The Ants of Africa
Ants collected in Congo, Dzio-Dzio and Brazzaville area

by Yves Braet, 2007

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Ants from Congo, collected by Yves Braet, Dzio-Dzio, Ngabe, Région de Pool; 3°29'33" S 15°18'33" E; 7 October 2007; collected by sweep netting (fauchage)

Tapinoma chiaromontei Menozzi ? ¤  - type location (only prior report) Somalia - TL 2.3 these are TL ca 1.9 mm; Menozzi comparison with T. luridum but that has a blackish-brown gaster (both are known only from single specimens) - first photo

Camponotus (Myrmotrema) bayeri Forel
Camponotus (Myrmosericus flavomarginatus Mayr, minor
Lepisiota laevis (Santschi) ¤
Lepisiota cacozela (Santschi)
Polyrhachis decemdentata André
Polyrhachis viscosa F. Smith ¤
Polyrhachis dziodzio new species compares with P. asomaningi but less hairy, head with flatter occiput in full face view, lateral angles near square; gaster shinier; propodeal spines longer, etc; TL ca 5.3 mm HW 1.40, HL 1.48, CI 94, SL 1.40, SI 100, PW 1.1; propodeum from above with arcuate sides (straight in asomaningi); median spines on petiole apparently much broader based; only extreme tip of funiculus lighter, rest black; head and alitrunk sculpturation much finer and more regular

Crematogaster (Atopogyne) mottazi Santschi ¤ sole record in literature is the type location in Ivory Coast, but on this website from Nigeria and Central African Republic
Oligomyrmex frontalis Weber minor ¤ type location Zaire - close match to type description; first photo
Pheidole senilifrons Wheeler minor - this appears an exact match although larger for the Wheeler (1922) description
Pyramica (Serrastruma) ludovici (Forel)
Strumigenys petiolata Bernard

Hypoponera male - cf Hypoponera eduardi (circum-Medierranean)
Pachycondyla sennaarensis (Mayr) var

Ants from Brazzaville area collected by Y. Braet, 2007

In 2010, Yves Braet sent me a tube of ant labelled as collected by pitfall trapping in Guyana. The ants, however, are all of West African-Congo Basin origin. We have concluded that the specimens were collected by Yves in the Brazzaville area. Despite the lack of precise location information the specimens are of interest and are recorded here

The species found were (the thumbnails are linked to a full photomontage):

FORMICINAE Lepisiota guineensis (Mayr) - West Africa & Congo Basin - 1 specimen (my first for photos)
Lepisiota guineensis
FORMICINAE Paraparatrechina albipes (Emery) - West Africa & Congo Basin - 2 specimens (my first for photos)
Paraparatrechina albipes
MYRMICINAE Pheidole nigeriensis Santschi - Ghana east to Cameroun - 1 major and 2 minor workers
(cf minima - this has shorter scapes, more distinct and longer frontal carinae, and a smaller more globular postpetiole; ? = Wheeler, 1922, P. minima malelana)
Pheidole nigeriensis major
MYRMICINAE Pristomyrmex africanus Karavaiev -  Pan-African - 2 specimens (my first for photos)
Pristomyrmex africanus
MYRMICINAE Tetramorium muralti Forel - West Africa & Congo Basin - 1 worker (first images), 1 alate queen and 1 dealate queen Tetramorium muralti
PONERINAE Hypoponera rothkirchi (Wasmann) - Cameroun, Fernando Po, Gabon (Braet) - 1 specimen Hypoponera rothkirchi
PONERINAE Pachycondyla (Xiphopelta) senegalensis (Santschi) -  Senegal, Guinea, Gabon (Braet) - 1 specimen Pachycondyla senegalensis

B. Taylor, July 2010

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