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Undergraduate Project
Study apparatus
Taylor, B. (1966) A method of investigating the effect of insecticides and drugs on the isolated heart of Periplaneta americana. Brunel University (unpublished)
Insect behaviour
biological clocks

Taylor, B. (1969) Circadian rhythms of flight activity in mosquitos (a detailed study of Aedes aegypti and a comparative study of some other species in relation to range). Ph.D. Thesis, Brunel University, 269 pp
Taylor, B. & Jones, M.D.R. (1969) The circadian rhythm of flight activity in the mosquito Aedes aegypti (L.): The phase-setting effects of light-on and light-off. Journal of Experimental Biology, 51, 59-70
Taylor, B. (1969) Geographical range and circadian rhythm. Nature, 265, 762
Taylor, B. (1977) Control of flight activity in mosquitoes. Nature, 222, 296-297
Taylor, B. (1998) Biological Clocks in Mosquitoes. Website publication opened April 1998.
Mosquito taxonomy,

Malaria vector studies
Maffi, M. & Taylor, B. (1974) The mosquitoes of the Santa Cruz faunal subarea of the Southwest Pacific (Diptera: Culicidae). Journal of Medical Entomology, 11, 197-210
Maffi, M. & Taylor, B. (1977) The mosquitoes of the Banks and Torres Islands groups of the South Pacific (Diptera: Culicidae). Pacific Insects, 17, 511-522 - downloadable from (file size = 1648 Kb)
Taylor, B. & Maffi, M. (1978) A review of the mosquito fauna of the Solomon Islands (Diptera: Culicidae). Pacific Insects, 19, 165-248
Taylor, B. (1989) Imagos of mosquitoes collected in Vanuatu, 1987. Identification and comments. Rivista di Parassitologia, 6, 13-15

Taylor, B. (1975a) Observations on malaria vectors of the Anopheles punctulatus complex in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate. Journal of Medical Entomology, 11, 677-687.

Taylor, B. (1975b) Changes in the feeding behaviour of a malaria vector, Anopheles farauti Lav., following use of DDT as a residual spray in houses in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate. Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society of London, 127, 277-292.
Taylor, B. (1994) Malaria transmission - mosquitoes, humans and their behaviour. Antenna, 18, 18-22
Taylor, B. (1998) Mosquitoes and man in the Pacific - more than just words. Antenna, 22, 201-204.
Taylor, B. (2002) Writings on Malaria
Taylor, B. (2000, first posted)  The Solomon Islands - A Visual Geography
Ant biology,


their role as vectors of
cocoa disease

Taylor, B. (1977) The ant mosaic on cocoa and other tree crops in Western Nigeria. Ecological Entomology, 2, 245-255 - content embodied in the author's website "Ants of (sub-Saharan) Africa
Taylor, B. & Adedoyin, S.F. (1978) The abundance and inter-specific relations of common ant species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) on cocoa farms in Western Nigeria. Bulletin of Entomological Research, 68, 105-121 - content embodied in the author's website "Ants of (sub-Saharan) Africa
Taylor, B. (1976-1980) Ants of the Nigerian Forest Zone (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Parts I-V. Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria Research Bulletin, 4-8. Total 260 pp - content embodied in the author's website "Ants of (sub-Saharan) Africa" - originals at {original description}, {original description}, {original description}, {original description}and {original description}.
Griffin, M.J., Idowu, O.L., Maddison, A.C., Taylor, B. & Ward, M.R. (1981) Sources of infection. Chapter 6, pp. 75-95. In Epidemiology of Phytophthora on Cocoa in Nigeria. CMI Phytopathological Paper No. 25
Taylor, B. & Griffin, M.J. (1981) The role and relative importance of different ant species in the dissemination of black pod disease of cocoa. Chapter 8, pp. 114-131. In Epidemiology of Phytophthora on Cocoa in Nigeria. CMI Phytopathological Paper No. 25. Other related papers are in the folder at "Black pod research_papers".
Taylor, B. (1995) Book Review of: Identification Guide to the Ant Genera of the World, by Barry Bolton (Harvard University Press, 1994, 222 pp). Antenna, 19, 85-87
Taylor, B. (1998-2007 ongoing) The Ants of (sub-Saharan) Africa - WWW Monograph
Taylor, B. & Sharaf, M.R. (2005 ongoing) The Ants of Egypt - WWW Monograph
Studies of crop production
constraints and IPM strategies


Reports of commercial field trials of amitraz. The Boots Company, Agrochemicals Division, 1977-1979 -
Taylor, B. Evaluation of Mitac on cotton, 1977, II. Trials in El Salvador. 35 pp (principally for control of lepidopteran pest)
Taylor, B., Bell, J.R. & Forsyth, R.J. Evaluation of Mitac on cotton, 1978. 1. Trials in Colombia. 37 pp (principally for control of lepidopteran pests)
Taylor, B. & Burgess, J.P. Evaluation of Mitac on cotton, 1978. 4. Trials in Sudan. 30 pp (principally for control of whitefly and lepidopteran pests)
Taylor, B. (1997) Scouting in cotton IPM - a cautionary note and a peculiar observation. Antenna, 21, 14-18
Taylor, B. (2002) Cotton - Images of production and problems - in Latin America and Sudan WWW Monograph opened Spring 2002


Rahman, M.L. & Taylor, B. (1983) Studies on nematode pests associated with deepwater rice in Bangladesh. International Rice Research Newsletter, 8, 20-21
Taylor, B. (1988) The impact of yellow stem borer, Scirpophaga incertulas (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), on deepwater rice, with special reference to Bangladesh. Bulletin of Entomological Research, 78, 209-225
Taylor, B. (1993) Flooding in Bangladesh. The Ecologist, 23, 36
Taylor, B. (1996) Scirpophaga incertulas (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and deepwater rice - an integrated view. Crop Protection, 15, 649-655

Taylor, B. (2000) Deepwater rice - exemplified by cultivation in Bangladesh WWW Monograph opened November 2000


Taylor, B. (1991) Research field work on upland bananas, Musa spp., principally acuminata triploid AAA types, in the Kagera Region of Tanzania. With observations on growth and the causes of decline in crop yield. Rivista di Agricoltura Subtropicale e Tropicale, 85, 349-392
Taylor, B. (2000) The Bananas of Upland East Africa WWW Monograph opened September 2000
Environmental &
Historical studies,

Taylor, B., Norton, P. & Truman, J. (1986) The Gardens of Shipley Hall (a historical study, 1600 to 1922). Derbyshire County Council, 42pp
Smith, K. Brooks, J. & Taylor, B. (1987a) Architecture of the Shipley Estate. Derbyshire County Council, 10 panel leaflet.
Taylor, B. (1987) Final Report on the Shipley Environmental Education & Interpretation Team, March 1985 to March 1987 (Its research work and its presentation). Derbyshire County Council, 25 pp
The SEE-IT team (1985-87) Products included printed, illustrated monographs in booklet (6) or leaflet (24) format; park maps and self-guided trails; 9 exhibition display panels and models; 5 video films and 2 slide-tape productions; cut-out and colouring sets; a photographic collection; educational packs; and resource collections
Taylor, B. (2011) The Shipley Environmental Education & Interpretation Team WWW Monograph first posted here April 2011
Management methodology
strategy development

Taylor, B. (1984) The development of a computerised system for customer and works order records in the Business Printing Division. Report for Hawthornes of Nottingham, 29 pp
Taylor, B. (1991) Strategy Document for 1991-2006. Tea Research Foundation (Central Africa). [with Mission statement, Programme goals and Research Protocol outline, also management restructuring]
Taylor, B. (1994) Examination of Physical Infrastructure Requirements. British Red Cross, Nottinghamshire Branch, 8 pp
{short description of image} Taylor, B. (2000) St. Mary's Church, Nottingham - a History WWW Monograph first posted in 2000
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