The Ants of Africa
New records of ants from Sudan
collected by Awatif Omer, Zuheir Mahmoud and others
species list

Ants from Sudan

Collected by Awatif Omer, Professor Zuheir Mahmoud and associates, in 2005 and 2006. Most outside Khartoum, other than Yambio, Nyala and Al Faher, collected by Z Mahmoud. Also later collections by Awatif Omer in 2009,  2013, 2014 and 2015.  Primarily ground foraging species. Some Omer records are from South Sudan

Additional material from the investigation of ants on Acacia senegal by Justin Mathew, 2000-2001. Hence most appear to be arboreal species.

Images of type workers where available on the site are shown as CASENTxxxxxxx and shown on the species page.

A full listing of Historic Records is on the linked page

Tapinoma carininotum Weber
Type location South Sudan - sole historic record
No type images
JM 042, Kordofan 1 tree (1); Abu Gmein 1 tree (1); Probably JM Tapinoma sp 02, combined with T. luteum.
Tapinoma carininotum
Tapinoma luteum (Emery)
Type location South Africa
east and southern Africa - first Sudan records:
JM 330, Kordofan 2 trees (2 & 5); Rahad 2 trees (4 & 8); Khordonia 1 tree (1); Abu Gmein 1 tree (2)
Tapinoma luteum
Dorylus (Dorylus) aegyptiacus Mayr
Type location Egypt
Male only known - numerous prior records
Sudan 2.13
Dorylus aegyptiacus male
Dorylus (Dorylus) brevipennis Emery
Type location Tanzania
Type male CASENT0903704
No prior Sudan records
Sudan 2013.22; 2013.02.36
Dorylus brevipennis
DORYLINAE Dorylus (Typhlopone) eurous Emery
Type location Eritrea - sole prior record
No type images
Sudan 2.6 (South Sudan)
Dorylus eurous major
Camponotus (Myrmacrhaphe) oculatior Santschi
Type location DRCongo - sole historic record
Sudan 2014.06
Camponotus oculatior
FORMICINAE Camponotus (Myrmosericus) cinctellus (Gerstäcker)
Type location Mozambique
Many prior records
Sudan 2006.24; Sudan 2.20; 2014.04; 2014.22
Camponotus cinctellus major
FORMICINAE Camponotus (Myrmosericus) rufoglaucus (Jerdon)
Taxonomy probably confused; type location India
No type images; Africa forms, e.g. ssp zulu CASENT0905351
Many African records but none from Sudan
Sudan 1.25; 2013.02.09
Camponotus rufoglaucus
Camponotus (Myrmosericus) vestitus (F Smith)
Dark forms. e.g pectitus CASENT0911786
Many African records but none from Sudan
minor worker
Sudan 2013.19; 2014.26, 2014.32

Camponotus vestitus
FORMICINAE Camponotus (Myrmotrema) galla Forel
Type location Ethiopia
Several prior records from Sudan
Sudan 1.5, 2009.33, 2009.53; 2012.04, 2012.18, 2012.23; 2013.04, 2013.10, 2013.18, 2013.23; 2013.02.23; 2014.28
Camponotus (Myrmotrema) galla major
Camponotus (Myrmotrema) olivieri Forel
Type location Angola
Many African records but none from Sudan
Sudan 2013.02.09, 2013.02.16

Camponotus olivieri
FORMICINAE Camponotus (Myrmotrema) rhamses Santschi
Type location Egypt
Only other record is from Ethiopia
Sudan 2014.05; 2014.14

Camponotus rhamses
FORMICINAE Camponotus (Orthonotomyrmex) obtusus (F Smith)
Type location Egypt; type apparently lost.
No prior records from Sudan, appears to occur east to southern India & Sri Lanka
Sudan 2012-46; 2013.46; 2015.09, 2015.13, 2015.46

Camponotus obtusus major
Camponotus (Orthonotomyrmex) sericeus (Fabricius)
Pan-African, common; dimorphic
No type image (subspecies sulgeri, CASENT0911867)
Sudan 1.1, 2.4, 2009.39
JM 223, 281, 295, 336
Kordofan 8 trees; Rahad 8 trees; Khordonia 14 trees; Abu Ghmein once
Note there is a colour variation with some having a brighter red head - this may explain the JM separation into four species
Camponotus sericeus
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex aegyptiacus Emery
Type location Egypt
Major CASENT0905264; minor CASENT0905265
Sahel species, several prior Sudan records
Sudan 2015.43
Camponotus aegyptaicus major

minor worker
Camponotus aegyptiacus minor
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) liengmei Forel
Type location Mozambique
Major CASENT0910060; minor CASENT0910061
Few prior records include Kenya and Uganda none from Sudan
Minor worker
Sudan 2009.43; 2013.03
Camponotus liengmei minor
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) maculatus (Fabricius)
No type images
Major worker
Common across Africa
Sudan 2009.6, 2009.13, 2009.20; 2013.03, 2013.38; 2013.02.08, 201.02.20
Camponotus maculatus major
Minor worker
Camponotus maculatus minor
FORMICINAE Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) nubis Weber
Type image on MCZ site
Type location South Sudan  - sole prior record
Type from MCZ site
South Sudan 1.13
Camponotus nubis minor sudan
FORMICINAE Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) oasium (Forel)
Type location "North Africa"
(type queen CASENT0249885 - matchs fresh Egypt queen, with associated workers)
appears to occur right across the Sahel but no prior Sudan records
minor worker
Sudan 2.5, Sudan 2009.29, Sudan 2009.36
Camponotus oasium
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) sarmentus Emery new status
Type location Uganda - sole prior record
Major worker
Sudan 2009.21; 2013.02.04
Camponotus sarmentus major
Minor worker
Sudan 2009.21
Camponotus sarmentus minor
FORMICINAE Cataglyphis abyssinicus (Forel)
Type location Ethiopia
Only prior records fron Ethiopia and Eritrea
Sudan 1.3, 2009.2, 2009.3, 2009.9, 2009.44, 2009.54; 2013.12, 2013.47
Cataglyphis abyssinicus
Cataglyphis auratus Menozzi
Type location Sudan/Egypt - type record and one other each from Egypt and Sudan
Sudan 2009.70; 2012.14, 2012.48; 2015.44
Cataglyphis auratus
Cataglyphis bicolor (Fabricius)
Type location "North Africa"
No type images but subspecies types, e.g. CASENT0905722
Several prior records from Sudan
Sudan 2009.43; 2015.15
Cataglyphis bicolor
Cataglyphis bombycinus (Roger)
Type location Libya
No type images but subspecies types, e.g. CASENT0912186
Widespread across North Africa and into Sudan
Sudan 2009.33, 2009.35
Cataglyphis bombycinus major
Cataglyphis congolensis (Stitz)
Type location Chad
Type location in Soudano-Savannah, scattered records from Senegal east to Ethiopia, none from Sudan
Sudan 2015.01, 2015.33, 2015.39
Cataglyphis congolensis
Cataglyphis franchettii Menozzi
Type location Ethiopia - sole prior published record
Sudan 2009.22
Cataglyphis franchettii
Cataglyphis holgerseni Collingwood & Agosti
Type location Egypt
Published records from Egypt and Arabian peninsula
Minor worker
Sudan 2009.22
Cataglyphis holgerseni minor

Note: The state of Lepisiota taxonomy is confused with no modern attempt to sort the plethora of species and subspecies other than on this website/

Lepisiota acholli (Weber)
Type location South Sudan
Appears to be common across the Sahel
Sudan 2.2, 2.8; 2012.06, 2012.20; 2013.06, 2013.20; 2013.02.10, 2013.02.26, 2014.02.40
JM406, JM 353, JM 341, JM IT10
Lepisiota acholli
FORMICINAE Lepisiota albata (Santschi)
Type location DR Congo - sole prior record
Note polychromic from dark brown-black to dull yellow-brown; JM 372 longer erect hairs (ca 0.12 mm) than JM 234; very thin petiole scale (thinner than Santschi indicates) but squarish head shape matches; eyes relatively large (ca 0.38 X length of side of head) shallowly convex; TL ca 2.6 mm, CI 85, SI 130.This commonly has colonies containing pale to near albino specimens, contrasting with the dark red-brown to black majority
Sudan JM 372, JM 353, JM 422, JM 345, JM 381, JM 400, JM 211
Lepisiota albata
FORMICINAE Lepisiota albata colour variation
Lepisiota albata variation
Lepisiota canescens (Emery)
Type location Somalia
Many prior records
Note colour variation from near black to dark orange-brown
Sudan 2009.11; 2013.30
JM 402, JM 412, JM 154, JM 352

Lepisiota canescens
Lepisiota carbonaria (Emery)
Type location Somalia
Appears to be uncommon but known from the whole of East Africa, one prior Sudan record
Z Mahmoud 2009-81

Lepisiota carbonaria
FORMICINAE Lepisiota curta (Emery)
Type location Somalia
Type collection and one from DRCongo only prior records
Sudan 1.11, 2.7, 2009.7, 2009.26, 2009.69, 2013.29, 2013.33
JM 370, JM 283,

Lepisiota curta
FORMICINAE Lepisiota depilis (Emery)
Type location Somalia
Known only from type collection and one from Ethiopia
Sudan 2013.30, 2013.31, 2013.32; 2014.02
JM 351

Lepisiota depilis
FORMICINAE Lepisiota gracilicornis (Forel)
Type location Yemen
slender. elongated species, petiole and propodeum with sharp spines
TL ca 3.6 mm, CI 75, SI 230
Unmistakeable Horn of Africa species; four prior Sudan records
Sudan 1.18, 2.2, 2009.15, 2009.17, 2009.41, 2009.44; 2013.28, 2013.50; 2013.02.45
JM 040; JM IT6
Lepisiota gracilicornis
FORMICINAE Lepisiota imperfecta (Santschi)
Type location Zimbabwe
Appears to rare but widely scattered across eastern Africa; no prior records from Sudan
Sudan JM 234, JM 401
Lepisiota imperfecta sp JM 234
FORMICINAE Lepisiota laevis (Santschi)
Type location Senegal
Few historic records and non efrom Sudan but appears to be widespread across the Sahel
Sudan 2013.23
JM 294, JM 295, JM 092, JM 093
Lepisiota laevis
Lepisiota omeri Taylor new species
Sudan 2009.13, Sudan 2009.31; 2013.21
Lepisiota omeri
FORMICINAE Lepisiota palpalis (Santschi)
Type location DRCongo
Type record only prior collection
Sudan 1.20, 2009.34
JM 154, JM 174

Lepisiota palpalis
FORMICINAE Lepisiota n sp Sudan 2009.49
Sudan Omer 2009.49; Ar Kaweit (Arkawit)
Lepisiota nsp Sudan 2009.49
FORMICINAE Lepisiota nsp Sudan 2009.29.1
Sudan Omer 2009.29.1; Singa; 2009.36
Lepisiota nsp Sudan 2009.29
Lepisiota Sudan 2013.08
Senner, Omer 2013.08
Lepisiota 2013.08
FORMICINAE Lepisiota n sp JM IT6
Head sub-circular, in profile also sub-circular; frons with a long median impression; eyes moderate and set more or less on the front of the face, so that hardly breaking outline of sides (0.328 X length of side of head); scape unusually thick and apically widening; petiole scale with quite narrow profile, as high as the propodeal declivity; erect hairs abundant and quite thick (ca 0.12 mm long); base colour dusky yellow to dull yellow-grey, appearance overall is dull
TL ca 2.6 mm, CI 89; SI 128
Khordonia 1 tree (1) tube with JM label "Lepisiota 4"
Lepisiota jm it6
FORMICINAE Lepisiota n sp JM 362
Very distinctive shiny unsculptured, yellow brown, gaster darker; pronotum dorsally flattened; head sub-square, widest behind the eyes; eyes ovoid moderately convex (0.37 X length of side of head); in profile head sub-circular with broadly convex lower side; clypeus with strong median carina running right to anterior margin; propodeum dorsum with distinctive longitudinal septum; petiole narrow and emarginate apically; abundant erect yellow pilosity (ca 0.16 mm long)
TL ca 2.7 mm, CI 90, SI 131
Khordonia 1 tree (6)
Lepisiota JM 362
FORMICINAE Oecophylla textor (Santschi)
Type location Kenya or Zanzibar
Few prior records from Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia but may be among many old records of Oecophylla longinod s.l.
South Sudan 1.23
Oecophylla textor
Paratrechina bourbonica (Forel)
Type location Réunion Island (tramp species)
No prior Sudan records
Sudan 2014.09, 2014.11, 2014.19, 2014.24, 2014.30

Paratrechina boltoni
Paratrechina hagemanni (Forel) new status
Type location DRCongo
No type images no other records
Sudan 2009.40
Paratrechina hagemanni
Paratrechina jaegerskioeldi (Mayr)
Type location Egypt
No type images (j. syn. borcardi CASENT0910993)
Prior records few from Egypt and one from South Sudan                                                                                          
Sudan 2013.02.07

Paratrechina jaergerskioeldi
FORMICINAE Paratrechina longicornis (Latreille)
Type location Senegal (tramp species)
No type images
Many prior records
Sudan 1.17; 2009.15, 2009.20, 2009.21, 2009.28; 2013.45, 2013.52; 2013-02.12, 2013.02.21; 2014.33
Paratrechina longicornis
Paratrechina umbella (LaPolla & Fisher)
Type location Cameroun
Type description includes a record from Uganda
Sudan 2013.02.18, 2013.02.30

Paratrechina umbella
Plagiolepis brunni (Mayr)
Type location Mozambique
CASENT0915711 (subspecies nilotica from South Sudan CASENT0915712)
Widespread across Africa, no prior reports from Sudan
Sudan JM 115, JM 118, JM 183, JM 385, JM 398
Plagiolepis brunni
Plagiolepis exigua Forel
Type location India
Appears to be a tramp species, no prior reports from mainland Africa
Sudan JM 160, JM 172, JM 174, JM 211, JM 341, JM 413, JM 414

Plagiolepis exigua
Tapinolepis mediterranea (Mayr)
Type location Egypt - sole prior record
Sudan JM 072, JM 079, JM 092, JM 279, JM 289

Tapinolepis mediterranea
Tapinolepis pernix (Viehmeyer)
Type location Sudan
No type images
No other records
Sudan JM 072, JM 084, JM 092

Tapinolepis pernix
Tapinolepis simulans (Santschi)
Type location Tunisia
Prior records type and subspecies from Algeria
Sudan 2013.11
Tapinolepis simulans
Cardiocondyla emeryi Forel
Type location Virgin Islands (tramp)
Many prior records, including three from Sudan
Sudan JM 115 (queen)
Cardiocondyla emeryi
MYRMICINAE Cataulacus traegaordhi Santschi
Type location South Africa
Widespread across Africa, one prior record from Sudan
South Sudan 2006 1.12
Cataulacus traegaordhi
Crematogaster (Cr.) acaciae Forel
Type location Ethiopia
Apears to be quite widespread in East Africa but no prior reports from Sudan
Sudan JM 287, JM 092, JM 423

Crematogaster acaciae
Crematogaster (Cr.) castanea F Smith
Type location South Africa
Common and widespread in eastern Africa but no prior reports from Sudan
Sudan JM 174, JM 370
Crematogaster castanea
Crematogaster (Cr.) cincta Emery new status
Type location Ethiopia
Several prior records from East Africa, including Sudan
Sudan JM 294
Crematogaster cincta
Crematogaster (Cr.) gerstaeckeri Dalla Torre
Type location Kenya
No type images
A small number of reports from across Africa but none from Sudan.
Sudan 2013.02.37
Crematogaster gerstaeckeri
MYRMICINAE Crematogaster (Cr.) marnoi (Mayr)
Type location Sudan, probably South Sudan
Two other African records
South Sudan 2006 1.6
Crematoagster marnoi
Crematogaster (Cr.) mimosae Santschi
Type location Kenya
Acacia associated species, probably quite common but two reports from Somalia and Ethiopia in addition to Kenya; no Sudan reports.
Sudan JM 172
Crematogaster mimosae
Crematogaster (Cr.) rivai Emery
Type location Ethiopia
Only two prior reports, both from Ethiopia
Sudan JM 072, JM 075, JM 078, JM 091, JM 276
Crematogaster rivae
Crematogaster (Cr.) senegalensis Roger ssp robusta Emery
Type location Senegal, robusta Eritrea
no type images; robusta CASENT0905760
Widely reported from across Sahel
Sudan 2015.31, 2015.34
JM 040, JM 059, JM 084, JM 085
Crematogaster senegalensis
Crematogaster (Sphaerocrema) chlorotica Emery
Type location Cameroun
Seemingly widesread across the Sahel; no prior Sudan reports.
Sudan JM 174
Note: not very different to kneri; size variation not unusual in Crematogaster species
Crematogaster chlorotica
Crematogaster (Sphaerocrema) kneri Mayr var. dakarensis Santschi
Type images on MCZ site
Widely reported across Africa south of the Sahara; no prior reports from Sudan
Sudan 2012.24; 2013.23

Crematogaster kneri
Crematogaster (Sphaerocrema) luctans Forel
Type location Kenya
Widely reported across Africa south of the Sahara; no prior reports from Sudan
Sudan 2013.02.25

Crematogaster luctans
Messor aegyptiacus (Emery)
Type location Egypt
Prior reports North African; no prior reports from Sudan
Sudan 2013.51
Messor aegyptiacus
MYRMICINAE Messor galla (Mayr)
Type location Ethiopia
Very common across Sahel
major worker
Sudan 1.19; 2009.1, 2009.3, 2009.4, 2009.5, 2009.7, 2009.8; 2013.02.35, 2013.02.38; 2015.17, 2015.24, 2015.26, 2015.35, 2015.8, 2014.42, 2015.47
Messor galla
Messor ruginodis Stitz
Type location Central African Republic
No type images (drawing)
Type collection sole prior report
Sudan 2009.68; 2013.01, 2013.12
Messor ruginodis
Monomorium areniphilum (Santschi)
Type location Tunisia
North Africa-Sahel species
Sudan 1.4, 1.21; 2009.22, 2009.23, 2009.42; 2013.16, 2013.41, 2013.43, 2013.49, 2013.51; 2015.14, 2015.18, 2015.21, 2015.22
Monomorium areniphilum
Monomorium bicolor Emery
Type location Ethiopia
One of commonest African species
Sudan 01.20_02, 2.11, 2009.D, 2009.45, 2009.66; 2013.07, 2013.27, 2013.34, 2013.44; 2013.02.14, 2013.02.31; 2014.01, 2014.12,2014,20, 2014.25, 2014.31; 2015.02, 2015.12
JM 183, JM 244
Monomorium bicolor
Monomorium manir Bolton
Type location Kenya
Type is sole prior report
Sudan JM 254
Monomorium manir
Monomorium mictilis Forel
Type location Eritrea
Seemingly uncommon but widely spread across dry areas of Africa; no prior reports from Sudan (error in Bolton, 1987, of not understanding French Soudan = Mali)
Sudan 95
Sudan JM 174, JM 345, JM 394

Monomorium mictilis
Monomorium niloticum Emery
Type location Egypt
No prior reports from Sudan
Sudan 2009.30, 2009.37, 2009.38, 2009.41
JM 076

Monomorium niloticum
Monomorium pullulum Santschi new status
Type location Senegal
Seemingly widesread across the Sahel; no prior Sudan reports
Sudan 2009.70
JM 073, JM 072, JM 040, JM 283
Monomorium pullulum
Monomorium salomonis (Linnaeus)
Type location Egypt
No type images (numerous subspecies images)
Widely distributed across North Africa into the Middle East
Sudan 2009.5, 2009.12, 2009.A, 2009.20; 2013.13, 2013.45; 2015.23, 2015.25, 2015.28, 2015.29, 2015.30, 2015.31, 2015.37
JM 040
Monomorium salomonis
Nesomyrmex angulatus (Mayr)
Type location Egypt
Seemingly North African and separable from southern species N. latinodis; one prior report from Sudan
Sudan JM 174, JM 127

Nesomyrmex angulatus
MYRMICINAE Pheidole andrieui Santschi
Type location Mali
Major CASENT0913264, minor CASENT0913265
Type collection sole prior report; modern collections right across the Sahel
Sudan 2013.01, 2013.07a, 2013.09
Pheidole andrieui

minor worker
Pheidole andrieui minor
Pheidole caffra Forel new status
Type location South Africa
Major worker CASENT090421
Sudan 2013.02.25 (major); 2013.02.32 (male, probable)
Pheidole abyssinica

Minor worker
Pheidole caffra minor
MYRMICINAE Pheidole escherichii Forel
Type location Eritrea
Major CASENT0907821, minor CASENT0907822
Type record only.
Major worker
South Sudan 1.9, 1.10; Sudan 2013.02.29; 2014.13, 2014.18
JM 234
Pheidole escherichii major

Pheidole escherichii Forel
Minor worker
Pheidole escherichii minor worker
Pheidole prelli Forel
Type location Kenya
Major CASENT0907827, minor CASENT0907828
Prior records Kenya and Zimbabwe; minor appears to vary in colour with some being darker red-brown
Sudan 2013.07 (minor)
JM 226 (minor)
Pheidole prelli major

minor worker
Pheidole prelli minor
Pheidole rotundata Foreleeler
Type location Mozambique
Major CASENT0906509, minor CASENT0906511
No prior record but modern collections from across sub-Sahel Africa
JM 340 (minor)
Pheidole saxicola

minor worker
Pheiole saxicolad
MYRMICINAE Pheidole rugaticeps Emery
Type location Eritrea
Major CASENT0904214, minor CASENT0904214
Prior records include Sudan and from across the Sahel
Major worker
Sudan 2.3, Sudan 2009.36, Sudan 2009.43; 2013.05, 2013.25, 2013.37; 2013.02.42; 2015.03, 2015.40, 2015.41
Pheidole rugaticeps major

Pheidole rugaticeps Emery
Minor worker
Pheidole rugaticeps minor
Pheidole scabriuscula Gerstäcker
Type location Tanzania
No type images so diagnosis speculative
Sole prior record is the type minor description
Sudan 2014.07.02
Pheidole scabriuscula major

minor worker (from Ethiopia)
Pheidole scabriuscula minor
Pheidole sculpturata Mayr
Type location South Africa
No type images (ssp areolata major CASENT0249065, minor CASENT0249066)
Many taxonomically confused prior records, none from Sudan

Pheidole sculpturata major

Minor worker - subspcies, possibly species, particeps, Sudan JM 240
Pheidole sculpturata
Pheidole tenuinodis Mayr
Type location South Africa
Major CASENT0922204, minor CASENT0922203
Widely distributed across sub-Saharan area
Sudan 2013.05; 2013.02.02
Pheidole tenuinodis major

minor worker
Pheidole tenuinodis
Tetramorium cristatum Stitz
Type location Togo
No type images (j.syn. ebangaense CASENT0915002)
Wide distribution across sub-Saharan Africa; none from Sudan, Bolton (1980) had (now) South Sudan findings
Sudan JM 384, JM 385, JM 390
Tetramorium cristatum
Tetramorium quadrispinosum Emery
Type location South Africa
Common across southern Africa, none from Sudan
Sudan 2013.02.33; 2014.07.01, 2014.08, 2014.16, 2014.17, 2014.21, 2014.27, 2014.34
Note colour varies from bright chestnut to near black on workers from within a single collecting transect

Tetramorium quadrispinosum
MYRMICINAE Tetramorium sericeiventre Emery
Type location Eritrea
Very common across sub-Saharan Africa
South Sudan 1.14. Sudan 2009.10; 2013.26; 2013.02.17, 2013.02.17, 2013.02.24, 2013.02.28; 2015.03, 2015.05, 2015.06, 2015.08, 2015.11, 2015.16, 2015.20, 2015.36
Tetramorium sericeiventre
Trichomyrmex abyssinicus (Forel)
Type location Ethiopia
Polymorphic; media worker CASENT0249905
Sahel species, records include two from Sudan
Sudan 2015.27
Trichomyrmex abyssinicus
Trichomyrmex mayri (Forel)
Type location India (tramp species)
Few African records include three from Khartoum, Sudan
Sudan 2009.55; 2013.42; 2013.02.34

Trichomyrmex mayri
Trichomyrmex oscaris (Forel)
Type location Ethiopia
Widespread across sub-Saharan Africa; prior records include Sudan
Sudan JM 093, JM 040, JM 394
Trichomyrmex oscaris
Trichomyrmex robustior (Forel)
Type location Somalia
Prior records (Bolton, 1987) from Somalia and Kenya, none from Sudan
Sudan 2013.02.03, 2013.02.43, 2013.02.44; 2015.19
JM 072

Trichomyrmex robustior
PONERINAE Brachyponera ruginota (Stitz) new status
Type location Cameroun
No type images
Records apart from type probably among list for Brachyponera sennaarensis
Sudan 1.16, Sudan 1.22, Sudan 2009.31, Sudan 2009.40
Pachycondyla ruginota
Brachyponera sennaarensis (Mayr)
Type location Sudan
Common across Africa and Middle East
Sudan 1.2, 1.14, 1.21, 2.1, 2.9, 2.10, 2.15, 2009.1, 2009.6, 2009.11, 2009.12, 2009.13, 2009.14, 2009.16, 2009.18, 2009.B, 2009.D, 2009.20, 2009.22, 2009.25, 2009.27, 2009.32, 2009.34, 2009.39, 2009.43, 2009.44, 2009.45, 2009.46, 2009.47, 2009.51, 2009.52, 2009.56; 2013.02, 2013.15, 2013.17, 2013.35, 2013.36, 2013.40, 2013.53; 2013.02.06, 2013.02.41; 2014.03; 2015.10
Pachycondyla sennaarensis
PONERINAE Megaponera analis (Latreille)
Type location Ghana
No type images
Common in sub-Sahel areas; no prior records from Sudan
Sudan 1.15, 2.19, 2.21, 2009.25
Pachycondyla analis

Minor worker
Megaponera analis minor
Odontomachus troglodytes Santschi
Type location Kenya
Common across sub-Saharan Africa; prior records include Sudan
Sudan 2013.10; 2013.02.05, 2013.02.13

Odontomachus troglodytes

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