The Solomon Islands from West to East - Honiara scenes

Images taken by

Brian Taylor

These I expect have dated more than most of the other photographs. This is because Honiara in the early 1970's had only some 11,000 residents. Now, in 2000, the population is around 40,000.

Title: The wider environs of Honiara

Title: Honiara Town map, locations numbered in red are those below

Honiara from the sea - from east to west

Views on and from the raised coral foothills or ridges, west to east

Title: 1. The western Lengakiki Ridge, June 1970

Title: The western Lengakiki Ridge, composite of map and aerial photo, June 1970

Title: 2. Steep ridges between government housing, inner Lengakiki Ridge, Honiara, February 1972. Large building is the Geological Surveys Department HQ.

Title: 3. View west from 60 Lengakiki Ridge

Title: 4. House 60 at Lengakiki Ridge, 50 m asl.

Title: 5. A cruise liner, RMS "Orcades", at Honiara, 22/8/70

Title: 6. Royal Yacht "Britannia", at Honiara, January 1971

Title: 7. Sunset from 60, Lengakiki Ridge, Honiara, January 1971. Savo I. to left and distant peak is on Santa Isabel, some 110 km away

Title: 8. The Matanikau River and Chinatown, Honiara, December 1969.

Title: 9. The Matanikau River, upstream with the Vara Creek housing expansion, Honiara, December 1969.

Title: 10. The Matanikau River and Chinatown, Honiara, February 1972.

Title: Composite map and photo of the Matanikau River and Chinatown, Honiara

Title: 11. A big match at the Sports Ground, April 1972 (damaged in processing)

Title: 12. Seaward view from 220 Kola'a Ridge, August 1972; Savo on the horizon

Title: 13. House at 220 Kola'a Ridge, Honiara, June 1973, 62 m asl

Title: 14. Grass fire in the ridge sides, 220 Kola'a Ridge,Honiara, August 1972

Title: 15. Eastern end of the inner Kola'a Ridge, Honiara, June 1973

Title: 16. Seaward view from eastern end of upper Kola'a Ridge, Honiara, December 1969

Title: 17. Small village on inland side of Kola'a Ridge,Honiara, December 1969

Views on the sea shore flatlands

Title: 18. Queen's Birthday Parade, Honiara, 13 June 1973, Police Parade Ground

Title: 19. Queen's Birthday Parade, Honiara, 13 June 1973, Police Parade Ground

Title: Location of photos in the Government House area of Honiara

Title: 20. Government House entrance, Honiara, December 1969

Title: 21. Government House, Honiara, November 1970

Title: 22. War Memorial, Honiara, November 11 1970

23. Title: The High Court, Honiara, September 1971

Title: 24. Main road, Mendana Avenue, with Police Station on right, Honiara, January 1970

Title: 25. Giant Banyan tree, Honiara, June 1973

Title: 26. Point Cruz, with welcoming Parade for Royal visitors, Honiara, January 1971

Title: 27. Sail past by the Honiara Yacht Club, Royal Yacht "Britannia", Honiara, January 1971

Title: 27a. Main road, Kukum Highway, just to east of the Matanikau Bridge, road on left is into Chinatown, January 1970

Title: 28. The Sports Ground, Honiara, January 1970

Title: 29. Agricultural Show Procession outside Hospital, Honiara, September 1970

Title: 30. Saint Barnabas Anglican Cathedral, Honiara, January 1970

Title: 31. Saint Barnabas Anglican Cathedral, Honiara, August 1971

Title: 32. Saint Barnabas Anglican Cathedral, Honiara, August 1971

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