The Ants of Africa
Distribution Card
Species 1 Author 2 Year 3 Country 4 Location Collector Information 5
Crematogaster (Decacrema) solenopsides Emery 1899e Tanzania Zanzibar   new species, holotype worker
Crematogaster (D.) solenopsides Menozzi 1930b Somalia Villagio Duca degli Abruzzi Paoli & Chiaromonte in Acacia bussei thorns
Crematogaster (D.) solenopsides Taylor 2005w Nigeria CRIN B Taylor nests in dead wood and under dry bark. Occasionally found on cocoa (rare) and native shrubs, also on coffee.
Crematogaster (D.) solenopsides Taylor 2005w Cameroun Edea-Campo, TM D McKey project workers; 10 April 2001, from caulinary domatia of Leonardoxa africana africana.
Crematogaster (D.) solenopsides convexiclypea Forel 1916x Zaire St Gabriel H Kohl new variety, all forms; in myrmecophile plant
Crematogaster (D.) solenopsides costeboriensis Santschi 1919h Ivory Coast San Pedro C Phore new variety, worker
Crematogaster (D.) solenopsides flavida Mayr 1907b Tanzania Same-Moembe, Usambara Y Sjostedt new variety, worker
Crematogaster (D.) solenopsides flaviscapis Santschi 1919h Angola Landana J Bequaert new variety, worker, 15.viii.1913
Crematogaster (D.) solenopsides gallarum Santschi 1910c Congo Mindouli, M'Bouma A Weiss new variety, worklers, in acacia galls
Crematogaster (D.) solenopsides mandonbii Santschi 1926b Uganda Kampala H Hargreaves new species, workers

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