The Ants of Africa
Genus Dorylus - Subgenus Anomma

Dorylus (Anomma) victoriae Santschi - new status

sjoestedti group - key characteristics - head widest at extreme front end; posterior margin narrow and with sharp angles

Dorylus (Anomma) victoriae Santschi - new status

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type locality Uganda (Dorylus (Anomma) Kohli Wasm. var victoriae nov. var., Santschi, 1921c: 115, worker, not illustrated; single specimen), fuller description by Santschi (1933b: 98) of a series of workers, including the major, from Uganda, collected by Hargreaves, migrating column .

Santschi's (1921c: 115, worker) description of the media is at {original description} and that of the major (Santschi 1933b: 98) is at {original description}.

Santschi (1933b) writing of the major of victoriae described it as close to langi but different somewhat in the lesser contrast of the colour of the anterior of the head. Raignier & van Boven (1955) made a single field collection, with 8 specimens, TL between 7 and 4 mm, CI 95, petiole as wide as long for TL 6.84; head dark brown, matt anteriorly, shiny behind; thorax and abdomen generally bright, more so than congolensis. They thought, however, that the form was no more than an example of the variability inherent in Anomma species, although they also felt more strongly that langi is very close to, if not identical with, victoriae.

Provisionally, I suspect the specimens from Kenya, of which one is shown below, are the type form and have separated off Dorylus (Anomma) langi.

{Dorylus victoriae type major worker The photomontage of the type major worker is collated from

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