The Ants of Africa
Distribution Card
Species 1 Author 2 Year 3 Country 4 Location Collector Information 5
Aenictus eugenii Emery 1895h SA Makapan E Simon new species, holotype worker
Aenictus eugenii Wasmann 1904b SA Orange Free State H Brauns host of guest insects
Aenictus eugenii Forel 1911e SA Bothaville, Orange H Brauns workers
Aenictus eugenii Prins 1963x SA Transvaal - Kruger national park A J Prins workers
Aenictus eugenii Gotwald 1976x Kenya Korup W A Gotwald observations of colonies, 1971
Aenictus eugenii Gotwald 1976x Zaire Kundulungu N Leleup new description of queen, with workers; 20.iii.1950
Aenictus eugenii Taylor 2005w Tanzania Mahale S Uehara workers
Aenictus eugenii caroli Forel 1910c Eritrea Nefasit K Escherisch new variety, worker
Aenictus eugenii caroli Emery 1915g Eritrea Ghinda F Silvestri worker
Aenictus eugenii henrii Santschi 1924b Zaire Kidada nr Kitobola H Schouteden new variety, worker
Aenictus eugenii kenyensis Santschi 1933b Kenya Kiambou Le Pelley attending Pseudococcus lilacinus
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