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Genus Cardiocondyla
Cardiocondyla shuckardi Forel

Cardiocondyla shuckardi Forel

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return to listIran listreturn to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Madagascar (Cardiocondyla shuckardi nov. sp., Forel, 1891b: 161, worker) - see below
junior synonym brevispinosa (Cardiocondyla brevispinosa new species, Weber, 1952: 6, worker) from Zare - no images on Antweb (March 2015)
(listed by Bolton, 1982; see Bolton, 1995) .

Seifert (2003) removed the synonyms (varieties) globinodis Stitz and badonei Arnold to junior synonyms of Cardiocondyla venustula. I believe the Bolton (1982) synonymy was overdone, with his description ignoring the very basic facts of the type species. Thus, I have restored Cardiocondyla wassmanni to species status, with junior synonyms sculptior and fusca (Weber).

{short description of image} Forel's (1891b) description is at {original description}. Weber's (1952) description of brevispinosa is at {original description} . Bolton's modern description (1982) is at {original description}. Seifert's's modern description (2003) is at {original description}

{Cardiocondyla shuckardi}The photomontage of a worker from the type collection is collated from Among specimens studied by Seifert (2003)

In his inclusive description, Bolton (1982) described it as the commonest and most widespread species in Africa. He listed Ghana collections at Kibi (D. Leston), Mampong (P.M. Room) and Mole G. R. (J.C. Greig).
From Nigeria were collections at Ibadan (K. Whitney; B.R. Critchley, IITA). Workers were collected at Nko'emvon, Cameroun (D. A. Jackson).
Collingwood (1985) reporting it from Saudi Arabia, noted finding workers excavating soil from a ground nest in a shady border; and elsewhere finding foraging workers; he referred to the long scapes, globular petiole and generally dark colour.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Cardiocondyla shuckardi
B Taylor det.
S Sky Stephens
In personal collection of S Skey Stephens
{original description}
Cardiocondyla shuckardi
B Taylor det.
A Fotso Kuate
Tetramorium sp16

Awae II
0354'30" N
1125'58" E
Quadrat in mixed crop field
{original description}
Cardiocondyla shuckardi
B Taylor det.

Dupont & Braet

00’42.9" N
3814’52.3" E

{original description}
Cardiocondyla shuckardi
B Taylor det.
Rep. of Congo
E Vingerhoedt
ex Y Braet
0307' S
1531' E

{original description}

{Cardiocondyla shuckardi}The photomontage is of a worker from Cameroun, Awae II; collector A Fotso Kuate (fk tetramorium sp 16).

{Cardiocondyla shuckardi} The photomontage is of a worker from Kenya, Subukia; collectors Dupont & Braet.

{Cardiocondyla shuckardi queen}The photomontage is of a specimen of a queen from Ghana, collected by S Sky Stephens (06G0034), 2006.

{Cardiocondyla shuckardi male}The photomontage is of a specimen of a queen from Congo, Abio; collectorE Vingerhoedt.

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