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1. Wildlife habitat and landscape appraisal of the Country Park.
2. Shipley Hill tree trail.
3. Nature trails around Mapperley Reservoir.
4. Fungi - a guide to the more common species to be found in the Park.
5. Outdoor interpretive panels.
6. Geology of the Park.
7. Butterflies & moths (diurnal).
8. Birds of the Park.
9. Bats at Shipley.
10. What to do and where in the park?
11. Static displays.
12. Wayfaring course.
13. Guide to coarse fishing in the park.
14. Detailed soil survey of the park.
15. Wild flower garden.

Many of the leaflets and other examples of the team's work are reproduced on linked pages from the images on the right below.

Wildlife habitat and landscape appraisal

A major series of studies undertaken by most members of the team.

Proposal: A complete evaluation of all areas within the park to cover wetlands, woodlands and pastures; with ecological surveys for main woodlands and other areas deemed worthy of investigation. Detailed reports were prepared on each study.

Work done:

Shipley Hill Tree Trail - booklets

Two versions, Shipley Hill Tree Trail and Shipley Hill Tree Trail, with extra study notes available from "the Visitor Centre. Work undertaken principally by I. Stuart and S. Tate. Artwork by P. Robson.

{tree trail}

Nature Trails around Mapperley Reservoir - booklets

Proposal: To prepare a series of self-guided trail booklets depicting the more visible features of the natural history around the lake.

Work done: Mapperley Reservoir Spring Nature Trail - printed. Mapperley Reservoir Summer Nature Trail - printed. Autumn and Winter combined trail - research done but unable to prepare for publication. Work undertaken principally by J. Holmes (Spring and Summer), D. Gill (Winter). Artwork by P. Robson (Spring and Summer).

{spring trail} {summer trail}

Fungi guide - printed leaflet

A Guide to Fungi in Shipley Country Park on sale at the Visitor Centre. Work undertaken by B. Rhodes. Artwork by B. Rhodes and A. Rowell.


Outdoor Interpretive panels

Work undertaken collectively. Mapperley panel artwork by J. Truman.

Proposal: To determine suitable sites and to design a number of outdoor interpretive panels as follows; Mapperley Reservoir - 1. Lakeside north, 2. John Wood, 3. Square Wood; Shipley Hill - 1. Poacher's Rest (vista), 2. Site of Hall, 3. wildflower garden; Visitor Centre.

Work done: Much has been done to determine sites, size, materials, etc, and some work has been carried out on design, artwork, photographs and text. First example, Mapperley Reservoir, completed ready for mounting on site. Others prepared only in draft form.

{Mapperley Reservoir vista panel}

Geology of the Park

A leaflet, The Geology of Shipley Park is on sale at the Visitor Centre. A detailed Research Report file is in the archives. Work undertaken by P Newham. Leaflet artwork by L. Sawyer.

Butterflies and moths

Proposal: To prepare a leaflet on butterflies and day-flying moths found in the park. It is hoped that a leaflet will be completed. Work undertaken by T. Taylor.

{Geology of Shipley Park leaflet}

Birds of the Park

Proposal: To prepare interpretive material on the birds of Shipley. Presentation as Broadsheet-cum-poster or leaflet in A4;+ 1/3 format. It is hoped a leaflet will be completed. Work undertaken by J. Holmes. Two static displays of bird structure were prepared by S. Tate.

Bats at Shipley

Proposal: To prepare interpetive material on Bat populations at Shipley. A cut-out "mobile", with accompanying poster format, information sheets, completed and printed. Work done by N. Gomes, artwork by P. Norton.

{Bats of Shipley Park t}

What to do and where in the park

Proposal: To prepare a general leaflet and/or interpretive panel to illustrate all aspects of the park. Panel(s) could be situated in Car Parks.

Discovery Trail leaflets, Mapperley Reservoir Discovery Trail and Shipley Hill Discovery Trail printed and on sale. Preliminary work was undertaken on other topics, particularly pond-dipping. Discovery Trail concept and early work by S. Tate. Artwork by I. Quill.

{discovery} {discovery}

Static Displays

SEEIT added a montage of leaves to an existing, limited display already at the Visitor Centre. A montage of grasses was completed (by B. Rhodes) but to date this has not been put on display. An accompanying leaflet also was produced.

{Grasses of Shipley Hall leaflet}

Wayfaring Course

Completed, markers in position and route card on sale at Visitor Centre. Concept and design by S. Tate.

{Orienteering in Shipley Hall leaflet}

Guide to coarse fishing in the park

A booklet, Coarse Fishing at Shipley Country Park was printed and is on sale. This was a joint exercise with much of the work done by an "A-level" student (J. Taylor) in conjunction with the local NCB No. 5 Angling Club. Artwork by J. Truman.


Detailed Soil Survey of the Park

A detailed survey of the soils of the park, particularly in the areas restored by the Opencast Executive, was carried out and a report - Soil and and Land Use in Shipley - was produced. Work undertaken by P. Rhodes and A. Clark.

Wildflower Garden

A vacant area on Shipley Hill (above "The Gardens") was prepared and seed procured for a wildflower garden. An illustrated descriptive panel should be designed for installation at the site. Concept and layout by J. Holmes and C. McLaren with assistance from park staff.

{wildflower proposal}

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