The Ants of Africa
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Genus Ankylomyrma Bolton (1972: 235)


Diagnostic Features - Antenna with 12 segments. Eyes at extreme posterior corners of the head. Clypeus projecting far forward and almost concealing the mandibles. Dorsum of petiole with a pair of sharp spines. All visible portion of gaster consisting of the first tergite.

Bolton's (1972) genus definition is description is at {original description}. and his further notes (Bolton (1981b) at {original description}.

Monotypic; the single known species is Ankylomyrma coronacantha Bolton.

* Note: Using a DNA analysis, Ward et al (2014) claim to have demonstrated that Ankylmoyrma is "neither in the Myrmicinae nor even a member of the more inclusive formicoid clade - rather it is a poneroid ant, sister to the genus Tatuidris (Agroecomyrmecinae)". Tatuidris is a Neotropical genus of rather bizarre looking ants, see the single described species, Tatuidris tatusia, at

Contents MYRMICINAE Introduction
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