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Paraparatrechina new species SL 181 Taylor & Gunawardene

Paraparatrechina new species SL 181 Taylor & Gunawardene

return to list {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Sri Lanka Sinharaja Forest Reserve, collector Nihara Gunawardene.

Diagnosis: A member of the Paraparatrechina minutula (Forel) group. Earlier Shattuck ident. = Paraparatrechina minutula Forel, 1901.

Description: Head weakly ovoid, less than Paraparatrechina new species SL 105; clypeus with anterior margin arcuate and overhanging base of mandible, raised in profile with a sharp median apex; scapes surpass the occiput by about half their length. Alitrunk with four pairs of erect hairs, one pair on the propodeum; propodeum profile with a very short dorsum and sharp angle at transition into the long flat declivity. Yellow-brown, moderately shiny with a crumpled appearance and fine spiculation on the gaster.
TL ca 1.4, HL 0.40, HW 0.32, SL 0.47, PW 0.28, AL 0.47, funiculus 0.63, posterior femur 0.47, CI 86 SI 128 EI 22.

Material examined. Holotype worker and two paratype workers. Collection code SL 181. From Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka, 0620'-0626' N, 8023'-8033' E; 173-657 m asl; collected by N R Gunawardene, pitfall traps, iii.2005-iii.2007.

Remarks: Similar in form to Prenolepis indica Forel, 1894, = Paratrechina indica but that was given as TL 2.2- 2.4 mm (see type at A less common ant that was only collected in one area, a riparian edge site.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Paraparatrechina n.sp. SL181
B Taylor det.

Sri Lanka
N.R. Gunawardene

Sinharaja Forest Reserve
621' N
8021' E

pitfall trap

{Paraparatrechina SL181}The photomontage is of a worker from Sri Lanka, Sinharaja Forest Reserve; collector Nihara Gunawardene (SL181).

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