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Notes: Species are shown on linked pages. These are in one of three formats - "Ants of (sub-Saharan) Africa" pages; "Ants of Egypt" pages; "Ants from Iran" pages. ¤ = compared with type images (or type of subspecies, etc.)

Genera on this page: Aphaenogaster, Cardiocondyla, Crematogaster, Leptothorax, Monomorium, Myrmica, Pheidole, Solenopsis, Strongylognathus, Temnothorax, Tetramorium and Trichomyrmex


Aphaenogaster gibbosa (Latreille)
M Ghatei - 35 - Shaft, Guilan,
F Borjali - 17 - Lahijan, 17.vii.2014; 19 - Chaboksar, 6.ix.2014
P 2008 N (Radchenko) probably = ANTWEB1008062 collected by O Paknia, Khoshyelagh,; see No. 00875 labelled A. kurdica but all characters and proportions match gibbosa. The size however is about twice, assuming the scales on the images are correct.
Aphaenogaster gibbosa
MYRMICINAE Aphaenogaster holtzi Emery
S Moradloo - 12 - Gholi Kandi, 2.v.2013 Aphaenogaster holtzi
Aphaenogaster iranica Kiran, Alipanah & Paknia
Kiran, Alipanah & Paknia (2013) two locations, Mashad, 15.v.1999, M Ghasemi; Khoshyeylagh,, O Paknia

see No. 00859

Other records may be those listed below as A. splendida
Aphaenogaster iranica
Aphaenogaster kurdica Ruzsky
P 2008 N (Radchenko) also on Antweb CFH000010 (Firouzi 2010)

Mortazavi et al. (2015) associated with aphids, Razavi Khorasan.
No type images
Kiran, Alipanah & Paknia (2013) key by relatively short scapes, body sculpture relatively fine, light reddish brown
Aphaenogaster obsidiana (Mayr)
Ghahari 2009 rice
No type images
Kiran, Alipanah & Paknia (2013) key by relatively short scapes, whole body rugulose, colour black
Aphaenogaster splendida (Roger)
Mohammadi, Mossadegh & Esfandiari (2012) Fars Province (whole body reddish-yellow)

Ghahari 2015
Aphaenogaster splendida
Aphaenogaster subterranea (Latreille)
F Borjali - 20 - Lahijan. 30.iv.2014

see No. 00864
Aphaenogaster subterranea
Aphaenogaster syriaca Emery M Ghatei - 36 - Bame Sabz, Lahijan, Guilan, 18.vii.2014
F Borjali - 18 - Langarud, 18.vii.2014

P 2008 SW

ANTWEB1008050 Gorgan,  Ghorogh Park, S Shalchian, x.2003
Aphaenogaster syriaca


Cardiocondyla brachyceps Seifert
P 2008 S (Seifert)
Cardiocondyla brachyceps
Cardiocondyla elegans Emery
M Ghatei - 37 - Lahijan, Guilan, queen; 38 - Shaft, Guilan

P 2008 N (Seifert, Radchenko)
Cardiocondyla elegans
Cardiocondyla emeryi Forel
Mohammadi, Mossadegh & Esfandiari (2012) Shiraz, Fars Province

Ghahari 2011 ?
Cardiocondyla emeryi
Cardiocondyla fajumensis Forel
P 2008 (Seifert 2003, type is a queen)
Cardiocondyla fajumensis
Cardiocondyla mauritanica (Forel)
P 2008 (Seifert 2003)
Cardiocondyla mauritanica
Cardiocondyla persiana Seifert
R Torabi - 26 - Enghelab Park, Shiraz,

P 2008 S (Seifert, 2003)
Cardiocondyla persiana
MYRMICINAE Cardiocondyla sahlbergi (Forel) (worker) F Safariyan - 18 - Sarab Lake, 4.ii.2014 - queen

P 2008 NW (Seifert, 2003)

Latibari et al. (2017) Mashhad, Khorasan-e-Razavi (misspelt "shalbergi").
Cardiocondyla sahlbergi
Cardiocondyla shuckardi Forel
Ghahari 2011 ?
Cardiocondyla shuckardi
Cardiocondyla stambuloffii Forel
F Borjali - 21, Astaneh-ye Ashrafiyeh; 22 - Rodsar

P 2008 NW (Seifert, 2003)
Cardiocondyla stambuloffii
Cardiocondyla ulianini Emery
O Paknia - ZMGU 1418 - Miankaleh, viii.2004
F Safariyan - 17 - Sarab Lake, 3.iv.2014, and, 22 - Vahdat Dam, 2.iv.2014 
Cardiocondyla ulianini
Cardiocondyla unicalis Seifert
P 2008 W (Seifert, 2003)
Cardiocondyla unicalis


MYRMICINAE Crematogaster (Cr.) afghanica Pisarski O Paknia - ZMGU 053 - Fars Province, Lars City, ii.2002
M Seiri - 24 - 29.iv.2014
Crematogaster afghanica
Crematogaster (Cr.) antaris Forel
P 2008 (Collingwood)

G 2019

? location unlikely; may be Cr. auberti.
Crematogaster antaris
MYRMICINAE Crematogaster (Cr.) auberti Emery
F Safariyan - 14 - Ghajoor Bridge, 3.vii.2014
R Afshari - 43 - Shah Ja'far, Semirom, 16.vii.2014

Ghahari 2011

Crematogaster auberti
Crematogaster (Cr.) bogojawlenskii Ruzsky
P 2008 NE (Radchenko); no type images

Crematogaster (Cr.) inermis Mayr
P 2008 N (Collingwood); may have been Cr. subdentata

Mortazavi et al. (2015) associated with aphids, Razavi Khorasan.
Crematogaster inermis
Crematogaster (Cr.) laestrygon Emery
Ghahari 2015 ?
Crematogaster laestrygon
MYRMICINAE Crematogaster (Cr.) schmidti (Mayr)
E Aram - 21 - Kazaj, 21.vii.2012
M Ghatei - 39 - Rezvanshahr, Guilan,; 40 - Sangar, Guilan, 16.viii.2014
V H Kia - 41 - Kokab Park, Qom, 6.viii.2014
F Borjali - 23 - Langarud, 1.v.2014

P 2008 N (Crawley)

Mortazavi et al. (2015) associated with aphids, Razavi Khorasan.
Crematogaster schmidti
MYRMICINAE Crematogaster (Cr.) sorokini Ruzsky - no type images (but Iraq specimen?)
F Safariyan - 15 - Bijar, 1.iv.2014, and, Bijar, 4.ii.2014
F Heidary - 09 - Paghalat -
R Torabi - 27 - Eram Garden,

P 2008 W (Radchenko)
Crematogaster sorokini
MYRMICINAE Crematogaster (Cr.) subdentata Mayr
O Paknia - ZMGU 527 - Miankaleh
R Nafisi - 20 & 21 - Soltanabad-Sabzevar-Khorasan,
G Abolfathi - 28 - Imam Huseyn Sq.,  Borujerd, 6.v.2014
R Afshari - 42 - Sadegh Abad, Semirom, 17.v.2014
Z Mahmoodi - 18 - Khargush Darreh Forest Park, 29.x.2015, and, 27 - Chagar Forest Park, 29.x.2015
R Jazini - 02 & 05 - Shahr Park, 30.iii.2015 & 27.v.2015

P 2008 N (Collingwood) see No. 00863, Kerman, Meymand, 9.ix.2003, O Paknia (a media worker)

Ghahari 2015

Mirzamohamadi et al. (2015) Golestan Province
Mortazavi et al. (2015) associated with aphids, Razavi Khorasan.
Latibari et al. (2017) Mashhad, Khorasan-e-Razavi.
Crematogaster subdentata
Crematogaster (Cr.) warburgi Menozzi
G 2009 rice
Crematogaster warburgi
MYRMICINAE Crematogaster (Cr.) undet. Iran Safariyan 13
F Safariyan - 13 - Abider Park, 5.ii.201
R Torabi - 27 - Eram Garden, Shiraz,
Crematogaster undet Safariyan 13
Crematogaster sordidula (Nylander) Mortazavi et al. (2015) associated with aphids, Razavi Khorasan.

No type images; right is of subspecies caspica
Crematogaster sodidula caspica
Crematogaster (Sphaerocrema) n. sp. IR 19
Ghahari 2011, 2015
Presumably the form identified as Cr. (Sphaerocrema) luctans by Collingwood (1985)

Antweb CASENT0910243
Crematogaster IR19


Leptothorax acervorum (Fabricius) P 2008 N (Taylor identified but I have no such specimen)

Leptothorax acervorum


Mohammadi, Mossadegh & Esfandiari (2012) Fars Province "Monomorium acutinode", perhaps = M. indicum

Monomorium abeillei André
P 2009 SW

Ghahari 2011
Monomorium abeillei
Monomorium areniphilum Santschi
Ghahari 2009, 2015
A North African species

Hosseini, Awal, Hosseini (2015), Mashad City (the scales on their Figs 14-16 appear to be grossly wrong, the body scale probably should be 0.5 mm and the head scale 0.25 mm)
Monomorium areniphilum
Monomorium barbatulum Mayr
P 2010 Central Deserts
(genus now Trichomyrmex?)

CASENT0910233 & CASENT0910234, Isfahan Kashan Abuzeidabad, 14.v.2012, Kh. Nasiri (Monomorium sp 21)

Monomorium barbatulum
Monomorium bicolor Emery
Ghahari 2011 ?
Monomorium bicolor
Monomorium clavicorne André
Ghahari 2011 ?
Monomorium clavicorne
Monomorium dentigerum (Roger)
P 2010 Nubo Sindian Desert - see No. 00819; Mond, 14.vii.2007, O Paknia

That matches the major workers of M. dentigerum and the junior synonym M. evansi  but the scale on the AntBase image is wrong by a factor of 2X, i.e reads 2.0 mm when it is 1.0 mm on the type lateral images.
Monomorium dentigerum
Monomorium indicum Forel
F Heidary - 12 - Paghalat, 7.vii.2013
M Ghatei - 58 - Ghanavat, Qom, 9.v.2014
Z Mahmoodi - 14 & 38 - Khoosar National Park, 1.viii.2015 & 16.x.2015
Monomorium indicum
Monomorium kusnezowi Santschi (revived status)
R Torabi - 37 - Hafezieh, Shiraz, 6.v.2014

P 2008 NE (Radchenko) see No. 00883, Monomorium sp. 2, Daranjir Protected area, 18.v.2008-21.v.2008, O Paknia

CSH000041, Zanjan, Yengje, 21.viii.2009, S Hosseinnezhad (Monomorium IR01)
Monomorium kusnezowi
MYRMICINAE Monomorium nitidiventre Emery
P 2008 S (Taylor)
O Paknia
- ZMGU 074 - Fars Province

Mortazavi et al. (2015) associated with aphids, Razavi Khorasan.
Monomorium nitidiventre
Monomorium pharaonis (L.)
P 2008 S (Radchenko)
Monomorium pharaonis
Monomorium ruzskyi Dlussky
P 2010 Alborz Central Deserts
(earlier Ruzsky as salomonis) see No. 00816, Monomorium ruzskyi, Khojir, 30.iv.2008, O Paknia, det. A Radchenko
Given the variability of the "subspecies and varieties" of M. salomonis, it is not possible to judge the merits of ruzskyi as a distinct species, specially without access to any type images.
No type images
MYRMICINAE Monomorium salomonis (Linnaeus) (subspecies) R Nafisi - 25 - Davarsan-Sabzevar-Khorasan, 15.x.2012; 26 - Davarsan-Sabzevar-Khorasan,; 27c - Sheshtamab-Sabzevar-Khorasan, 24.iii.2013
E Aram - 33 - Nowdeh,

P 2008 S (Menozzi)
ANTWEB0910232 - Isfahan Aranva Bidgol Maranjab, 27.ix.2011, Kh Nasiri
Monomorium salomonis
Monomorium subopacum (F Smith)
G 2011 ?
Monomorium subopacum
Monomorium venustum (F Smith)
G 2009 ?
Monomorium venustum


Myrmica bergi Ruzsky
P 2008 N, NW (Radchenko)
Myrmica bergi
MYRMICINAE Myrmica constricta Karavaiev
O Paknia - ZMGU 635 - Amole, 2006
M Ghatei - 55 - Masai, Guilan, 16.v.2015
Myrmica constricta
Myrmica deplanata Emery
 F Borjali - 28 - Khoshk-e Bijar, 16.vii.2014

Radchenko & Elmes (2010)
Myrmica deplanata
MYRMICINAE Myrmica gallienii no type image (subspecies)
S Moradloo - 03 - Gogje Ghiaye Markasi, 2.vii.2012
E Aram - 29 - Nemahil,; 31a - queen, Nemahil, 11.vii.2012
R Afshari - 56 - Hana, Semirom, 15.vii.2014; 68 - Sadegh Abad, Semirom, 15.v.2014
F Borjali - 29 - Rasht, 28.iv.2014; 41 - Rasht, 5.ix.2014 (queen)
Myrmica gallieni
Myrmica hellenica Finzi
ANTWEB1008078 - Myrmica sp. 1, Asalem 7.vii.2008, O Paknia (also at No. 00858)
CFH000022 - Mazandaran, Babol,, F Firouzi
Myrmica hellenica
Myrmica sabuleti Meinert
P 2008 N (Collingwood; not in Radchenko & Elmes, 2010)
No type images
Myrmica specioides Bondroit
P 2010 Caspian (Radchenko & Elmes 2010) see No. 00874, Mazandaran, baboisar, 18.ix.2002, garden, O Paknia Myrmica specioides


Pheidole cicatricosa Stitz
V H Kia - 60 - Salfchegan, Semirom, 12.ix.2014
Pheidole cicatricosa major
Pheidole fervens F Smith
V H Kia - 26 - Koohe khezr, Qom, 16.v.2014
M Ghatei - 59 - Stahkhal, Guilan, 16.v.2015

P 2008 N & S (Collingwood, Cook, as P. teneriffana)

Ghahari 2011
Pheidole fervens major
Pheidole latinoda Roger - no type images available
F Heidary - 14a - Lamerd, 7.vii.2013

Major workers
Pheidole latinoda
Pheidole megacephala (Fabricius)
Ghahari 2009, 2011, 2015

(no true type images)
Pheidole megacephala
MYRMICINAE Pheidole orientalis Emery
S Moradloo - 12 & 13 - Gholi Kandi, 2.v.2013
E Aram - 30 - Mazraeh, 16.vii.2012
Z Mahmoodi - 13, 16 & 21 - Chagar Forest Park - 30.iv.2015,  6.viii.2015 & 16.x.2015
F Jazini - 19 - Mellat Park, 6.x.2015
Major & minor workers
Minor worker CASENT0910221 Isfahan Natanz Hanjan, 9.v.2012, Kh. Nasiri

P 2008 NW (Collingwood) see No. 00853, "Pheidole pallidua" Mazandaran, Miankaleh, 14.iv.2005, O Paknia
Pheidole orientalis
MYRMICINAE Pheidole pallidula (Nylander) (subspecies) R Nafisi - 24 - Joghatay-Sabzevar-Khorasan, 16.x.2012; Nafisi 27 - Sheshtamab-Sabzevar-Khorasan, 24.iii.2013
S Moradloo - 03, Gogje Ghiaye Markasi, 2.vii.2012 & 11, Gholi Kandi, 1.v.2013
G Abolfathi - 39 - Gazza Sq.,  Borujerd,
M Seiri - 22
F Heidary - 14b - Lamerd, 7.vii.2013

Major & minor workers

Ghahari 2009
Mirzamohamadi et al. (2015) Golestan Province

Latibari et al. (2017) Mashhad, Khorasan-e-Razavi.
Pheidole pallidula
MYRMICINAE Pheidole providens (Sykes) (original drawing)
O Paknia - ZMGU 1353 - Gonbad, viii.2004 (probably listed as P. teneriffana in Paknia et al, 2008)
G Abolfathi - 38 - Ghiam Sq.,  Borujerd, 31.vii.2014
R Afshari - 61 - Semirom, Isfahan, 17.viii.2014
F Borjali - 31 - Anzali, 28.iv.2014

Major & minor workers

Mirzamohamadi et al. (2015) Golestan Province as ? P. teneriffana
Pheidole providens
Pheidole sculpturata Mayr
Mohammadi, Mossadegh & Esfandiari (2012) Fars Province

G 2015

Highly unlikely
Pheidole sculpturata
Pheidole sinaitica Mayr
P 2008 S (Cook)
Pheidole sinaitica
MYRMICINAE Pheidole (Ceratopheidole) smythiesii Forel (Aphaenogaster smythiesii?)
O Paknia - ZMGU 612 - Mazandarum; minors only; may well be Aphaenogaster smythiesii (Forel) (both types are available).
Pheidole smythiesii minor


Solenopsis fugax (Latreille)
 F Borjali - queens only - 39 & 42, Chaf, 5.ix.2014; 43 - Chuchesfahan, 4.ix.2014

P 2008 N (as Solenopsis cf. fugax, Collingwood)

Also ANTWEB1008085, Paknia Solenopsis sp.1, Asalem, 7.vii.2008, OPaknia; also at No. 00860

Note the relatively large eyes
Solenopsis fugax worker
Solenopsis wolfi Emery
P 2008 N, possibly (as Solenopsis cf. latro, Collingwood)

Ghahari 2009 ?

Minor worker only known from the type location
Solenopsis wolfi


Strongylognathus christophi Emery
F Borjali - 32 - Kelachay, 1.v.2014
M Ghatei - 62 - Shat, Guilan,

Strongylognathus christophi


Strumigenys argiola Emery
Golestan NP, O Paknia, 2008
in P 2010 as Pyramica sp-ir-golestan-01
see No. 00862

Strumigenys argiola


Temnothorax anodonta (Arnol'di)
P 2010 Caspian
No type images
Temnothorax iranicus (Radchenko)
Radchenko (1994c)

P 2008 N (Radchenko)
Temnothorax iranicus
MYRMICINAE Temnothorax luteus (Forel)
O Paknia - ZMGU 1413 - Miankaleh, xi.2004 (earlier thought by me as possibly T. pallidus)
CFH000048 - Mazandaran, Babol,, F Firouzi

Note both these are darker in colour but otherwise identical in form to T. luteus
Temnothorax luteus
Temnothorax nadigi (Kutter)
M Ghatei - 44 - Masal, Guilan,

P 2010 Caspian
Temnothorax nadigi
Temnothorax parvulus (Schenck)
P 2010 N (Radchenko, ZMGU)
Temnothorax parvulus


Tetramorium armatum Santschi
P 2010 Alborz, Central deserts - see No. 00817, Turan, 8.v.2008, O Paknia Tetramorium armatum
MYRMICINAE Tetramorium caespitum (Linnaeus) (subspecies) O Paknia - ZMGU 1354 - Gonbad, viii.2004 (listed as T. cf. caespitum in Paknia et al, 2008), ZMGU 523, 545 & 1401 - Miankaleh, xi.2004
S Moradloo - 17, Mahneshan,
E Aram - 31 - Nemahil, 11.vii.2012 (queen)
F Safariyan - 19 - Sarab Lake, 2.vii.2014, and, flavidulum form, 20 - Bijar Protected area, 5.ii.2014
M Ghatei - 63 - Fuman, Guilan, and, fusciclava form, 45 - Revanshahr, Guilan, 16.v.2015; 64, Sangar, Guilan, 5.v.2015
R Afshari - 66 - Vanak, Semirom, 17.v.2014

P 2008 N & S (Cook)

Ghahari 2009

CFH000023; in Nezhad et al (2015) as Tetramorium moravicum, Mazandaran, 15.iv.2009, F Firouzi

Mirzamohamadi et al. (2015) Golestan Province
Tetramorium caespitum
Tetramorium caldarium Roger
G 2011 ?
CASENT0910225 - Tetramorium sp 8, Isfahan Kashan Barzok, 10.v. 2012, Kh Nasiri
Tetramorium caldarium
MYRMICINAE Tetramorium chefketi Forel
G Abolfathi - 41 - Andishe Town, Borujerd, 7.viii.2014
R Borjali - 33 - Anzali, 28.iv.2014
F Jazini - 20 - Niavaran Park, 11.ix.2015

P 2008 N (Collingwood)

Ghahari 2009

CASENT0910226, Tetramorium sp 9, Ghom, 16.x.2011, Kh Nasiri

Hosseini, Awal, Hosseini (2015), Neysabur (sp IR-Neyshabur-01) - their Figs 11-13 have grossly wrong scales (giving TL ca 11 mm!) and despite their note "caespitum-complex" seems to be close to chefketi

CSH000031 & CFH000051; in Nezhad et al (2015) as Tetramorium forte, Zanjan, 22.viii.2009, S H Nezhad, &, Mazandaran,, F Firouzi
Mortazavi et al. (2015) associated with aphids, Razavi Khorasan.
Mirzamohamadi et al. (2015) Golestan Province
Tetramorium chefketi
MYRMICINAE Tetramorium davidi  Forel
S Moradloo - 19 - Gogje Ghiaye Markasi, 2.vii.2012
R Torabi -  40 -  Persepolis, Shiraz, 31.x.2014

P 2009 N (Collingwood)
Tetramorium davidi
Tetramorium ferox Ruzsky
P 2008 S (Cook)
Tetramorium ferox
Tetramorium feroxoides Dlussky & Zabelin
Queen from Guilan s/Astara; Csösz & Schulz (2010, illustration right, relatively light sculpture and notably wide pedicel segments)
No type images on Antweb
Hosseini, Awal, Hosseini (2015), Sabsevar City, Kohrasan - their Figs 5-7 of a queen differ from the C&S specimen in having noticeable sculture on the dorsal alitrunk which is almost smooth in the C&S queen but is shown on their illustration of the T. ferox queen.
Tetramorium feroxoides
Tetramorium indocile Santschi
 R Afshari - 46 - Komeh, Semirom, 25.iv.2015
Z Mahmoodi - 15 - Nahjol Balaghe Park, 20.1v.15 (slightly larger than type)

CFH000051 - Tetramorium IR 01, Mazandaran, Babol Park, 08.iv.2009, F Firouzi
CSH000031 - Zanjan, Saeedabad SH 0148, 22.viii.2009, S Hosseinnezhad

CFH000024; in Nezhad et al (2015) as Tetramorium punicum, Mazandaran, 27.iv.2009, F Firouzi (note listed with CSH000033, below)
Tetramorium indocile
Tetramorium inerme Mayr
P 2008 NE (Radchenko)

CASENT0910223 - Isfahan Kashan Estark, 8.v.2012, Kh Nasiri
Tetramorium inerme
Tetramorium lanuginosum Mayr
Ghahari 2011 ?
Tetramorium lanuginosum
Tetramorium punctatum Santschi
Ghahari 2009 ?
Tetramorium punctatum
Tetramorium punicum F Smith
No type images, specimen shown right is from Iran but may be distinct from the "red" punicum with striated mandibles

S Moradloo - 19 - Glaiche Borlagh, 7.iii.2013

CSH000033; in Nezhad et al (2015) as Tetramorium punicum, Zanjan, 15.viii.2009, S Hosseinnezhad

Tetramorium nr punicum
Tetramorium schneideri Emery
P 2010 Alborz
Tetramorium schneideri
Tetramorium sericeiventre Emery
G 2011 ?
Tetramorium sericeiventre
MYRMICINAE Tetramorium striativentre Mayr - no type images available R Nafisi - 29 & 30 - Sabzevar-Khorasan, 23.xii.2012
F Safariyan - 21 - Sarab Lake, 2.vii.2014

P 2010 Central Deserts - see No. 00881, Khojir NP, 24.iv-1.v.2008, O Paknia

Hosseini, Awal, Hosseini (2015), Faruj City

Tetramorium striativentre
Tetramorium sulcinode Santschi
Hosseini, Awal, Hosseini (2015), Kohrasan - possibly wrong as they had "head and gaster brown, mesosoma (alitrunk) yellowish brown, antennae and legs lighter than mesosoma in color" but Csösz et al's (2007) redescription had "whole body and appendages black". Their defining character is the presence of psammophore hairs on the underside of the head.
The Hossein et al specimen seems perhaps more likely to be T. ferox.
the scales on their Figs 2-4 differ with the head seemingly
Tetramorium sulcinode
Tetramorium  n sp Iran
R Afshari - 67 - Bibi Seydan, Semirom, 17.v.2014
V H Kia - 65 - Kokab Park, Qom, 16.v.2014
Tetramorium nsp


MYRMICINAE Trichomyrmex destructor (Jerdon)
R Nafisi - 23 - Sabzevar-Khorasan, 23.xii.2012

Major & minor workers

P 2008 SW (Radchenko)
Trichomyrmex destructor
Trichomyrmex mayri (Forel)
Ghahari 2011 ?
Trichomyrmex mayri
MYRMICINAE Trichomyrmex perplexus (Radchenko)
F Safariyan - 25 - Vahdat Dam, 2.iv.2014

P 2010 Alborz & central deserts - see No. 00818, "Monomorium perplexum", Khojir NP, 30.iv.2008, O Paknia
Trichomyrmex perplexus

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