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Species are shown on linked pages. These are in one of three formats - A = main "Ants of (sub-Saharan) Africa" page; E = "Ants of Egypt" website page; M = Miscellaneous ants pages.

¤ = compared with type images (not necessarily added to the web pages)

General files

Separation of the former single genus Leptothorax

An attempt to analyze the Lepisiota frauenfeldi complex

Analysis of the confusion surrounding Camponotus compressus (Fabricius).

List of species from Egypt - omitting those found in sub-Saharan Africa

Specimens collected by Mostafa Sharaf and Mike James; also from Egypt/Israel courtesy of Joshua Kugler & Armin Ionescu (Tel Aviv University).

see also the pages on the website

Species from other than sub-Saharan Africa or Egypt

Species from Israel provided by the University of Tel Aviv, Prof. Joshua Kugler & Armin Ionescu.

Species associated with myrmecophiles collected by Thomas Stalling.

Miscellaneous records.

Species from the Maldives, North Malé, Ihuru Atoll, collected by Marco Aita

Note: This may well be the first record of three of the species from The Maldives. Wetterer (2008a) has a previously unpublished record of Paratrechina longicornis from Hulhule Island. His comprehensive study (Wetterer, 2008b) of Tapinoma megacephalum global records does not have any report. The record of Camponotus compressus is unsurprising as it is well recorded from all over the Indian sub-continent. The Tapinoma fragile record is of great interest as apparently only the second record from anywhere and the type location is the quite isolated Rodrigues Island, some 2800 km away across the Indian Ocean.


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