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Paratrechina boltoni (LaPolla & Fisher)

Paratrechina boltoni (LaPolla & Fisher)

return to key{link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Gabon (Nylanderia boltoni LaPolla & Fisher, 2011: 14, illustrated, worker & male) Mondah, 24.ii.1998, B L Fisher - see below

GABON: F.C. Mondah, 21 km 331° NNW Libreville, 00°34'36" N, 009°20'06" E, elev. 10 m; 24.ii.1998 (B.L. Fisher) (CASC) (CASENT0179580); 1 paratype worker, same label data as holotype (USNM); 1 paratype worker, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: P.N. Dzanga-Nodki, 21.4km 53 NE Bayanga, 3 02.01’N, 16 24.57’E, 510 m, 1–7.v.2001 (S. van Noort) (USNM) .

Diagnosis: Worker head width less than 0.48 mm; yellowish-brown to brown species, with very short, angular propodeal dorsal face; mesocoxae and metacoxae lighter than procoxae in color.

Description: Overall yellowish brown, with lighter brown to yellow mandibles, antennae, and legs; head and gaster typically darker brown than mesosoma, although in some specimens the mesosoma is the same color as the head and gaster, or just the anterior portion of the pronotum is the same color; cuticle smooth and shining; coxae may be entirely yellowish-brown in color; in some specimens mesocoxae and metacoxae slightly lighter in color than procoxae. Head with a dense layer of pubescence; scapes surpass posterior margin by about the length of the first two funicular segments; scapes with scattered erect macrosetae and a dense layer of pubescence (SMC = 13–16); posterior margin with rounded posterolateral corners, slightly emarginate medially. Mesosoma with erect macrosetae of varying lengths concentrated on posterior pronotum and mesonotum (PMC = 2–4; MMC= 2–4); pubescence scattered across mesosomal notum; metanotal area compact; dorsal face of propodeum angular and low (lower than mesonotum) with very short dorsal face and longer declivitous face; propodeal dorsum with pubescence; declivity smooth and shining with no pubescence. Gaster with erect macrosetae and a dense layer of pubescence.

Measurements (n = 4): TL 1.8–2.3 HW 0.40–0.47 HL 0.52–0.61 EL 0.12–0.15 SL 0.52– 0.64 PW 0.29–0.37 WL 0.56–0.69 GL: 0.76–1.0
Indices: CI 77–81 REL 22–25 SI 121–136

{Paratrechina boltoni} Nigeria specimens (as Paratrechina species 1, Taylor, 1978: 27). WORKER TL 1.99 mm, HL 0.57, HW 0.49, SL 0.65, PW 0.34
Overall colour brown, shiny but with dense pubescence on gaster and head. Head with abundant short erect hairs. Alitrunk with four pairs of erect hairs in line on dorsum, two pairs of smaller erect hairs on pronotum outside of the main line. Promesonotal and metanotal sutures distinct.
Nests in leaf litter and in dead wood on the soil, also under bark on a living tree. Found foraging on cocoa, where it was quite common, on 0.1-1.0% of cocoa trees, tending aphids and perhaps building debris tents (Taylor, 1977). Also found foraging on the soil, oil palm and coffee. See Nigeria cocoa ants

Not referred to by LaPolla & Fisher (2011); although one of my specimens, was listed, as from "Owena, CRIN,  ...., 24 Sept 1975".

My field record for this specimen reads: Onipe (Gambari ES) 24.vii.1975, Plot N, tree 57-14, with aphids and membracids on cherelles. For the plot see Onipe and the CRIN map

Paratrechina boltoniPhotomontage of the worker designated as type by LaPolla & Fisher (2011); collated from 

Locality: Gabon; Collection codes: BLF01742;  
Collected by: B.L.Fisher  
Habitat: littoral rainforest
Date: 24 Feb 1998
Method: EG10 sifted litter
Transect Type: MW 50 sample transect, 5m ; Transect Sample #: 49

Also Locality: Ghana: Tafo (Cocoa Research Institute); Collection Information: Collection codes: Belshaw 5; Collected by: R. Belshaw; Habitat: Secondary Forest; Date: 23 Dec 1991; Leaf Litter.

Oxford University Museum specimens

Paratrechina boltoni
B Taylor det.
E Poirier
Yekepa Camp 4
PF 19
Nimba County
07°33’04" N
08°33’17" E
Pitfall trap
Floodplain & marsh
501 m asl

Paratrechina boltoni
B Taylor det.
S Sky Stephens

Treatment 3
In personal collection of S Sky Stephens
Paratrechina boltoni
B Taylor det.
S Sky Stephens
Treatment 5
In personal collection of S Sky Stephens
Paratrechina boltoni
B Taylor det.
J-F Vayssieres
RVA 2936.1
09°22'13'' N
02°40'16'' E
Mangifera indica orchard
Quadrat 1, tube 2, variété: Kent
Ground nesting


{Paratrechina boltoni}The photomontage is of a worker from Benin, Korobouro; collector J-F Vayssieres (RVA2936.1).

{Paratrechina boltoni}The photomontage is of a worker from Liberia, Yekepa camp 4; collector E Poiriet (Yekepa Camp 4 PF XIX).

{Paratrechina boltoni}The photomontage is of a worker from Ghana, collected by S Sky Stephens, 2006 (06G0072).

{Paratrechina boltoni}The photomontage is of a worker from Ghana, collected by S Sky Stephens (06G0071).

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