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Cataglyphis argentatus (Radoszkowsky)

Cataglyphis argentatus (Radoszkowsky)

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Egypt (Cataglyphis argentata nob., Radoszkowsky, 1876: 140, worker; junior synonym of bombycinus Dalla Torre, 1893: 217; revived from synonymy Agosti, 1990a: 1492) worker only known; note erroneously listed by Bolton (1995: 134) as Camponotus argentata.

Cataglyphis argentatus (Radoszkowsky, 1876: 140, worker); in albicans-group (Agosti, 1990a: 1492) but Agosti noted the type specimens could not be found; he commented that the morphological characters point to a relationship with C. lividus but the silvery hairs indicate a relationship with bombycinus or laevior; he also noted the type location may have been Ethiopia [not in Santschi, 1929b]. Radoszkowsky's (1876) description is at {original description}.

My translation is - TL 5 mm, pale reddish, head, alitrunk, legs and part of the gaster covered with silky white pilosity, that has a silvery reflection.  Head large, scapes inserted at the clypeal margin,  clypeus triangular, medianly carinate; mandibles strong, flattened, with five teeth; ocelli weakly denoted; mesonotum weakly narrowed, with the dorsum concave; petiole scale thickened, rounded; femora strong; gaster rounded near spherical; resembles the Figure 4 of Savigny, Plate 20.

Perhaps a closer, if not identical species is Cataglyphis sinaiticus of which Agosti noted he had not seen the type specimens.  If it were possible to show they are the same, C. argentatus would be the senior synonym.

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