The Ants of Africa
Chapter 5 - Diverse Habitats
Chapter 5 - Biodiversity & Niches

In the previous part of this Chapter, the question of biodiversity was examined. Here a number of examples of the habitats in West Africa are shown.

Secondary forest in Nigeria

Primary forest climax tree in Nigeria

Area of secondary forest, viewed across the golf course, at CRIG, Ghana

View through cocoa canopy (Amelonado, W 9/1 mapping site, CRIN, 1975.

Patterns of light and shade offering different habitats at E5/1, CRIN (with links to the views of various ant nest sites).

The Onipe 1/1 site, more typical of farmers' cocoa

Typical nest site of Crematogaster africana and Crem. depressa

Typical nest of Crematogaster clariventris, constructed of "carton" on the lower trunk of a (cocoa) tree, CRIN, Nigeria

Typical nest of Crematogaster zavattarii, constructed of "carton" among cankerous bark on the lower trunk of a (cocoa) tree, CRIN, Nigeria

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