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Notes: Wherever possible the thumbnail images are of major and minor workers. Species are shown on linked pages. These are in one of three formats - "Ants of (sub-Saharan) Africa" pages; "Ants of Egypt" pages; "Ants from Iran" pages.

The "Camponotus alii" of Khandehroo et al. (2015), from Mashad, Khorsan-e-Razavi, is a quandry. The type location for the species is Algeria (see Camponotus alii). The images, Fig 1, A & B, have highly unlikely scales giving a head width of 0.5 mm and a TL of 1.5 mm.

Camponotus (Camponotus) fallax (Nylander)
Paknia et al. (2010) Caspian

Nezhad et al (2015) Messor IR07, CFH000044, Mazandaran, Babol Park, 1.iv.2009, F Firouzi
Camponotus fallax ruzskyi
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) gestroi Emery
Paknia (2008) north (det. Collingwood)

see No. 00820 but note, assuming the scales are correct that is too big. Otherwise the overall shape, etc., is more like C. libanicus.

CASENT0280603 - Malard, v.1971, Sabz.

Camponotus HMIM001, CASENT0280605, Fars, Arsanjan, Saadatshahr,, Safz.
Camponotus HMIM017, Golestan, Park-e Melli-e, 23.vii.1996, Ebra./Naz V.
Camponotus HMIM018, Kharamabad, 1.xii.76, Namavandi ?

Camponotus gestroi major
Camponotus gestroi minor

Note: The images of the following four species show little difference between the type and other specimens, major or minor workers. It seems possible, specially given that the type of C. lateralis probably is long lost, that the three others are no more than colour variations.

Camponotus (Myrmentoma) interjectus Mayr
P 2010 Golestan (see Radchenko 1997ctr)
Camponotus interjectus major
Camponotus interjectus minor
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) kopetdaghensis Dlussky & Zabelin

No type images
P 2008 N - see No. 00868

Images of major and minor workers as identified by S Hosseinnezhad.
major & minor workers CASENT0280608 & -09
Golestan, Tang-e_Rah, 1.vii.2001, Ebra
"Camponotus candiotes" CASENT0280610, Azarbaijan-e Sharghi, 4.vii.1997. Bar./Mof.
Camponotus HMIM002, CASENT0280607, W Azarbaijan, 19.viii.1994

Note: The images of Iran specimens show no obvious, significant differences from the types of the much older C. interjectus. Similarly the Dlussky & Zabelin drawings of the alitrunk profile matches the C. interjectus types, both major and minor.
Camponotus kopatdaghensis
Camponotus kopetdaghensis minor
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) kurdistanicus Emery
P 2010 Alborz-Kurdistan

See No. 00868, also shown as Camponotus sp.3, ANTWEB1008056, Khojir NP, iv-v.2008, O Paknia; A Radchenko det.
CASENT0910244 - Isfahan Natanz, ix.2011, Kh Nasiri
Camponotus kurdistanicus
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) lateralis (Olivier)
F Borjali - 03 - Chaf & Chamkala, 30.iv.2014

Mohammadi, Mossadegh & Esfandiari (2012) Fars Province
Camponotus lateralis major
Camponotus lateralis minor
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) libanicus André

Top image major of C libanicus sahlbergi
Lower image media (?) of type form
P 2008 N; also P 2010 Aborz (stated as new to Iran); G 2015

Camponotus HMIM011, CASENT0280616, Gilan, Rudbar,, Bar./Mof.
Camponotus libanicus
Camponotus libanicus
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) piceus (Leach)
No type images but others of junior synonyms

Nezhad et al (2012), Zanjan, 22.viii.2009, Nezhad
Camponotus piceus foveolatus minor
Camponotus piceus ebeninus minor
FORMICINAE Camponotus (Myrmentoma) rebeccae Forel
S Moradloo - 08 - Zarrin Abad,
F Safariyan - 07 - Zagros, 5.ii.2014
Z Mahmoodi - 25 - Javan-Mardan-e-Iran Park, 26.vii.2015
V H Kia - 03 - Kokab Park, 6.viii.2014

No images of the type major on Antweb. Minor workers
These differ from the type minor of C. (Myrmentoma) vogti suggesting the specimen of a major worker at CASENT0280002 Ardeh is rebeccae and not as labelled vogti
In Paknia 2008: 153, N, as identified by Collingwood and Ardeh
Camponotus rebeccae major
Camponotus rebeccae minor

Camponotus (Myrmentoma) staryi Pisarski
R Torabi - 03 - Afif Abad Garden, Shiraz,

Major & minor workers
(non-type images

Paknia 2010 Zagros Mts
Camponotus staryi major
Camponotus staryi minor
FORMICINAE Camponotus (Myrmosericus) armeniacus Arnol'di
S Moradloo - 01 & 02 - Gogje Ghiaye Markasi, 1.vii.2012; 10 - Dandi, 21.viii.2012
E Aram - 08 - Bijar, 4.ii.2014
R Torabi - 02 - Saheli, Shiraz,
M Safariyan - 08 - Bijar Protected area, 4.11.2014

Major & minor workers
P 2008 S
no type images but drawing

ee No. 00871 = ANTWEB1008053 - Tehran,, O Paknia
CASENT0280615 - Sistan-Baluchestan, 3.xi.1998, Mof./Bar.,
CASENT0910245 - Isfahan Natanz, Tameh, vi.2011, Kh Nasiri
Camponotus armenaicus major
Camponotus armenaicus minor
Camponotus (Myrmotrema) ilgii Forel
G 2011 (possible error seems unlikely)
Camponotus ilgii
Camponotus (Orthonotomyrmex) obtusus (F Smith)
G 2011 as C. sericeus ?
Camponotus obtusus major
Camponotus obtusus minor
Camponotus  (Tanaemyrmex) adenensis Emery
G 2015

Camponotus sp 23, CASENT0910219 & -20, Isfahan Natanz Hanjan, 9.v.2012, Kh Nasiri; major and media workers

Location unexpected?
Camponotus adenensis
Camponotus adenensis minor
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) aethiops (Latreille) concava Forel form
O Paknia - ZMGU 113 - Golestan Province, Gonad-e-Kavoos, collector Aina Ebadati, iv.2004
R Torabi - 04 - Dar al Rahme,
V H Kia - 04 - Kokab Park, Qom, 6.viii.2014
Major & minor workers

The following are dark in colour and nearer the type form C. aethiops

see No. 00812
CASENT0280611 - E Azarbaijan, Kaleibar, 5-6.viii.1992, Parch./Badii
CASENT0280612 - Mazandaran, Golestan, 3-6.v.1993, Paz./Badii
Camponotus HMIM006, CASENT0280621, Kohkiluyeh, 9.ix.1971, Ebrahimi/Badii
Camponotus aethiops major
Camponotus aethiops minor
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) atlantis Forel
P 2008

CASENT0249967 - Dowan Mtn, 25.viii.1992, M J Ardeh
Camponotus atlantis
Camponotus atlantis minor
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) baldaccii Emery
Ghahari 2011
Camponotus baldaccii
Camponotus baldaccii minor
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) buddhae Forel

Distinctive bristly scapes
P 2008 N (Radchenko)
minor only known
Camponotus buddhae
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex cecconii Emery
P 2008 N (Collingwood)
Camponotus cecconii
Camponotus cecconii minor
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) compressus (Fabricius)
? P 2008 as maculatus cognatus (Forel)

Camponotus HMIM012, CASENT0280614, minor worker, Sustan & Baluchestan, 30.vii.2002, Haj./Mof.
Camponotus compressus
Camponotus compressus minor
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) evansi Crawley - no type images
M Seiri - 07 - xx; 08 - xx
M Ghatei - 02 - Khomam, Guilan

Major & minor workers

Slightly larger: Camponotus sp 7, CDA000116, Isfahan Natanz, Abyane, 9.v.2012, Kh Nasiri
Camponotus evansi major
Camponotus evansi minor
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) fedtschenkoi Mayr
P 2008 N (Radchenko)
see No. 00877
No type images - Radchenko (1997) key seems not to match the Mayr description
FORMICINAE Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) fellah Emery, Iran form
O Paknia - ZMGU1301 - Kerman, v. 2004
E Aram - 03 - Kamardarak, 28.vii.2012, 04 - Dayukandi, 10.x.2012; 07 - Kazaj, 19.viii.2012; 23 - Dayukandi, 17.v.2012
F Safariyan - 04 - Bijar, 4.ii.2014, and, 06 - Zagros, 5.ii.2014
F. Heidary - 03 - Torman, 5.ii.2013

Major & minor workers

Camponotus HMIM004, CASENT0280624, Kohkiluyeh, 15.viii.1978, Pozuki/Broumand
Camponotus HMIM005, CASENT0280625, Fars, Kamfiruz, 17.viii.2000, Badii/Mogh./Mof.
Camponotus HMIM007, CASENT0280622 & 3, Sistan & Baluchestan, Iranshahr, 16.iv.2005, Ebra./Mogh.
Camponotus HMIM, CASENT0280632, media worker, Zanjan, Abbar, 21.vii.2010, Alipanah
Camponotus HMIM023, CASENT0280643, Bushehr, Dayyer, 22-23.iv.1999, Kal./Mof.
NOTE: The type and other images do not show erect hairs on the underside of the head
Camponotus fellah major
Camponotus fellah type minor
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) oasium Forel
P 2008 SE (Collingwood & Radchenko) - see No. 00810
This poses a quandry as there are no images of workers associated with the type queen. Images of fresh workers associated with a type matching queen from Egypt and others from across the Sahara are as that shown right and on the linked species page.
The Radchenko determined specimen is quite different being larger and being largely uniform darkish brown. It is an exact match for the minor worker of C. fellah.
Camponotus oasium
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) oertzeni Forel
P 2008 NW (Radchenko)
Camponotus oertzeni
Camponotus oertzeni minor
FORMICINAE Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) ruzskyellus Forel 
E Aram  - 2 - Kamardarak, 9.v.2012
M Seiri - 12b -

Minor workers
Camponotus ruzskyellus major
camponotus ruzskyellus ninivae minor
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) sanctus Forel
R Torabi - 05 - Azadi Park, Shiraz,
R Afshari - 06 - Bideh, Semirom, 15.vii.2014
F Borjali - 02 - Alborz, 15.iv.2015

Major workers
P 2008

Camponotus HMIM008, CASENT0280619, Saravan?, 19.iv.1950
CASENT0280620, Markazi, Salafchegan, 29.vii.2007, Bar./Mof.
Camponotus HMIM013, CASENT0281086, Lordegan, 15.viii.2010,
Camponotus sanctus major
Camponotus sanctus minor
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) shaquavalensis Mayr
P 2010 Nubo Sindian desert;
The type and the Paknia specimen differ in being somewhat larger, having proportionally larger eyes, much fewer erect hairs on the sides of the head in full face view, fewer erect hairs on the dorsl pronotum, and a more uniform, seemingly lighter, overall colour

See No. 00867, also at ANTWEB1008057, Kerman, 26.v.2004, O Paknia.

The Antbase major appears to be an exact match with the major worker shown as "Camponotus alii" by Khandehroo et al. (2015) which clearly is not that species (see my note at the top of this page).

The Iran results seem likely to be the concava form of C. aethiops (see above).
Camponotus shaquavalensis
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) thoracicus (Fabricius)
Note quite variable but Iran forms are like the sanctoides types
P 2008 E; Ghahari 2011

possible minors

Camponotus HMIM003, CASENT0280629 - Hormozgan, Tazain, 5.iii.1995, Badii/Safz.
and CASENT0280630, Hormozgan,Jask-e-Kohneh, 2.xii.1998, Bar./Mof.
Camponotus HMIM019, CASENT0280639, Golestan,
Camponotus HMIM020, CASENT0280640, Fars, Firuzabad, 8-9.v.1985, Mirz./Hosh.
Camponotus HMIM024, CASENT0280644, Esfahan, Shahreza, 28.vii.1998, Mof. &  CASENT0280645, Karaj, 1995, Ardeh
Camponotus thoracicus sanctoides
Camponotus thoracicus minor
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) turkestanicus Emery
F Heidary - 02.2 - Laverekhasht

Minor worker
P 2008 E - see No. 00856

Mortazavi et al. (2015) associated with aphids, Razavi Khorasan
Camponotus turkestanicus major
Camponotus turkestanicus minor
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) turkestanus André
P 2008 N
Camponotuas turkestanus major
FORMICINAE Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) xerxes Forel
O Paknia - ZMGU 1301 - Kerman, v.2004; note: this is Camponotus xerxes Forel according to Radchenko (in Paknia et al (2008)
R Nafisi
-10 & 11 - Neghab-Sabzevar-Khorasan, 15.x.2012
E Aram - 04 - Dayukandi, 10.xi.2012, 06 - Kamardaraq, 21.vii.2012, and, 06 - Kamardaraq, 21.vii.2012
F Safariyan - 04 - Bijar, 4.ii.2014
R Torabi - 01 - Beheshti, Shiraz,
M Seiri - 09, 10, 11, 12a
F Heidary - 02.1 - Laverekhasht
R Afshari - 05 - Semirom - 20.viii.2014
F Borjali - 36 & 38 - Alborz, 15.iv.2014

see No. 00809

CASENT0280003 - Khorasan, Kashmar, 11.v.1992, M J Ardeh
see also CASENT0280613
CDA000114 & CASENT0910246 - Isfahan Aran, 27.ix.2011, Kh Nasiri
Camponotus HMIM009 (minors)
CASENT0280626, -7, -8 Hormozghan, 30.ii.2001, Ebra./Mof. CASENT0280646, Hormozghan
Camponotus HMIM010, major, CASENT0280649, Khuzestan, 13.iv.1977, Pazuki/Hashemi
Camponotus HMIM015, Lorestan, Azna,, Badii/Mof.
Camponotus HMIM016, CASENT0280635, Sistan & Baluchestan, Chabahar, 16.v.2001, Osten/Ebra.

Ghahari 2015
Major & minor workers

Hosseini, Awal, Hosseini (2015), Khorasan (the scales on their Figs 20-22 appear to be grossly wrong, the body scale probably should be 2.0 mm and the head scale 1.0 mm)
Camponotus xerxes major
Camponotus xerxes minor

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