(Deposited with the Park Visitor Centre)

Box Files

1. Natural History of Shipley

1.1 A checklist of fungal species found in Shipley Country Park,1985.
1.2. Survey of Adam's Pond, 1986.
1.3. Survey of Manchester Wood, 1986.
1.4. Report for Mapperley Reservoir Nature Trail.
1.5. Small Mammal Survey at Mapperley Nature Reserve, September,1985.
1.6. Fungi of Shipley - illustrated annotations and leaflet.
1.7. Ecological Survey of Parker's Pond, June 1985.
1.8. Preliminary Report on Habitats -found within the Park, August 1985.
1.9. Ecological Survey of Mapperley Reservoir, 1985.
1.10. Ecological Survey of Mapperley Reservoir, 1976-8
1.11. Bat Survey at Osborne's Pond, 1986.
1.12. Birds of Shipley Park - A Checklist.

2. Natural History of Shipley

2.1. Butterflies of Shipley, 1986.
2.2. The Flora of Shipley Park, 1986 - a checklist.

3. Shipley Park Teacher's Pack

3.1 Water Studies in Shipley Park.
3.2. Shipley Hill Tree Trail.
3.3. Studying Fungi in Shipley Park.
3.4. Woodland based activities.
3.5. Studying Grasses in Shipley.
3.6. Studying Birds in Shipley.
3.7. Studying Terrestrial Invertebrates in Shipley.
3.8. Studying Butterflies & Moths in Shipley.
3.9. Nature Trails around Mapperley Reservoir.
3.10. Geology of Shipley.

4. Ecological Appraisal of Shiplev Country Park

An in-depth survey of the park's natural history.

5. Soil and land use in Shipley

Report and annotations.

6. Conservation and Countryside Management in Shipley

Landscape maintenance schedule, 1979.
Creating a wild-flower garden.
Wood survey, 1973.
Proposal for the creation of a wild-flower and butterfly garden on Shipley Hill.
Proposal for the creation of a traditional corn-field in Shipley Park.
Management proposals for Hufton's Coppice and Newcastle Plantation.

7. Geology of Shipley


8. Geology of Shipley

Leaflet and annotations.

9. Education (general)

Articles and editions of the B.E.E.

10. Nature Trails around Britain

11. Recreation in the Countryside

12. Conservation and Countryside Management

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