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Fernández cites his Carebara concinna species complex (antennae 11-segmented)  to exemplify neotropical "Oligomyrmex". The species he listed are C. longii, C. peruviana (queen only known, TL 7 mm), C. urichi and C. brevipilosa (minor only). Oligomyrmex concinna Mayr (1867a) was described and remains known only from the queen.
Fernández (2004: 211) refers to the C. concinna species complex but that should have read Carebara lignata species complex (9-segmented antennae), all monomorphic, except possibly bruchi, panamensis (ergatoid rather than major?), and tenua (major only known). He also cites O. panamensis, O. bruchi and O. coeca as having minors indistinguishable from Carebara.  He states the minors of those are eyeless and lack the typical Oligomyrmex sculpturing or pilosity.  The minorsa of the African Oligomyrmex, however, show considerable variation in both and there is no "typical" state.

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-- non-African Carebara ? --
Oligomyrmex politusNote apparent similarity to the African Oligomyrmex politus (j. syn. villiersi: synonymy not realised by Fernández (2010) who placed it in Carebara)
-- Oligomyrmex longii minorAntenna 11-segmented, Major worker not found at nest with many minors. Minor TL 1.5-2.25 mm; eye of a single facet; without obvious sculpturation; amber yellow to pale brown; seemingly similar to menozzii but that has long scapes and is far less hairy
In Fernández (2004) Carebara concinna species complex
Major unknown
Erebomyrma (debateable status)
USA - longii
-- Oligomyrmex urichiAntenna 11-segmented
Minor TL 1.5 mm; most of head, alitrunk and pedicel reticulate-rugose; ferruginous, gaster and appendages lighter
In Fernández (2004) Carebara concinna species complex
Despite numerous findings no majors were known prior to Fernández (2004) but see eidmanni (below)
Erebomyrma (debateable status)
. Oligomyrmex urichi Trinidad - urichi
-- Oligomyrmex weyeriAntenna 11-segmented; described from minors and queens
Minor TL 1.5 mm
Queen head shape Carebara like, TL 6 mm, forewing 6 mm; dark brown
Possibly an 11-segmented Solenopsis (originally described in comparison with fugax)
Indonesia - weyeri
-- non-African anomaly ? Oligomyrmex - Fernández (2004) Carebara lignata species complex --
-- Oligomyrmex panamensis ergatoidAntenna 9-segmented; ergatoid and minor
Ergatoid TL 1.3 mm
Minor TL 0.9 mm; eyeless, propodeum transition from dorsum to declivity rounded, no teeth
In Fernández (2004) Carebara lignata species complex
. Oligomyrmex panamensis minor Panama - panamensis
-- Oligomyrmex bruchiAntenna 9-segmented; queen, ergatoid and minor only known (? monomorphic workers)
Ergatoid (head right) HL ca 1.00 HW ca 0.82 shape like latro
Minor alitrunk profile (right) unlike any African species
In Fernández (2004) Carebara lignata species complex
Argentina - bruchi
-- Oligomyrmex coecaAntenna 9-segmented; major and minor workers known
Major TL 2.61 HL 0.78 HW 0.55
Minor TL 1.10 HL 0.31 HW 0.23
In Fernández (2004) Carebara lignata species complex
Major with ocelli and eyes "present, reduced or absent" though not in illustration
Argentina - coeca
-- non-African Oligomyrmex --
-- Carebara intermedia majorAntennae 9-segmented; Major (undescribed, Antweb specimen from Mexico) TL ca 2.2 mm, HL 0.56 HW 0.43 SL 0.24; largely unsculptured but head with weak lateral rugae and transverse rugae on occiput, plus well developed triangular, forwrad angled processes
Minor TL 1.02-1.2 mm; propodeum weakly dentate In Fernández (2004) Carebara escherichi species complex
Belize - Carebara intermedia
-- Antennae 9-segmented; Major TL 2.5-4 mm; head rectangular, HL 1.1, HW 0.6; clypeus strongly bicarinate but anterior margin without teeth; occipital angles with forward-curved teeth, frontal carinae short, eye single facet, larger median ocellus; propodeum subdentate; smooth and shiny, front of head striate, head also with weak but distinct puncturation, rest of body with indistinct sculpturation; reddish-yellow, pedicel, gaster and appendages paler
Minor TL 1-1.1 mm; eyeless, propodeum rounded without any angle; scape reaches posterior third
apparently close to the East African erythraeus and thoracicus
India - asinus
-- Oligomyrmex atomus major headAntennae 9-segmented; Major TL 1.5-1.7 mm; HL ca 1/3 > HW; eyes minute ferruginous, head opaque and dull, appendages paler; propodeum subcubic, teeth sharp; most of body punctate and dull
Minor TL 0.8 mm; propodeum dentate
New Guinea - atomus
-- Antenna 9-segmented; Minor only known, TL ca 1.2 mm; scape reaches 3/4 point of head; propodeum with obtuse angle
New Guinea - subreptor
Oligomyrmex nosindambo majorAntennae 10-segmented
Major TL 3.0-3.2 mm; head elongated rectangle with small forward turned protuberances (horns); eye small but of seveal facets, median ocellus; propodeum with raised teeth; head finely longitudinally and densely striate, the striations diverging posteriorly, pronotum partly reticulo-pinctate; reddish, appendages paler, gaster honey-coloured
. Oligomyrmex nosindambo minorMinor TL 1.2-1.3 mm, mandibles with 5-teeth; eye of a single just visible facet; scapes short; smooth except propodeum which is matt, reticulo-punctate
Nearest to africanus from Botswana (larger than any African species); africanus was described by comparision with nosindambo
Madagascar - nosindambo
-- Oligomyrmex sarasinorumAntenna 11-segmented; Major TL 1.8-2.0 mm; HL 1.25 X HW; brown-yellow, scape half length of head;
Minor TL 1.0 mm; propodeum with obtuse angles not spines
Aeneleus cf diabolus but that has very small eyes and is significantly larger
Indonesia - sarasinorum
-- Oligomyrmex viehmeyeriAntenna 11-segmented; Major TL 2.5 mm; HL 0.33 X HW; fuscoferruginous; occiput with short denticular processes; scape half length of head; propodeal spines triangular and acute apically
Minor TL 0.75-1.0 mm; propodeum with slender acute spines
Solomon Islands - viehmeyeri
-- Oligomyrmex arabicusAntenna 11-segmented; Major TL 2.53 mm; HL 0.75, HW 0.36; scape ca 0.33 of head; almost without sculpture; pale-yellowish-brown
Minor TL 1.3 mm; propodeum with obtuse angles not spines
Yemen - arabicus
-- Oligomyrmex eidmanni majorAntenna 11-segmented; Major TL 2.5 mm; HL 0.33 X HW; fuscoferruginous; occiput with short denticular processes; scape half length of head; propodeal spines triangular and acute apically
Minor TL 0.75-1.0 mm; propodeum with slender acute spines
Brazil - eidmanni
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