The Ants of Africa
Distribution Card
Species 1 Author 2 Year 3 Country 4 Location Collector Information 5
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Roger 1861a Angola ? ? under the name arcens but Roger remarks on the sharp points at the rear of the head
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Emery 1899e Zaire Leopoldville & Umangi Wilverth new species, many workers
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Wasmann 1904b Zaire Upper Congo; Lower Congo H Kohl; E Luja host of guest insects
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Forel 1909b Zaire Leopoldville; Iringui; Mobeka Lamarche; Lindemans; Lothaire workers; male (from Lobeka) new description
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Forel 1909b Zaire Sankuru, Kassai; St Gabriel Luja; Kohl males & workers
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Santschi 1910c Congo Brazzaville, Kebedje A Weiss workers; darker variety
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Stitz 1910x Zaire Kimpoko Buttner workers
Dorylus (Anomma) wilverthi Forel 1913b Zaire Kwesi-Kilo; Beni; Kasai, Kondue Dr Bayer; Borgerhoff; E Luja males
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Forel 1913h Zaire Ganda Sundi; Kwesi-Kilo R Mayne; Dr Bayer workers
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Forel 1916x Zaire St Gabriel H Kohl males
Dorylus (Anomma) wilverthi Stitz 1916x Zaire Kimuenza; Duma & Libenge, Ubangi district Schultze; Schubotz numerous workers; v.1910; 10-20.x.1910
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Wasmann 1917x Zaire St Gabriel, Stanleyville H Kohl host of guest insects; 7.x.1909, 30.v.1910 & 7.ix.1910
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Wasmann 1917x Zaire Kondue, Kasai E Luja host of guest insects; 1906
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Wheeler 1922x Zaire Avakubi, Faradje, Medje, Akenge Lang & Chapin series of workers
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Wheeler 1922xr Ivory Coast Ouossou Talbot ?
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Santschi 1939c Congo Bambesa J Vrydagh 35 workers
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Raignier & 1955x Zaire Yangambi Raignier & van Boven 26 collections, 19 nests
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Taylor 2005w Uganda Hioma, Kwera M Snizek major worker
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Taylor 2005w Uganda Kalinzu Forest S Uehara 3 series of workers
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi Taylor 2005w CAR Dzanga-Ndoki B L Fisher media worker
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi nigritarsis Strand 1911x Cameroun ? ? new variety, queen
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi nomadas Santschi 1935a Zaire Mayumbe Gilson new variety, 1 queen
Dorylus (An.) wilverthi sjostedtiwilverthi Wasmann 1916x Cameroun Grand Batanga G Schwab new variety, workers
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