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Cataglyphis sinaiticus (Wheeler & Mann) new status

Cataglyphis sinaiticus (Wheeler & Mann) new status

return to key{link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Egypt (Cataglyphis bombycina Roger var. sinaitica var.nov., Wheeler & Mann, 1916: 173, soldier & worker) from Egypt.

Cataglyphis bombycinus sinaiticus Wheeler & Mann (1916: 173, soldier & worker, from Wady Gazelle, Sinai) - in HNS as Cataglyphis bombycina var. sinaitica Wheeler & Mann. In bombycinus-group (Agosti, 1990a: 1484) but Agosti noted he had not sighted the type specimens - Cataglyphis bombycinus (as Formica bombycina, Roger, 1859: 232, illustrated, all forms; type location Libya, syntypes from Egypt - illustration unavailable)

Wheeler & Mann's (1916) description of sinaiticus is at {original description}.

Note- from the descriptions, this possibly is the junior synonym of Cataglyphis argentatus Radoszkowsky, 1876.

{Cataglyphis bombycinus sinaiticus}The photomontage is collated from images from the MCZ, Harvard University, website at - MCZ link.

Sharaf list - Material examined: Mafareq (South Sinai), 2.iv.1998 (1); Mafareq (South Sinai), 8.ix.1998 (2); Mafareq (South Sinai), 10.viii.1998 (1) (SHC); Mafareq (South Sinai), 3.v.1998 (1) Leg. M.R.Sharaf; Mafareq (South Sinai), 1.iv.1998 (2) Leg. M.R.Sharaf; Mafareq (South Sinai), 12.vii.1998 (1) Leg. M.R.Sharaf; Mafareq (South Sinai), 10.viii.1998 (1) Leg. M.R.Sharaf; Mafareq (South Sinai), 11.viii.1998 (1) Leg. M.R.Sharaf (ASUC)

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