The Ants of Africa
Genus Pheidole
Pheidole scabriuscula Gerstäcker

Pheidole scabriuscula Gerstäcker

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Tanzania (Pheidole scabriuscula n. sp., Gerstäcker, 1871: 356, minor) Endara (Ndara?), v.d. Decken - no images on Antweb (November 2014)

Minor only described (see Bolton, 1995) .

Gerstäcker's (1871) description of the minor (Oper.) is at {original description}. TL 3.75 mm; mandible with mostly weak teeth (?); pronotum rounded, "bicallous" dorsally, propodeum well developed, rugose with acute spines; dark red, piceous, covered with granulous-puncturation; gaster black and shiny; seems not dissimilar to Pheidole rohani

Rufo-picea, confertim granoso-punctula, parce setulosa, fere opaca, mandibulis pleurisque dilutioribus, abdomine nigricante, nitido: prothorace rotundato, supra bicalloso, metanoto fortiter rugoso, acute bispinoso.

{Pheidole scabricuscula minor}The photomontage of a type minor worker (?) is collated from Note: although the focol notes on origin are correct, the colour is not rufo-piceous, so the true identity seems questionable.

Oxford University Museum specimens not correct

Pheidole scabriuscula
B Taylor det.

A Pauly

Abijata N.P.
7°30' N
38°30' E
1635 m
Yellow pan trap

Pheidole scabriuscula
B Taylor det.
Awatif Omer
Wad alaieiz
13˚09'0" N
33˚56'0" E
transect m
major worker


{Pheidole scabriuscula major}The photomontage is of a major worker from Sudan; collector Awatif Omer (2014.07.02).

The overall appearance, with quite dense sculpturation and abundant erect hairs seems close to the minor worker below. TL ca 3.2 mm, HL 0.81, HW 0.67, SL 0.97, PW 0.42; CI 86, SI 150; PPI (postpetiole width over postpetiole length) 125.

It shares general characters, such as the narrow anterior to the head in full face view and the abundance of erect hairs, with Pheidole foreli but this is notably smaller and much more densely sculptured.

{Pheidole scabriuscula minor}The photomontage is of a minor worker from Ethiopia; collector A Pauly. This appears to be close to the limited type description.

TL ca 3.2 mm, HL 0.81, HW 0.67, SL 0.97, PW 0.42; CI 86, SI 150; PPI (postpetiole width over postpetiole length) 125.

PPI of rohani is 150.

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