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Genus Ankylomyrma
Ankylomyrma coronacantha Bolton

Ankylomyrma coronacantha Bolton

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Ghana (Bolton, 1972: 234, 1981b: 247, illustrated, full-face view and whole body profile, worker) - the  type worker with detached head can be seen at .

{Ankylomyrma coronocantha}Bolton's description is at {original description}. and expanded at {original description}.

WORKER - TL 6.3-6.8 mm; head with a remarkable 'crown' across dorsal margin; gaster massively enlarged, with an extremely vaulted first tergite; colour black, with lighter orange-brown to red-brown appendages.

Types collected by pkd (D. Leston, 12.vii.1969) in the primary forest at Mt. Atewa (Atewa Forest Reserve) (Bolton, 1972). A specimen from "Gabon" is pictured in Hölldobler & Wilson (1990, page 98), as this was attributed to Bolton (1981b) the country label is most likely to have been Ghana.

In the later paper, Bolton added a finding from Cameroun, at Korup (D.A. Jackson), and described the species as large and spectacular. It was known to be arboreal but nothing else was known of its habits.

The Antweb page has images of the holotype, plus of workers from Cameroun (Korup, D A Jackson), Gabon (B L Fisher, see below), Ghana (Atewa, L Alonso) and Central African Republic (Dzangha-Sangha, B L Fisher).

{Ankylomyrma coronacantha}

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Collection details - Locality: Gabon: Prov. Ogooue-Maritime; Aire d'Exploit. Rationnelle de Faune des Monts Doudou, 25.2 km 304° NW Doussala; 02°13'39"S 010°23'40"E 640m. Collection Information: Collection codes: BLF2246. Date: 14 Mar 2000. Collected by: B.L.Fisher. Method: EC30 beating low vegetation. Habitat: rainforest Transect Type: Beat 25 sample transect, 10m Transect Sample No.: 12.
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