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Genus Diplomorium Mayr (1901b: 16)


Diagnostic Features - Antennae 11-segmented with a 3-segmented club. The median portion of the clypeus is swollen but not bicarinate. Promesonotal suture absent; metanotal groove impressed. Propodeum unarmed, petiole pedunculate, with a high rounded node. Postpetiole node very much more voluminous than petiole node in profile and very broadly attached to the gaster.

Mayr's (1901b) genus description is at {original description} and {original description}. Arnold (1916: 240) gave a brief summary, this is at {original description}.

Currently monotypic according to Bolton (1987) - Diplomorium longipenne.
Previously Ettershank (1966) had compared D. longipenne and the now Bondroitia lujae (as D. lujae) and thought them conspecific.

The species which I originally diagnosed to be a Diplomorium sp. was attributed to Monomorium by Bolton (personal communication, 1980), but this still seems puzzling as the specimens (see Monomorium vaguum, formerly Diplomorium lujae) did not have any carinae on the clypeus.

Contents MYRMICINAE Introduction
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