Contents Ants from Iran

Compilation based on modern publications

P(aknia) 2008, P2(Paknia 2010), F(irouzi 2011), G(hahari 2011), H(ossein 2012), BT (2015), G2 Ghahari (2015)


Some of the published identifications appear to rely on the keys in Collingwood & Agosti (1996) which may need to be relied on with some caution. I am hoping to sight the Collingwood collection in the near future.

Initial collection by Omid Paknia (appear as "g." in Paknia et al, 2008, Table 1); unless other colleagues named.

Recent collectors with specimens identified by Brian Taylor

Reyhane Nafisi, 2013; Shabnam Moradloo, 2013; Ebrahim Aram, 2014; Fatemeh Safariyan, 2014; Maryam Seiri, 2015 (some details still to be added); Roshanak Torabi, 2015; Giti Abolfathi, 2015; Fouzieh Heidary, 2015; Z Mahmoodi, 2015; Reyhan Afshari, 2015; Fatemeh Borjali, 2014; Maryam Ghatei - 2016; Farzaneh Jazini, 2016; Valah Heidari Kiah, 2015.

Subfamilies with separate pages

FORMICINAE - Camponotus
FORMICINAE - Cataglyphis

NOTES: Species are shown on linked pages. These are in one of three formats - "Ants of (sub-Saharan) Africa" pages; "Ants of Egypt" pages; Ants from Iran pages.

Aenictus dlusskyi Arnol'di
Paknia et al, 2008, north Iran
Aenictus dlusskyi
Dorylus (Typhlopone) juvenculus Shuckard
Paknia et al, 2008, south Iran - voucher in HMIM, Khuzestan province, Ahvaz, 4.X.1954, leg. Sal, 1 worker (HMIM), det. H. Alipanah.

Also see No. 00402, male specimen from
Khuzistan, Shush, 19-24.iii.1956, Richter and Schauffele
(images right of a major worker and a male from Israel as the type male is in a poor condition)
Dorylus juvenculus major worker
Dorylus juvenculus male
PONERINAE Anochetus evansi Crawley
Paknia et al, 2008, northwest Iran Anochetus evansi
Brachyponera sennaarensis (Mayr)
O Paknia - ZMGU 001 - Fars Province, Lars City, xi.2001; & ZMGU 128 (queens) - Bandar-e-Kangan City, Bushehr Province, ii.2003
F Heidary - 13 - Siga, 03.v.2014

P 2008 S, SE (Cook, Paknia; as Pachycondyla sennaarensis); see No. 000865, Bushehr, Naiband NP, 18.vii.2007 indoor, O Paknia
Brachyponera sennaarensis
Leptogenys maxillosa F Smith
Ghahari 2011 ?
Leptogenys maxillosa
Mesoponera ambigua (André)
Ghahari 2011, 2015 ?

Seeming tramp species with reports on Antweb from Saudi Arabia
Mesoponera ambigua
Ponera coarctata (Latreille)
P 2008 N (Radchenko, as Ponera sp.)

ANTWEB1008082, Golestan, Tuskestan, Paknia 28.v.2005; also see No. 00861, same collection
Ponera coarctata
Tetraponera ambigua (Emery)
Ghahari 2011

Possibly Tetraponera erythraea known from Yemen and Saudia Arabia
Tetraponera ambigua

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