The Ants of Africa
Genus Lepisiota
Lepisiota fervida (Santschi) undescribed

Ungrouped species

Lepisiota fervida (Santschi) - undescribed

return to key Bernard (1952) listed the collection from Guinea, Mt. Nimba (Mount Tô, Camp I, 1600 m) of a single worker under the species name "Acantholepis (Pseudacantholepis) fervida Santschi"; noting it had been described from Congo .

Bolton (1995) referred (page 53) all Acantholepis names simply to "see under Lepisiota", having earlier (page 44) noted under Pseudacantholepis - "Included species referrable to Lepisiota". The name fervida is not listed under Lepisiota by Bolton. The name was not listed by Wheeler (1922) and as, understandably, Bolton's catalogue does not have a species name index, pro tem I include it as a mystery.

{Lepisiota fervida} The photomontage of the type worker is collated from

Type location Bokoro, Upper Congo, 20.iii.1915, R Mayné. This collector's specimens were included in eight Santschi papers over some 16 years, although the collection dates all were ca 1911-1913 (see "Collectors")

From the type images it seems almost certain that this is a specimen of Lepisiota hirsuta setosella described by Santschi (1935a) from specimens collected by Schouteden and Mayné, at "Congo da Lemba", x.1913.

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