The Solomon Islands from West to East - The Florida Group

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A moderately sized group of islands with a total land area of 389 km². The 2 major islands, Big Nggela (Nggela Sule) and Small Nggela (Nggela Pile) are separated by the narrow Boli Passage; both rise to almost 400 m. At the western end there are numerous smaller islands, principally Sandfly, Mangalonga and Buena Vista, and extensive coral reefs encircle most of the group. Mangrove swamps are common around much of the coast. The island of Tulagi off the southern coast of Big Nggela was the seat of Government prior to 1945 and is now a center for marine engineering and a fishing industry. The total inhabitants of the group number in 1970 was over 5500 all of whom lived near the coast.

Title: The Florida or Nggela Group

Title: Entrance to Tulagi Harbour, Big Nggela, 8 August 1972

Title: Tulagi (pre-war capital), Big Nggela, 8 August 1972

Title: Cyclone damage to trees in the Boli Passage, Florida Group, 9 August 1972

Title: The Boli Passage, Florida Group, 8 August 1972

Title: Boromole Village, Big Nggela, 9-10 August 1972

Title: Siota Mission, Small Nggela, from Boromole, Big Nggela, 9 August 1972

Title: Niu Manda, Malaitan artificial island village, in lagoon off eastern Nggela, 15 December 1972

Title: Malaria epidemiology mass blood slide collection, Salesapa, Small Nggela, 16 December 1972

Title: At anchor in Salesapa Bay, Small Nggela, 16 December 1972

Title: North-western end of Nggela, 17 December 1972

Title: Evening in the Sandfly Passage, Big Nggela, western end of Guadalcanal in far distance, 18 December 1972

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