The Ants of Africa
Genus Lepisiota
Lepisiota omeri Taylor new species

Petiole with no more than denticles

Elongated species, with exceptionally long legs and antennae - gracilicornis-group

Lepisiota omeri Taylor new species

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Sudan, worker only described .

WORKER DESCRIPTION: Head in full face view with sides forward of the eyes near parallel, clypeus subcarinate, anterior margin convex, occipitum evenly arcuate; eyes stringly convex, breaking the outline of the head and set almost entirely behind the mid-point; median ocellus set well back from posterior level of the eyes; whole insect elongate, alitrunk particularly long and narrow; propodeum with acute but broadly based spines; petiole with lateral denticles; almost without pubescence or erect hairs, except on the front of the head and posterior segments of the gaster; shiny chestnut brown, head slightly darker, especially the occiput.

TL ca 3.0 mm, HW 0.6, HL 0.82, CI 82, SL 1.25,  SI 220 , PW 0.42 AL 1.3, hind tibia 1.5; EL/HW 0.37

Name in recognition of the collector, Miss Awatif Omer.

Clearly related to Lepisiota gracilicornis but that is larger, has a shorter rounder head, proportionally shorter appendages, smaller eyes, only a weakly shiny appearance and the colour, although variable, is from brown to near black.

Specimens deposited in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Lepisiota omeri
B Taylor det.

A Omer

Haj Abd Allah
Middle Sudan

Lepisiota omeri
B Taylor det.
Z Mahmoud
Ad Damazin
1146'31" N
3421'10" E
Hand collected
Lepisiota omeri
B Taylor det.
Awatif Omer
1536.643' N
3232.500' E


{Lepisiota nsp Sudan}The photomontage is of the holotype worker collected in Sudan, Haj Abd Allah, Middle Sudan, 1358'0"N 3334'60"E, by Awatif Omer, hand collection, 2009. 

{Lepisiota omeri}The photomontage is of a second worker from Sudan, Ad Damazin, collector Zuheir Mahmoud (2009).

{Lepisiota omeri}The photomontage is of a third worker collected in Sudan, Khartoum, by ZAwatif Omer, (2013.21).

Lepisota omeri n sp Sudan Lepisiota gracilicornis Lepisiota aegyptiaca
Base colour chestnut brown; appendages paler, occiput darker Base colour brown-black; antenna and tarsi/tibiae orange-brown; anterior of head and mandibles also paler to orange Base colour dark chestnut, lighter on pronotum and head, antennae and tibiae/tarsi yellow-brown
TL ca 3.0 mm; HW 0.6 HL 0.82 PW 0.42 AL 1.3 Hind tibia 1.5; CI 82 SI 192 EL/HW 0.37 PW/AL 0.32 TL ca 3.7 mm (range 2.5-5); HW 0.7 HL 0.7 PW 0.5 AL 1.5 Hind tibia 1.6; CI 85 SI 194-200 EL/HW 0.32 TL ca 3.2 mm (type 2.3 mm?); HW 0.58 HL 0.7 PW 0.53 AL 1.2 Hind tibia 1.2; CI 80 SI 173 EL/HW 0.33
Median ocellus set well back from posterior level of the eyes Median ocellus set at about the posterior level of the eyes Median ocellus set well back from posterior level of the eyes
Propodeal spines quite long and apically narrowed, petiole with apex concave and sharp laterally not developed into distinct teeth Propodeal spines quite long, petiole with moderate apical teeth Propodeal spines realtively short, petiole without apical teeth
Tibiae distinctly longer than alitrunk Tibiae slightly longer than the alitrunk Tibiae about the same length as the alitrunk
Scape with slight apical broadening; head almost without pubescence Scape distinctly broadening in apical fifth; head with quite abundant short pubescence Scape weakly broadening in apical quarter; head with sparse short pubescence
Overall vary shiny, head slightly dull Relatively dull due to very fine reticulate sculpturation Shiny with polished areas

{short description of image}The photomontage is of specimens of Lepisiota gracilicornis collected in Sudan, at Port Sudan, Sudan 1.18, by Awatif Omer, 2005.

{short description of image}The photomontage is of specimens of Lepisiota aegyptiaca from Egypt, Sinai, Nakeb, 13.iii.1982, collector J Kugler; sent to BT by Armin Ionescu, Tel Aviv University. The gaster is fully shiny, the specimen shown has a small amount of glue on the first tergite.

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