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SUBFAMILY DORYLINAE - Key to the worker caste of subgenus Anomma
Subgenus Anomma introduction

The measurements given on the species pages and in the keys below are, in mm:
TL = Total Length from anterior margin of head (excluding mandibles) to end of gaster; HW = Head Width at widest point; HL = Head length from anterior margin of head (excluding mandibles) to posterior margin (straight line across the rearmost points); HD = Head Depth at maximum from dorsum to ventral surface; CI - Cephalic Index (HW/HL) X 100; SL - Scape Length; SI - (SL/HW) X 100; AL - Alitrunk (or mesosoma) length from anterior to posterior margin when seen from directly above; PW = maximum width of pronotum; PetL = length of petiole seen from the side; GL = Gaster Length; MFL = Midfemur Length.

. Long-legged with petioles longer than they are wide .
A burmeisteri-group burmeisteri, molestus, nigricans, ornatus & rubellus
1 {Dorylus burmeisteri major} {Dorylus burmeisteri minima}
. Major TL ca 10-12 mm; overall shiny; colour somewhat variable from red-brown to near black; petiole glabrous; head widest at mid-length; petiole only moderately long and with distinct posteroventral processes; propodeal spiracle ovoid vertical With no more than sparse pilosity on alitrunk; posterior angles rounded
West Africa & Congo Basin - burmeisteri
2 {Dorylus molestus major} {Dorylys molestus  minima}
. Head widest at anterior or within one-eighth of head length; petiole quite long and narrow and dorsum with parallel sides; without distinct posteroventral processes; propodeal spiracle near circular .
. . Congo Basin & Eastern Africa - molestus
3 {Dorylus nigricans major} {Dorylus nigricans minor face}

Best fit to descriptions but not associated with known males; major TL ca 11 mm; near black, head, pronotum and most of gaster quite shiny, posterior of head and first segment of gaster submatt; head less narrowed posteriorly than burmeisteri; petiole with hairs on dorsum specimens photographed by C Schöning and distinct from burmeisteri may be a media 4 rather than a minima
. . West Africa & Congo Basin - nigricans
4 {Dorylus ornatus major} {short description of image}
. Overall colour red and shiny, head winde red with black anterior; petiole with bifurcate ventral process .
. . Congo Basin east into western Tanzania & Uganda - ornatus
5 {Dorylus rubellus major} .
. Generally similar to burmeisteri but with several erect hairs on the petiole dorsum; overall lighter coloured; head shiny none available

. Cameroun & Central African Republic - rubellus
B arcens-group arcens, mayri, terrificus & wilverthi.
6 {Dorylus arcens major} {Dorylus arcens minima face}
. Head and body matt; colour very dark brown, near black
West Africa & Congo Basin - arcens
7 {Dorylus mayri major} {Dorylus mayri minima face}
. Head shiny but lateral alitrunk, propodeum and gaster more matt; colour red-brown, with yellow-brown areas, notably on the gaster

Cameroun & Uganda - mayri
8 {Dorylus terrificus major} {Dorylus terrificus minima face}
. Head and body shiny; colour dark chestnut red

West Africa & Zaire - terrificus
9 {Dorylus wilverthi major} {Dorylus wilverthi minima}
. Head with pronounced posterior angles, each bearing a sharp out-turned tooth

Congo Basin - wilverthi
C sjoestedti-group rufescens, sjoestedti & victoriae (langi)
10 {Dorylus rufescens major} {Dorylus rufescens minimaf face (media 4?)}
. Overall colour of major red (anterior of head with dark border, matt in front, shiny behind) with smaller morphs yellow to yellow-brown

West Africa & Central African Republic - rufescens
11 {Dorylus sjoestedti} {Dorylus sjoestedti minima}
. Overall colour red-brown or darker, matt

Congo Basin - sjoestedti
12a {Dorylus victoriae} none available
. .

Uganda & Kenya -  victoriae type form
12b no images of a major available

. .

West Africa & Zaire - langi
. Short-legged with petioles shorter than they are wide .
D emeryi-group emeryi, opacus & titan
13 .{short description of image} {Dorlyus emeryi minima}
. .

West Africa - emeryi
14 {Dorylus opacus major} {Dorlyus victoriae minima}
. Illustrated specimen presumably not a major, as the mandible has subsidiary teeth

West Africa & Congo Basin - opacus
15 {short description of image} {short description of image}
. .Possibly this specimen is of emeryi

West Africa & Zaire - titan
E gribodoi-group gribodoi, ueharae and Gabon species
16 {Dorylus lamottei} {Dorylus lamottei minima}
. HW 0.78 - 2.9 mm;

junior synonyms gerstaeckeri & lamottei West Africa & Congo Basin - gribodoi
17 {Dorylus ueharae major} {Dorylus ueharae minima}
. .

Tanzania - ueharae
.F kohli-group congolensis, indocilis, kohli & militaris & quadratus
18 {Dorylus congolensis} {Dorylus Gabon minima}
. TL 11-12.5 mm, CI 91; head with posterior strongly scalloped; mandibles short and quite straight, variably with subapical tooth and denticles; funiculus segments 1-5 differing little in length petiole wider than long; major head blackish red-brown (darker than kohli) and spiculate with a shiny frontal area on some specimens, cheeks darker, some specimens from shaded forest clear brown; mandibles and gaster shiny. Smaller morphs (TL 5 mm) with shinier head, anterior finely punctate, posterior shiny

Congo Basin - congolensis
19 {Dorylus kohli major} {Dorylus kohli minima face}
. TL 10 mm; HW 2.5 mm HL 2.7 mm; colour as congolensis but slightly more matt; head puncturate but "claire"; petiole as wide but slightly wider behind than it is long; ? more coarsely sculptured

West Africa & Congo Basin - kohli
20 {Dorylus indocilis major} {Doryls indocilis minima face}
. Major TL 8.0 mm, HW 1.96 HL 2.07, SL 0.83, PW 1.00 (Antweb scale)

Zaire east to Tanzania - indocilis
21 {short description of image}
. TL 11-12 mm, HW 3 HL 3.5; sides of head parallel in anterior 3/4 then narrowing; mandibles narrower and more arcuate than congolensis; head black or dark red, sides and alitrunk paler, dorsal promesonotum more brown

Zaire & Guinea - militaris

Petiole length = width; petiole with posterior ventral processs (lugs)

22 {D. quadratus major}Major TL 10.05 mm, HW 2.75, HL 2.75, Hdepth 1.85, SL 1.5, AL 3.0, PW 0.90, PetL 0.80, CI 100, SI 55; shiny but matt rather than polished
{D. quadratus minima}
. .

Tanzania - quadratus
23 {Dorylus Cameroon 37 major}Major TL 8.5 mm, HW 2.5, HL, 2.25,  Hdepth 1.75, SL 1.2, AL 2,75, PW 0.90, PetL 0.75, CI 111, SI 53; shiny but not polished chestnut
{Dorylus Cameroon 37 minima}
. .

Cameroun - daleckyi
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