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nainei (Cataulacus) junior synonym Cataulacus mocquerysi
namacolus (Camponotus) species Camponotus (Myrmosaga) namacolus
namib (Axinidris) species Axinidris namib
nana (Tapinoma) junior synonym Tapinoma melanocephalum
nanior (Meranoplus) junior synonym Meranoplus inermis
nanus (Meranoplus) formerly used by me Meranoplus inermis
nanus (Meranoplus) species Meranoplus nanus
nanus (Oligomyrmex) species Oligomyrmex (Aeromyrma) nanus
nasica (Loboponera) species Loboponera nasica
nasica (Pachycondyla / Bothroponera) species Loboponera nasica
nasuta (Tetraponera) subspecies Tetraponera unidens
nasutus (Camponotus) species Camponotus (Myrmespera) nasutus
natalensis (Acantholepis) subspecies & genus synonym Lepisiota spinosior
natalensis (Aenictus) subspecies Aenictus mariae
natalensis (Anochetus) species Anochetus natalensis
natalensis (Camponotus) species Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) natalensis
natalensis (Cerapachys) species Cerapachys natalensis
natalensis (Crematogaster) species Crematogaster (Orthocrema) natalensis
natalensis (Formica) genus revision Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) natalensis
natalensis (Hypoponera) species Hypoponera natalensis
natalensis (Myrmicaria) species Myrmicaria natalensis
natalensis (Paratrechina) species Paratrechina (Nylanderia) natalensis
natalensis (Physatta) genus revision Myrmicaria natalensis
natalensis (Polyrhachis) junior synonym Polyrhachis revoili
natalensis (Ponera) genus revision Hypoponera natalensis
natalensis (Prenolepis) species & genus revision Paratrechina (Nylanderia) natalensis
natalensis (Pseudomyrma) genus revision Tetraponera natalensis
natalensis (Sima) genus revision Tetraponera natalensis
natalensis (Tetraponera) species Tetraponera natalensis
nautarum (Tetramorium) species Tetramorium nautarum
navicula (Myrmicaria) subspecies Myrmicaria natalensis
nebra (Leptogenys) species Leptogenys nebra
nedjem (Calyptomyrmex) species Calyptomyrmex nedjem
nefassitense (Tetramorium) species Tetramorium nefassitense
nefassitensis (Camponotus) variety Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) negus
neferka (Cardiocondyla) species Cardiocondyla neferka
negus (Camponotus) species Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) negus
neokohli (Pheidole) species Pheidole neokohli
nequitus (Technomyrmex) junior synonym Technomyrmex moerens
nereis (Cardiocondyla) junior synonym Cardiocondyla emeryi
neutralis (Pheidole) subspecies Pheidole occipitalis
neuvillei (Crematogaster) species Crematogaster (Crematogaster) neuvillei
neuvillei (Tetramorium) junior synonym Tetramorium sericeiventre
nexa (Pheidole) unavailable name for variety Pheidole spinulosa
ngangela (Acantholepis) genus name revision Lepisiota ngangela
ngangela (Lepisiota) species Lepisiota ngangela
niapuana (Pheidole) junior synonym Pheidole pulchella
niarembensis (Anomma) genus revision Dorylus (Anomma) niarembensis
niarembensis (Dorylus) species Dorylus (Anomma) niarembensis
nicotianae (Sporocleptes) subspecies & genus revision Oligomyrmex (Aeneleus) politus
nigellus (Atopomyrmex) unavailable name Atopomyrmex mocquerysi
nigellus (Tetramorium) junior synonym Tetramorium (Xiphomyrmex) weitzeckeri
niger (Cataglyphis) species Cataglyphis niger
niger (Cerapachys) species Cerapachys niger
niger (Heptacondylus) genus revision Myrmicaria nigra
nigeriensis (Camponotus) subspecies Camponotus (Myrmotrema) perrisii
nigeriensis (Crematogaster) species Crematogaster (Sphaerocrema) nigeriensis
nigeriensis (Euponera) junior synonym & genus revision Euponera brunoi
nigeriensis (Pachycondyla) junior synonym Euponera brunoi
nigeriensis (Pheidole) species Pheidole nigeriensis
nigeriensis (Strumigenys) junior synonym Pyramica (Serrastruma) ludovici
nigerrima (Myrmicaria) subspecies Myrmicaria fusca
nigra (Crematogaster) subspecies Crematogaster (Crematogaster) chiarinii
nigra (Lioponera) genus revision Cerapachys niger
nigra (Myrmicaria) species Myrmicaria nigra
nigrans (Crematogaster) species Crematogaster (Crematogaster) nigrans
nigricans (Dorylus) species Dorylus (Annoma) nigricans
nigricans (Technomyrmex) subspecies Technomyrmex (Technomyrmex) moerens
nigriceps (Crematogaster) species Crematogaster (Crematogaster) nigriceps
nigripes (Axinidris) species Axinidris nigripes
nigriseta (Polyrhachis) junior synonym Polyrhachis gagates
nigrisetosa (Acantholepis) genus name revision Lepisiota nigrisetosa
nigrisetosa (Lepisiota) species Lepisiota nigrisetosa
nigrita (Polyrhachis) species Polyrhachis nigrita
nigritarsis (Dorylus) junior synonym Dorylus (Anomma) wilverthi
nigritella (Pheidole) species Pheidole nigritella
nigriventre (Tetramorium) junior synonym Tetramorium sericeiventre
nigriventris (Acantholepis) genus synonym Lepisiota nigriventris
nigriventris (Crematogaster) subspecies Crematogaster (Sphaerocrema) rugosa
nigriventris (Lepisiota) species Lepisiota nigriventris
nigriventris (Messor) junior synonym Messor tropicorum
nigriventris (Myrmicaria) subspecies Myrmicaria natalensis
nigriventris (Technomyrmex) species Technomyrmex (Technomyrmex) nigriventris
nigronitens (Crematogaster) species Crematogaster (Crematogaster) nigronitens
nigrum (Technomyrmex) junior synonym Technomyrmex (Technomyrmex) albipes
nigrum (Tetramorium) species Tetramorium nigrum
nilotica (Cardiocondyla) species Cardiocondyla nilotica
nilotica (Plagiolepis) subspecies Plagiolepis (Plagiolepis) brunni
niloticum (Monomorium) species Monomorium niloticum
nimba (Bothroponera) subspecies
Bothroponera silvestrii
nimba (Decamorium) junior synonym Decamorium uelense
nimba (Mesoponera/Euponera) species & genus revision
Mesoponera nimba
nimba (Pachycondyla) genus revision
Mesoponera nimba
nimba (Bothroponera/Pachycondyla) subspecies Bothroponera silvestrii
nimba (Paratrechina) species - new status Paratrechina nimba
nimba (Pheidole) species Pheidole nimba
nimbrata (Strumigenys) species Strumigenys nimbrata
ninda (Pyramica) [Strumigenys]
species Pyramica (Smithistruma) ninda
ninda (Smithistruma) new revision Pyramica (Smithistruma) ninda
nion (Triglyphothrix) junior synonym & genus revision Tetramorium (Triglyphothrix) brevispinosum
nirvanum (Monomorium) species Monomorium nirvanum
nitida (Cerapachys) former name Cerapachys nitidulus
nitida (Leptogenys) replacement Leptogenys intermedia
nitida (Myrmicaria) subspecies junior synonym Myrmicaria congolensis
nitida (Ponera) genus revision Leptogenys intermedia
nitidior (Camponotus) subspecies Camponotus (Myrmotrema) olivieri
nitidiventre (Monomorium) species Monomorium nitidiventre
nitidiventris (Meranoplus) junior synonym Meranoplus magrettii
nitidiventris (Monomorium) (Southern Africa) genus revision Monomorium rufulum
nitidulus (Cerapachys) species Cerapachys nitidulus
nitidulus (Ocymyrmex) species Ocymyrmex nitidulus
nitidus (Crematogaster) nomen nudum Crematogaster nitidus
niveosetosus (Camponotus) species Camponotus (Myrmopiromis) niveosetosus
njassae (Pheidole) species Pheidole njassae
nkomoana (Pheidole) species - new status Pheidole nkomoana
nkomoensis (Cerapachys) species Cerapachys nkomoensis
nkomoensis (Phyracaces) genus revision Cerapachys nkomoensis
nkomoensis (Polyrhachis) unavailable name Polyrhachis militaris
noara (Pyramica) [Strumigenys]
Pyramica (Smithistruma) noara
nobile (Loboponera) species Loboponera nobileae
nobilis (Messor) junior synonym Messor galla
noctivagus (Aenictus) subspecies Aenictus bottegoi
nodifer (Atopomyrmex) genus revision Tetramorium nodiferum
nodifera (Atopula) genus revision Tetramorium nodiferum
nodiferum (Tetramorium) species Tetramorium nodiferum
nomadas (Dorylus) junior synonym Dorylus (Anomma) wilverthi
notiale (Tetramorium) species Tetramorium notiale
notulum (Monomorium) species Monomorium notulum
novemdentata (Euponera) genus revision Mesoponera novemdentata
novemdentata (Mesoponera/Pachycondyla) species Mesoponera novemdentata
noxitum (Monomorium) species Monomorium noxitum
nube (Tetramorium) species Tetramorium nube
nubis (Camponotus) junior synonym Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) maculatus
nullispinum (Tetramorium) junior synonym Tetramorium (Xiphomyrmex) angulinode
nullispinum (Tetramorium) species Tetramorium (Xiphomyrmex) nullispinum
nummuliticus (Calyptomyrmex) species Calyptomyrmex nummuliticus
nuptialis (Anoplolepis) species Anoplolepis (Zealleyella) nuptialis
nuptialis (Monomorium) species Monomorium nuptialis
nuptialis (Plagiolepis) genus revision Anoplolepis (Zealleyella) nuptialis
nuptualis (Monomorium) mis-spelt name Monomorium nuptialis
nuserra (Leptogenys) species Leptogenys nuserra
nyasae (Monomorium) species - revived status Monomorium nyasae
nykara (Pyramica) [Strumigenys]
species Pyramica (Smithistruma) nykara
nykara (Smithistruma) species Pyramica (Smithistruma) nykara
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