The Ants of Africa
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Genus Dicroaspis Emery (1908b: 184)

In Tribe STENAMMINI. Genus revived by Bolton (1981a).

Diagnostic Features - 11 segmented antenna with three-segmented club; median portion of clypeus vertical, with a conspicuous anterior projecting bilobed appendage; projecting over the mandibles; peduncle of petiole short and very thick in profile, with a large anteroventral process, node low and narrower above than below; all body setae simple without bizarre pilosity. Separable from Calyptomyrmex by the 11-segmented antennae and lack of bizarre pilosity.

Emery's (1908b) genus description is at {original description}. Bolton's (1981a) genus revision is at {original description}.

The two known species are separable by:
laevidens having coarse, broad and conspicuous piligerous punctures on the first gastral tergite; also in profile the propodeal dorsum of laevidens has a peak before the declivity to the spines
cryptocera has only faint piligerous punctures on the first gastral tergite.

Contents MYRMICINAE Introduction
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