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Genus Dorylus Subgenus Typhlopone
Dorylus (Typhlopone) eurous Emery - new status

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Dorylus (Typhlopone) eurous Emery - new status

{link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Eritrea (Dorylus (Typhlopone) fulvus Westw. subsp. euroa n., name as in heading, in text and illustration label the name is given as eurous; Emery, 1915g: 5, illustrated, workers) - no images on Antweb (June 2014).

{short description of image}Emery's (1915g) description is at {original description}. He gave the distribution as "Africa orientale", with specimens sighted from Eritrea, Somalia, etc.

Santschi's (1914b) description of specimens he named as badius but what I believe to be eurous workers is at {original description}. Santschi gave the major as TL 12 mm, with the head mahogany red, alitrunk, scape and legs paler, gaster amber.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Dorylus (Typhlopone) eurous
B Taylor det.

South Sudan
A Omer
S 2-6

8.1166667 N
28.8666667 E

{Dorylus eurous major} The photomontages are of specimens from South Sudan, Albageair (Mashar); collector Awatif Omer, 2006.

{Dorylus fulvus eurous media 1} Media 1

{Dorylus fulvus eurous media 2} Media 2

{Dorylus fulvus eurous minima} Minima

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