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Paratrechin taylori (Forel)

Paratrechina taylori (Forel)

return to list {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location India (Prenolepis taylori nov. spec., Forel, 1894c: 410, illustrated male genitalia, all forms) Orissa, collector Taylor.

Foreli's (1894c) description is at {original description}. TL 1.8-2.0 mm, propodeal dorsum very short and weakly convex, much shorter than the declivity; pubescence weak all over.

Paratrechina tayloriThe photomontage of the type worker is collated from

Diagnosis: Generally matching the genus characters defined by Motschoulsky (1863). Close to Paratrechina bourbonica in general red-brown colour, with lighter appendages, and form but much smaller eyes and longer scapes, also very shiny, compared to the dull, finely sculptured appearance of the bourbonica specimens shown on (18 specimens imaged, including a syntype). Smaller and paler than Paratrechina vagabunda.

Description: Head, ovoid in full face view; mandibles with a line of small teeth; anterior margin of clypeus impressed in a shallow arc; eyes small, set wholly in the anterior half of the head; antennae 12-segmented; scape exceeding the occiput by just under half its own length; head with numerous erect coarse hairs, including on the clypeus; scapes with similar numerous oblique erect hairs.  Alitrunk relatively shorter and wider than vagabunda; in profile with a more domed pronotum and a shallower curve to the propodeum; metanotum without raised spiracles, propodeum without erect hairs. Gaster acuminate. Tarsi with distinctive sparse long coarse erect hairs. Overall smooth and shiny with no obvious surface sculpture;  head and alitrunk colour yellow-brown, but with mandibles, legs and antennae slightly paler, and the gaster distinctly darker brown.
TL ca. 2.2, HL 0.53, HW 0.42, SL 0.7, PW 0.30, AL 0.69, CI 78, SI 152, EI 19. In comparison, P. bourbonica has CI 90; SI 144, EI 19; P. vagabunda has CI 82, SI 140, EI 23. Possibly closer to Paratrechina taylori from India.

Material examined. Holotype worker and three paratype workers. Collection code SL 001. From Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka, 0620'-0626' N, 8023'-8033' E; 173-657 m asl; collected by N R Gunawardene, pitfall traps, iii.2005-iii.2007.

Remarks: Second most common ant in the collection (out of ~200 spp). Collected in logged forest, unlogged forest and forest edges.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Paratrechina taylori
B Taylor det.

Sri Lanka
N.R. Gunawardene

Sinharaja Forest Reserve
621' N
8021' E

pitfall trap

{Paratrechina taylori}The photomontage is of a worker from Sri Lanka, Sinharaja Forest Reserve; collector Nihara Gunawardene (SL001).

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