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Tuggie and variations of the name from early 16th Century on

In BMD there are only three "Tuggie" records but many "Tuggy" and no "Toggy" or "Togy".

The family of Hungerford Parish, Berkshire, 1528-1620

Information on early Tuggie/Togy/Toggy - all from around Hungerford, Berkshire, but on the border with Wiltshire comes from various wills abstracted at Kintbury is about 3 km east of Hungerford.

William Togy, 1528; Bartholomew (Bertylimew) Tuggy, 1552; Margaret Tuggie, 1579, m William Dancaster; Anthony Tuggie, husbandman, 1605 & 1608; John Tuggie (Tuggy/Tuggye) of Kintbury, d 1620 (bequests to children of Richard Burton (presumably the wife was a Tuggie), same ? John m Joan Beere, 16/12/1588; Thomas Tuggie, 1609; Elizabeth Tuggie m John Bevies, 1607


1529 lore hayward hungerford brk archd berks will 10167; the will of the will of lore hayward of hungerford dated 20 march 1528, includes "to will'm togy a platter".

1552 robert banister lambourn brk archd berks will inv 7433 will of robert banister of chippin lamborn dated 20 feb 1552 [?or 1551] ... 4 bushels of barly to bertylimew tuggy.

William DANCASTER married Margaret TUGGIE, on 27 Jul 1579, at Burghclere, Berkshire (some 10 km from Kintbury? web link to source.

1602 edward clydesdale hungerford brk dean of sarum admon 6452 administration of the estate of edward hidden als clydesdale of edington within the parish of hungerford ... Inventory taken 29 june 1602 by anthony tuggye.

1605 catherine legg edington hungerford brk dean of sarum will inv 10258 will and inventory: catherine legge 1) will of catherine legge of edington in the parish of hungerford, widow. inventory taken 7 september 1605 by robert feild, thomas hidden, roger waltam younger, robert lovegrove and anthony tuggie husbandmand, inhabitants of the parish of hungerford.

1608 robert beare edington hungerford brk dean of sarum will 10944 will of robert beare of edington in the parish of hungerford co berks, glover dated 28 april 1608 ... witnesses: robert hatt, antony toggey.

1609 thomas withers chilton foliat wil archd wilts will 10932 will of thomas withers the elder of chilton foliat will dated 18th july 1609 ... to thomas tuggie my godson one lamb.

1620 thomas martin kintbury brk bishop of salisbury will inv acc 10740 will and account: thomas matyne of kintbury 1) will proved 10 october 1620 dated june 20th 1620 (torn) to ... john tuggie of kintbury

1620 john tuggy kintbury brk bishop of salisbury will inv 10907 will and inventory of john tuggye of kintbury 1) will [no date] probate 10 october 1620 Bequests to bartholomew burton son of richard burton of kintbury to jane burton daughter of richard burton of kintbury to elizabeth burton daughter of richard burton of kintbury to martha alkyns daughter unto the now wife of richard burton richard burton is to be executor overseers: william carter vicar of kintbury and leonard butcher witnesses: william carter john squier john ellye leonard butcher [the names of the witnesses are not actual signatures and the there is no signature for the testator] 2) inventory dated 28 july 1620 prised by william carter, bartholomew godfrey alias tull [or gull], leonard torles alias butcher and john squier 38-10-4
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Winchester college & Weybridge records -
John TUGGIE married Joane Beare, 16 Dec 1588
John BEVIES married Elizabeth TUGGIE, 27 Jul 1607
web link to source.

The family of Upper Clatford, nr Andover, Hampshire, England, 1550-1650

Leonard TUGGIE m Elina YERBERY, 26/11/1565

(42) 1. JOHN SCULLARD: bought manor of Up Clatford in 1544. Buried at Up Clatford 14 April, 1587; will (P. C. C. 26 Spencer) dated 10 Nov., 1585, proved 21 May, 1587, mentions land in East Vernham, Heath, Eling, and Andover, Hants, and in Chute, Wilts. Married Alice -----, who was buried at Up Clatford 22 Dec., 1580. Children: --
2. i. John.
    ii. Joan, m. ----- Williams.
    iii. Margaret, m. Richard Tuggie at U. C. 2 Oct., 1572.
    iv. Alexander, a minor In 1585; m. and had issue; bur. at U. C. 2 Dec., 1632.


Richard TUGGIE - Margaret SCULLARDE
Edwardo TUGGIE - Margerie YALDEN
Bartholomewe TUGGIE
m (1) ?
m (2)

Upper Clatford m 10/07/1572 other date 02/10/1572

m 28/07/1595 Hampshire
Woodford, Wiltshire
chr 01/04/1570
Elizabeth TUGGIE
chr 04/06/1571
chr 29/11/1573
chr 17/04/1576?
chr ?/07/1575
chr 20/02/1576
chr ?/03/1579
Richard TUGGIE
chr 25/04/1583

chr 04/02/1577
chr ?/03/1580

Bartholomew TUGGIE
chr 19/04/1597
presumably died in infancy m Garrat MOORE
at St Thomas, Salisbury


28/01/1604 Upper Clatford
chr 1611
chr 07/1613
chr 25/07/1616


m Dorothye
chr 29/01/1639
Upper Clatford
chr 20/02/1640(50)
Upper Clatford

William TUGGIE
chr 09/01/1623
St Margaret, Westminster, London



chr 06/10/1624
St James, Trowbridge

Richard TUGGY

Robert TUGGY
chr 14/04/1633
Swindon, Wiltshire

Thomas TUGGY
chr 16/11/1643
Margarett TUGGY
chr 22/11/1653
chr 16/12/1653

Map of 16th Century Tuggies - the migration westwards then fringes on the Tudgay area of Wiltshire - the Deverills, etc. backward link to Kingston Deverill
{Tuggie country}

Tuggy in the Twentieth Century

"These are the known relations of John C. Tuggy to date, 7/11/2000. I am seeking help and information regarding my Great Grandfather, Henry Tuggy. Although there is quite a bit of information about him, I have not been able to find anything about his parents or other ancestry. Any help would be appreciated".

Henry Tuggy: 1844-1905

Henry Tuggy was known in Denver, CO, as a shoe and boot business man and a man of Christian principles from 1873 to about 1890. This description is documented by public and private sources. The private sources were written by some of his children and grandchildren.

Henry Tuggy was born in Reading, Berkshire, England on 15 August 1844. The surname Tuggy (Tuggie, Tuggey, Tuggye) all seem to come from the Reading area. His father and mother are unknown. From ten years of age to twenty-one, he worked for his uncle as an apprentice shoemaker and later as a journeyman. His uncle taught him Christian values and teachings, which formed his adult life. It is possible that his father died while Henry was a young boy and so was taken in by his uncle. The uncle is also unknown. Henry was a Plymouth Brethren, but apparently was also taught by Charles H. Spurgeon in his “preachers’ boys school”.

Henry married Miss Emma Wright in London in 1865. Emma Wright (1842-1881) was the eldest of twelve children. Henry and Emma’s two eldest children, Hannah (1867) and Louisa (1868), were born in London.

In 1869 the family emigrated to the US. A search of passenger lists available on the internet for that time have not given any results. The reasons for emigrating to the US seemed to be a depression in England after the US Civil War causing a lack of cotton in the mills, and also Emma’s ill health. She seemed to have never recovered from a false accusation by an employer of theft and the drain of another child every two years.

The family lived in Monroe, MO, from 1867 to 1873. The apparent reason for living in the area was an English colony in the city. In 1873 they moved to Denver, CO.

Henry Tuggy was the first president of the Denver YMCA, founded in 1875. He and Emma were the 42nd and 43rd members of the National YMCA. His picture hangs in the boardroom on the second floor. That YMCA started out with an annual budget of $275, which was used to stock an initial 380-volume library for the transient young men looking for employment in the area.

Henry was also a main mover in establishing the Rail Road Mission Chapel on the corner of 19th St. and Wazee. At that time they had the largest Sunday School (400 attendance) in Denver. Henry was known for being a good Bible story teller.

Henry ventured a boot making business for miners in the area. At one point he employed 40 persons. He was careful and strictly honest in his workmanship. The miners his preferred boots. His trademark was cobbler’s nails on the souls for better traction placed in the form of an H T. The business came to a sudden end in the bankruptcy of 1893 when 15 minutes after depositing all his assets the bank closed.

The family had hard financial times. Every summer Emma and the children went to camp at some church camp in the area in order to not pay rent during the summer, returning to new accommodations each year. One time returning from camp, they were caught in an early snow and had to sleep in an empty house using their comforters made of layers of newspapers.

Henry and his brother, Daniel, homesteaded in the “Box Elder” area northeast of Denver. There is a Colorado Land Record of the 1860’s and ‘70’s mentioning Daniel.

Emma died in 1881, and Henry remarried in 1882 to Christobel MacIntosh (1848-1888). After Christobel’s death in 1888, he married Hanna Cameron (1857-1941).

The family moved to San Francisco about 1890. Henry died there on 8 February 1905 and was buried at the cemetery in Alameda.

As Clara Varreiter Ball said, “Henry Tuggy left something of himself: his extreme honesty and integrity, his loyal devotion to his friends, his Christian character..., his concern and compassion for the poor, the lonely and discouraged. ...[He] devoted most of his leisure time to the advancement of Christian doctrines, by preaching and by counsel, wherever his services seemed most needed.”

The name Tuggie also appears among those in a book of the pioneers of Missouri -

BMD records of Tuggy

There are quite numerous members of the Tuggy family to be found in BMD. The earliest all come from the Newbury, Reading, Basingstoke, Wokingham area of Berkshire.

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