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Tetramorium (Triglyphothrix) lanuginosum Mayr
former Triglyphothrix

Tetramorium (Triglyphothrix) lanuginosum Mayr

return to group key return to listIran list {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Java (Tetramorium lanuginosum nov. spec.; Mayr, 1870b: 976, worker; Triglyphothrix lanuginosa Mayr, Viehmeyer, 1916a: 140, illustrated, worker alitrunk, queen)
junior synonyms
australis (Triglyphothrix striatidens Em. v. australis n. var., Forel, 1902h: 449, worker & queen) from Australia - see
ceramensis (Triglyphothrix ceramensis n. sp., Stitz, 1912: 506, worker) from Indonesia
felix (Triglyphothrix striatidens Em. var. felix nov., Forel, 1912k: 160, worker) from Seychelle Is. - see
flavescens (Triglyphothrix striatidens Emery var. flavescens var. nov., Wheeler, 1929g: 55, worker) from Singapore
laevidens (Triglyphothrix striatidens Emery v. laevidens n. var., Forel, 1900e: 284, worker) from Mexico - see
mauricei (Triglyphothrix mauricei sp. n., Donisthorpe, 1946c: 778) from Mauritius
orissana (Triglyphothrix striatidens Em. r. orissana n. stirps, Forel, 1902c: 239, worker) from India - see
striatidens (Tetramorium obesum André razza striatidens n. stirps, Emery, 1889b: 501, worker) from Burma - see
tricolor (Triglyphothrix tricolor sp. n., Donisthorpe, 1948g: 136, worker & queen) from New Guinea - queen see
synonymy by Bolton (1976: 350).

{Tetramorium lanuginosum}Mayr's (1870b) description is at {original description}. Viehmeyer's (1916a) illustrated note and description of the queen is at {original description}. Bolton's (1976) modern description is at {original description}; the separation in his Oriental key is at {original description}.

Pantropical tramp species; TL 2.2-3.0 mm. Apart from Tunisia (Emery, 1891b: 4, Triglyphothrix obesus André race striatidens, Tozzer), Bolton gave no records from Africa. Emery (1891b: 4, with a footnote placing the species in the new Forel genus Triglyphothrix) noted M. André had written to him that he had received a specimen from Sierra Leone, but there seems to be no other record of this. André (1890) described species from Sierra Leone but included no Tetramorium. He (André, 1892a) described Triglyphothrix gabonensis from Gabon and commented on the Forel genus definition but mentioned no other genus members from Africa.

{Tetramorium lanuginosum} The photomontage is of the holotype worker collated from

Oxford University Museum specimens

Tetramorium lanuginosum
B Taylor det.
M Sharaf
31°24' N
31°44' E
Hnad collectiom

{Tetramorium lanuginosum}Egypt records - Damietta, E 31°44' N 31°24'; 20.viii.2003, collected by Mostafa Sharaf; in Sharaf list.

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