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SUBFAMILY MYRMICINAE - Genus Pheidole - Pheidole sinaitica Mayr

Pheidole sinaitica Mayr

return to key return to listIran list {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Egypt (Pheidole sinaitica n. sp., Mayr, 1862: 745, major & minor workers; Magretti, 1884: 542, queen; Finzi, 1936: 163, queen) collected in the Sinai Peninsula, by V. Frauenfeld - see below (type minor only)
subspecies santschii (Pheidole Santschii, n. sp., Forel, 1907b: 204, major & minor workers; as a variety of sinaitica by Emery, 1915j: 234) from Tunisia, sent to Forel by Santschi; collected at Kairouan, where Santschi lived also known as "La Mecque" - see linked pages
junior synonym inermis (Pheidole pallidula Nyl. v. inermis n. v., Stitz 1917: 340; major & minor workers, new synonymy) from Algeria, Oude Agelil, 19.iii.1914, collector von Geyr - see linked pages.

{Pheidole sinaitica}Mayr's (1862) description is at {original description}. Mayr (1904b: 6) gave further notes {original description}. Forel's (1907b) description of santschii is at {original description}. Forel noted it compared with rugaticeps. Emery (1915j: 233) gave an illustrated description and comparision with jordanica; this is at {original description} (the image labelling is as given in Emery, 1919a).

{Pheidole sinaitica}Francis Gilbert has translated the Mayr (1904b) description as -
To complete the description of Ph. sinaitica Mayr given by me in 1862, at which time only a few Pheidole species had been definitively established, I add here [descriptions] valid both for the type ssp and for the ssp laticeps:
Soldier: The head with a rather long, not sparse pubescence. The upper mandible exteriorly on the base coarsely longitudinally striped. All flagellar segments longer than thick, but the 2nd segment often only very little longer than thick. The dorsum [basal] surface of the propodeum [medial segments] with a strong longitudinal groove.
Worker: Pubescence of the head sparse. Head oval, somewhat longer than broad, rounded behind the eyes, but rounded off [? ausgerandet] at the head articulation, which is about 1/3 as broad as the head. The scape (antennal stem) lying backwards surpasses easily the rear edge of the head, all flagellar segments longer than thick. The transverse bulge behind the mesonotum weak or very distinct.

Also reported from Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia but probably not found in true sub-Saharan Africa.

The specimens shown by us are an exact match for Forel's (1907b) description of Pheidole santschii.

{Pheidole pallidula inermis}Stitz (1917: 340) briefly described a new variety of Pheidole pallidula Nyl. v. inermis n. v., his description is at {original description}). He noted only that the postpetiole had rounded sides compared with the conical sides of the type; the propodeum had short teeth; the occiput smooth with fine points; 2 majors and 4 minors, from Algeria, Oude Agelil, 19.iii.1914, collector von Geyr.

Even allowing for the brevity of Stitz's note, the features and drawing, CI 95 with heavy mandibles, appear to be a good match for the specimens from Egypt shown on the linked pages and collated from kindly sent to us by Dr Christiana Klingenberg.

{Pheidole sinatica minor}The photomontage of a minor worker from the type collection is collated from

Pheidole sinaitica majorThe photomontage of a major worker from Egypt is collated from

Egypt records - Pheidole sinaitica Mayr (1862) see also André (1883b: 383 & 385), Mayr (1904b: 6), Emery (1915j: 234, illustrated, unavailable); Wheeler & Mann (1916) reported it from Cairo; recorded also in Mohamed et al (2001); .

Sharaf list - Material examined: Ghazal (Aswan), 2.v.2002 (7 ?)(18 minor workers , 10 ?), Flosyiat, Zaranik (North Sinai), 11.viii.2000 (54 minor workers); Ismailia, 13.xii.1997 (2 minor workers); El-Arish (North Sinai), 14.iii.2002 (6 minor workers, 3 ?); Nagh El-Shadeed (Aswan), 7.iii.2003 (3 minor workers, 1?), N.W.core zone (North Sinai) (17 minor workers) leg.H. El-Hennawy; El-Karnak temple (Luxor), 4.iii.2003 (10 minor workers); Luxor temple, 4.iii.2003 (2 minor workers); Ebn Salam (El-Daqahliya, Egypt), 7.xi.2002 (9 minor workers); Zaranik (North Sinai), 30.viii.2002 (5 minor workers); High dam (Aswan), 7.iii.2003 (2 minor workers) (SHC); Wadi El-Talaa, St.Catherine (South Sinai), 15.xi.1998 (2) Leg.M.R.Sharaf (ASUC).

Mohamad thesis (1979) had - Suez, 25.iv.1975; Port Fouad,30.v.1975; Ismailia, 1.viii.1975; Port Said, 7.viii.1975; Budkhulo (Dakhla oasis, Western desert), 2.ii.1978; El-Rashda (Dakhla oasis, Western desert), 5.ii.1978 (Coll.Ain.).

Oxford University Museum specimens

Pheidole sinaitica
B Taylor det.

M Sharaf

24°05' N
32°56' E
Ghazal Is
Majors, minor & male

Pheidole sinaitica
B Taylor det.
M Sharaf

24°05' N
32°53' E
Ghazal Is.


Pheidole sinaitica
B Taylor det.

A Ionescu

Tel Aviv
32.0666667 N
34.7666667 E
Tel Aviv Botanical Garden
Majors, minors & queen
Pheidole sinaitica
B Taylor det.
Z Mahmoud

Wad Al Abbas
13° 46' 34.31" N
33°38'39.33" E
Hand collected

With the availability of fresh specimens from Egypt and Israel, the link pages give fresh photographs and descriptions of
Major workers; Minor workers

{Pheidole sinaitica male}Male

Specimen from Ghazal Is, Aswan; E 32°53' N 24°05'; 2.v.2002.


{Pheidole sinaitica queen}Finzi (1936: 163) gave notes and an illustration of the queen, these are at {original description}.

{Pheidole sinaitica queen from Israel}Photomontage of a queen collected in Israel, Tel Aviv Botanical Garden, 19.iii.2007, collected by Armin Ionescu.

{Pheidole sinaitica queen}The photomontage is of a queen from Egypt, original by Mostafa Sharaf, DSCN2011.

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