The Ants of Africa
Subfamily Myrmicinae

Genus Cyphoidris Weber (1952: 26)

Diagnostic Features - Antenna with 11 segments. Frontal lobes present; pronounced antennal scrobes. Eyes present and forward of mid-length of the head. Anterior clypeal margin unarmed but median portion narrow and bicarinate. Mandible with 10-14 teeth, decreasing in size from apex to base. Promesonotum domed in profile, propodeum bispinose.

Weber's (1952) genus description is at {original description}.

Not in Bolton (1973a) but reviewed by Bolton (1981b). The geographical notes in the latter review, however, are incorrect. First, Bolton described parissa as the only one of West African origin, despite listing an Ivory Coast finding of spinosa. I am including Cameroun, and thus exalta, in "West Africa".

Key to workers (developed from Bolton, 1981b)

1 {Cyphoidris parissa}Basal half of gaster densely shagreened; TL 4.3 mm; dark reddish-brown, gaster darker than the head Liberia - parissa
-- Basal half of gaster unsculptured apart from hair pits 2
2 {Cyphoidris werneri}Propodeum profile continuing curvature of mesonotum; TL 3.5-3.8 mm; alitrunk dorsum strongly sculptured with dense rugo-reticulum; blackish-brown with a dull reddish tint, most apparent on alitrunk sides, antennae & legs dull orange-yellow Rwanda - werneri
-- Propodeum with flat profile, not continuing convexity of mesonotum; alitrunk dorsum not strongly sculptured 3
3 {Cyphoidris spinosa}Alitrunk dorsum with abundant conspicuous erect hairs; metanotal suture distinctly impressed; TL 3.8-4.3 mm; basal half of first gastral tergite unsculptured except for hair pits; dark reddish brown to black West Africa & Congo Basin - spinosa
-- {Cyphoidris exalta}Alitrunk dorsum with inconspicuous short erect hairs; metanotal suture marked but not impressed; TL 4.3 mm; basal half of first gastral tergite unsculptured except for hair pits; dark reddish brown to black Cameroun & Congo Basin- exalta
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