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"Dorylus (Typhlopone) fulvus" - separation of males

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Separation of available males

1 {Dorylus annoyeri}Short mandibles, with basal half narrowing only slightly; petiole seen from above with convex sides 2
-- {short description of image}Long mandibles with sharp narrowing close to the base; petiole from above with near parallel sides 4
. Head with short mandibles .
2 Head with a dense covering of long hairs on whole of frontal area and a deep frontal sulcus 3
-- {Dorylus annoyeri male CAR GK}TL ca 26 mm, HW 3.8, mandible 2.0, SL 0.9, gaster width ca 4.2; petiole width/gaster base posterior = 0.80; HW/PW = 0.91, front of head (forward of the ocelli) without long hairs except on the clypeal margin; the propodeum from above is unlike all the others, in being almost as long as the petiole (the others have a narrow propodeum, never more than about a third of the petiole length); whole of gaster, especially the apex shiny (cf dull in other species) .
-- {Dorylus annoyeri male CAR GK face}Head in profile with a near flat occiput; the ocelli relatively very large and set close together (distance between anterior and posterior ocelli about one-third their diameter); occiput shallow in both frontal and lateral views; scape unusually short, as long as from the funiculus base to the mid-point of the fourth segment; the funiculus with a distinctive small first segment, the whole of all the other segments bright orange-yellow and very densely spiculate; mandibles of a very distinctive shape Central African Republic - new species annoyeri
3 {Dorylus glabratus male}TL 24.5 mm, HW 3.8, mandible 2.0, SL 0.9; petiole width/gaster base posterior = 0.77; HW/PW = 0.82, petiole with convex sides from above; gaster ca 4.2
. {Dorylus glabratus type male face}Head very gibbous or domed, with the dome noticeably exceeding the size of the eyes; head with a deep median longitudinal sulcus; front of the face forward of the ocelli with numerous short decumbent hairs Gambia & Central African Republic - glabratus
. Head with long sharply narrowed mandibles .
4 Head in full face view evenly domed 7
-- Head in full face view with the median ocelli raised prominently 5
5 General colour pale reddish-brown with brown eyes 6
-- {short description of image}Generally darker brown especially the head, gaster a little paler than alitrunk and petiole;.TL ca 36 mm, HW 5.3, mandible 4.4, SL 1.7, petiole width/gaster base posterior = 0.77; HW/PW = 0.98; wing membranes also a little duller and deeper tint; hairs and pubescence less golden and shining, more grayish; TL 33-36 mm, PW < 6 mm .
. {short description of image} West Africa & Congo Basin - obscurior
6 {Dorylus fulvus male}TL 34.2 mm, HW 5.0, mandible 3.2, SL 2.0, petiole width/gaster base posterior = 0.80; HW/PW = 0.86; petiole rectangular with near straight sides from above, not as broad as the base of the gaster; long hairs on apical sternite quite thick and straight .

{Dorylus fulvus male}median ocellus to border of compound eye = 2.83 X ocellus diameter; speculative as male undescribed West Africa & Congo Basin - fulvus s.s.
. Head in full face view evenly domed .
7 Head with a dense covering of decumbent hairs 8
-- {Dorylus juvenculus}TL ca 36 mm, HW 5.0, mandible 3.7, SL 1.4, petiole width/gaster base posterior = 0.83, HW/PW = 0.87; petiole from above with distinctly convex sides .
. {Dorylus juvenculus head} North Africa to Israel - juvenculus [probable syn. Dorylus punicus]
8 {Dorylus badius male}TL 33.7 mm, HW 5.2, mandible 3.6, SL 2.0; petiole width/gaster base posterior = 0.83; HW/PW = 0.81; hairs on apical sternite quite fine and sinuous .
. {Dorylus badius male head}median ocellus to border of compound eye = 2.67 X ocellus diameter South Africa - badius
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