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Messor wasmanni (Krausse)

Messor wasmanni (Krausse)

return to list {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Sardinia (Messor barbarus subsp. wasmanni, Krausse, 1910: 524, worker; also Krausse, 1911: 15) - no images on Antweb (April 2015).

Bolton (1995: 258) has it as raised to species by Casevitz-Weulersse (1990a: 154).

Krausse (1910) is a paper on stridulation and gives no taxonomic information; his subsequent (1911) description is at {original description}. Santschi (1927c: 24) keyed it out as having the first segment of the gaster quite hairy (pileux), from Italy, Sardinia, Corsica & Crete. His short text description (p 6) is - "head and gaster brownish-black or black; alitrunk more or less dark red with the upper pronotum and mesonotum brown; ; basal segment of the gaster weakly pilous with several elongated "points"; slightly smaller than the type (semirufus), the rest similar.

Casevitz-Weulersse (1990a) relates searching the National Museum in Paris and finding the specimens separated by Santschi for M. meridionalis and M. meridionalis wasmanni, the latter being from Corsica. Having also sighted specimens from Greece that matched the Corsican wasmanni, she judged the form to be a readily separable distinct species. In her key the closest species is the much smaller M. minor, TL 4.3-6 mm.

From that key the description of wasmanni now stands as -
"[couplet 1'] Underside of head with several long hairs, inclined anteriorly and weahly curved apically; translucent erect hairs on the whole body. [couplet 3'] Head and gaster of a marked brilliant black; alitrunk ferruginous red with large black patches; pedicel segments black above and ferruginous red below; ; some weak striations on the frons; several erect hairs on the gaster, scarce on the whole body; TL maximum 9.5 mm.

The specimens shown below and on the attached page appear to match the overall descriptions. The psammophore hairs are more pronounced in the media specimens than in the major; this also has a dark red rather than black head and more pronounced erect pilosity.

Note: Collingwood & Agosti (1996: 322) wrote "Specimens labelled M. concolor cotype in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History (Hope Museum) and NHMB are confirmed as M. wasmanni. M. concolor being a junior synonym".  What this means is unclear as M. concolor was described by Emery in 1908, i.e. predating M. wasmanni. M. concolor was raised to species by Thomé & Thomé (1981b: 143). I am happy to regard them as separate species - see my Messor concolor page.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Messor wasmanni
B Taylor det.

D King

40°38'28" N
17°50'28" E
elev 34 m asl

{Messor wasmanni morphs}The polymorphism photomontage is of specimens collected in Italy, at 10 km east of Brindisi, 40°38'28" N 17°50'28" E, elev 34 m; 14.ix.1999, by David King. The individual photomontages are on the linked page

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