crease, b 2Q 1850, Frome, and William Crease, d 3Q 1864, Frome; Phabe Mitchell, d 4Q 1841, Marylebone.  Likelihood, therefore, seems to be marriage of both to a Mitchell.

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