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SUBFAMILY AENICTINAE, Genus Aenictus - Aenictus hamifer Emery

Aenictus hamifer Emery

return to key  Type location Somalia (Aenictus hamifer n. sp., Emery, 1896i: 153, illustrated, male) Uebi-Ganana, by Bottego, - see below
junior synonym (here) spinosior (Aenictus hamifer Em. r. spinosior n. stirps, Stitz, 1917: 335, illustrated, male) from Algeria, Raris, 15-17.x.1914, von Geyr - see below
males only described (see Bolton, 1995, has type location as Kenya) .

{Aenictus hamifer male genitalia}Emery's (1896i) illustrated description is at {original description}, the location "Uebi-Ganana" probably equates to the town of Doolow, Somalia, at the confluence of the now named rivers Dawa and Genale, below the confluence the river is named Webi Jubba River (Google Maps). see also, for details of the exploration of the "Giuba" river. Stitz's (1917) illustrated description of spinosior is at {original description}.

Egypt Records - Gebel Elba (Sharaf list, 2006).

{Aenictus hamifer}.

Aenictus hamifer maleThe photomontage is of the holotype male collated from

Aenictus hamifer maleThe photomontage is of the holotype male of spinosior collated from

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