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Genus Camponotus subgenus Myrmisolepis
Genus Camponotus

Subgenus definition - Santschi (1921f: 310) - pronotum angular more or less bordered and depressed; clypeus similar in major and minor, separable from Mymopiromis by having an uninterrupted alitrunk (metanotal suture); petiole scale truncate with the posterior face as convex as the anterior.

{link to the Hymenoptera Name Server}Santschi's (1921f: 310) subgenus definition is at {original description}.

Key to species

1 Gaster with only sparse pubescence 2
-- Gaster with yellow or gold pubescence 3
2 {short description of image}TL 5.5-6 mm; head with only slight anterior narrowing; propodeal declivity vertical and concave; sculpturation of deep reticulo-puncturation, like the surface of a thimble; black, tibiae, tarsi and mandibles dark reddish-brown, basal half or whole of scapes ferruginous East Africa - Somalia south to Mozambique - braunsi
-- {short description of image}TL 5.3-7 mm; head narrowed in anterior one-sixth; propodeal declivity near vertical but flat; entirely sub-opaque with alitrunk matt; black, antennae and tarsi red, rest of legs and end of funiculus brown Zare - maynei
-- {Camponotus erythromelas}TL 4.6-6.0 mm; dorsum of propodeum concave; opaque black, tibiae, tarsi, scapes and mandibles also black Somalia and Senegal - erythromelus
. Gaster with yellow or gold pubescence .
3 {short description of image}TL 7.5-9 mm; head narrowed anteriorly to half posterior width; propodeum with more rounded transition from dorsum to declivity; head and alitrunk finely reticulo-punctate, effaced on head of major which is shiny, sides of alitrunk and genae finely shagreened; fine pubescence in patches on head on alitrunk, dense on gaster giving a golden fleece, obscuring sculpturation; black, mandibles reddish in minor but not in major, first segment of funiculus and tarsi brownish yellow .
. Camponotus amphidus Zimbabwe - amphidus
-- {Camponotus erinaceus major}TL 6-7 mm; HW 2 mm HL 1.9 mm; propodeum dorsum flat, almost square with lateral border, obtuse angle to vertical declivity, sides vertical; gaster with covering of relatively sparse yellow pubescence; also abundant whitish erect hairs on gaster and propodeum, petiole with fringe of same hairs, lighter on gaster; densely reticulo-punctate and matt; black, opaque, appendages blood-red Tanzania - erinaceus
-- {short description of image}TL 7 mm; HL one-third greater than HW; gaster tergites with very fine pubescence which is yellowish dorsally and more abundant and silvery laterally; mostly reddish-brown, gaster shiny black, first three segments with translucent whitish posterior margins Zimbabwe - vespertinus
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