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SUBFAMILY FORMICINAE - Genus Paraparatrechina
Paraparatrechina new species SL 105 Taylor & Gunawardene

Paraparatrechina new species SL 105 Taylor & Gunawardene

return to list {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Sri Lanka, Sinharaja Forest Reserve, collector Nihara Gunawardene.

Diagnosis: Smaller than any candidates from the sub-continent or south Asia. Compares with Prenolepis taylori Forel, 1894 = Paraparatrechina taylori but Forel states that taylori has slightly longer scapes than indica and TL was given as 1.8-2.0 mm. Paraparatrechina minutula Forel 1901: 26, was described as dirty brownish-yellow, with lighter legs and antennae, TL 1.5-1.8 mm.

Description: Head elongated ovoid, with flattened occiput; anterior clypeal margin shallowly arcuate; eyes small; scapes reaching but not surpassing occiput. Alitrunk with four pairs of erect hairs, one pair on the propodeum; propodeum profile with a distinct dorsum and rounded transition into the short declivity. Golden yellow, legs and antennae same colour, gaster darker; very shiny without any obvious sculpturation.
TL ca 1.4, HL 0.40, HW 0.33, SL 0.35, funiculus 0.48, PW 0.22, AL  0.39, posterior femur 0.4, CI 81, SI 105, EI 21.

Material examined. Holotype worker and one paratype worker. Collection code SL 105. From Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka, 0620'-0626' N, 8023'-8033' E; 173-657 m asl; collected by N R Gunawardene, pitfall traps, iii.2005-iii.2007.

Remarks: A less commonly encountered ant (only 20 specimens collected from the entire two years) but was collected in logged forest, unlogged forest and forest edge.

The type of Paraparatrechina minutula can be seen at
Although quite similar to this the eyes are some 20% larger and the hind femora and tibiae relatively shorter; the head in full face view is bigger and has a near straight occiput.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Paraparatrechina n.sp. SL105
B Taylor det.

Sri Lanka
N.R. Gunawardene

Sinharaja Forest Reserve
621' N
8021' E

pitfall trap

{Paraparatrechina SL105}The photomontage is of a worker from Sri Lanka, Sinharaja Forest Reserve; collector Nihara Gunawardene (SL105).

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