The Ants of Africa
Genus Quadristruma
Quadristruma emmae Emery

Quadristruma emmae Emery - placed in Strumigenys (Bolton, 2000: 950)

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location St. Thomas I., Antilles Is. (Epitritus emmae n. sp., Emery, 1890b: 70, illustrated, worker; Wheeler, 1908a: 149, queen) - see below
junior synonyms
clypeatus (Epitritus clypeatus n. sp., Szabó, 1909: 27, illustrated, worker) from New Guinea - see
malesiana (Epitritus clypeatus var. malesiana, Forel, 1913k: 83, worker & queen) from Sumatra see
wheeleri (Epitritus wheeleri, Donisthorpe, 1916a: 121, worker) from Hawaii - see
synonymy and new genus status by Brown (1949b: 48); worker and queen described (see Bolton, 1995) .

{Quadristruma emmae} {Quadristruma emmae}Emery's (1890b) illustrated description is at {original description}. Szabó's (1909) illustrated description of clypeatus is at {original description}. Bolton's modern description (1983) is at {original description}.

{Quadristruma emmae}WORKER - TL 1.7-1.9 mm; colour dull yellow to pale brown (Bolton, 1983, illustrated full-face view).

Bolton (1973a) noted the single finding in Ghana of this pantropical tramp species and later reported this as a collection from Bunso (P.M. Room) (Bolton, 1983). A single worker has since been collected in Ghana from leaf litter in the semi-deciduous forest zone, under secondary forest at Nkawanda, by Belshaw & Bolton (1994b). In Africa otherwise known from Equatorial Guinea, which borders southern Cameroun.

{Quadristruma emmae}The photomontage of the type worker is collated from

Oxford University Museum specimens

Quadristruma emmae
B Taylor det.

S Sky Stephens

in personal collection of S Sky Stephens

{Quadristruma emmae queen}The photomontage is of a queen from Ghana, collected by S Sky Stephens, 2006. 

{Quadristruma emmae}The photomontage is collated from
Collection details - Seychelle Is: Mahé; La Réserve et Brulée; 00°00'00"N 000°00'00"E, 400-500m. Collection Information: Collection codes: ANTC1249. Date: 24 May 1996. Collected by: Schodl.

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